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Winning Again

28 Feb

It is nice to be able to play good golf. It is even better to play well and win! After several games, I have finally gotten my golf mojo back. And it sure feels great, pocketing some dough along the way, coming out tops during our weekly Tuesday group game.

I hope to maintain the momentum, for this Saturday is the Monthly Medal tournament at my Golf Club. While I don’t expect to win because the field has more and stronger players, I hope I can play to my handicap; that’s all I ask.

A New Game

27 Feb

Lately, I find myself playing a lot more games again on my iPad Mini. It’s not good because it’s very unhealthy, especially for my eyes and time management. Being obsessed with my games, reading the news, and watching YouTube or Netflix derails me on more important matters, like house chores or crafting my miniatures.

So at times, I have to put the iPad aside to focus on those things because I tend to forget the time amid a game challenge. I am distracted by the latest game downloaded recently. These things happen when free ads promoting new games appear amidst my regular ones.

Piqued, I would check them out, and the next thing I know, the game is downloaded. And before I know it, I am playing a new game. Sometimes, the interest would wane, but the appeal is quite lasting for this latest download, Brick Out.

I find myself playing it until the wee hours of the night. Even Gudetama, the Netflix series I am watching now, cannot hold my interest as much! I should detach myself from my games and be more disciplined in putting down my iPad Mini when it’s time to sleep.

DIY Project #27, Part 2

24 Feb

The latest miniature project, number 27, has kicked off! I opted for the Elegant Studio set. So far, it’s going well. However, the challenge lies in understanding the manual, which is in Chinese and not English. But with the Google Translate app, this minor challenge is hardly one with the phone in hand to do the job!

The bonus of this set is the dust cover that came with it. So upon completion, I don’t have to worry about crowding my Ikea display cabinet. I can decide where to place this Elegant Studio anywhere in the house. Nice!

DIY Project #27

21 Feb

I am undecided about which set to work on for DIY project number 27 – so many choices, so little time. Recently, I bought another two sets from my favorite online shopping site. It was an impulse purchase, but also for a sense of security.

When I started project number 26, there was this sense that my mountain of miniatures had reduced, so I had to replenish it quickly. Hahaha. Of late, I noticed my DIY purchases are getting smaller and smaller in scale compared to my earlier sets.

Subconsciously, I think I am mindful of my Ikea display cabinet – it is running out of space. I really should buy another cabinet to resolve this issue. Then again, it is fun to work on tiny sets, although it can also be trying at times. I love the challenge, I guess.

So DIY project number 27 is a toss-up between the new tiny purchases over the other sets that are much bigger. And as the two new choices have books, my preferred theme for miniatures these days, I will close my eyes and pick one.

Which one to work on? Hmm

On the Uptrend

20 Feb

I am pleased that my golf mojo is coming back! By my third game yesterday, there were vast improvements. The tee-offs were good in direction and distance, likewise, my second wood shots.

As such, by the third shot (or fourth, if it is a Par 5), it is only an iron or wedge to use to land on the green. The putting, at times, was brilliant, save for silly mistakes. I made 31 putts yesterday, which was quite good. Separately, I did not feel too tired being out under the sun and kept hydrated more than ever.

I look forward to the next few games lined up this week in preparation for the upcoming Greensome Tournament on Sunday. It should be fun!

Relocating Itsy

17 Feb

Three weeks ago, we decided to relocate Itsy from our garden. The initial thought that a Golden Silk Orb Weaver spider would be of good luck has not been accurate at all.

I had medical issues right after discovering Itsy in our garden. The girls said it was Itsy’s fault! Her spider powers were too much for me, sucking my energy as I took some time to recover after my medical procedures. Whether you choose to believe it or not, well, it was such a coincidence.

So, for me to get well faster, Itsy had to go. But killing it was not an option, and we decided to relocate her to the trees at the perimeters of our housing area. Thankfully, hubby managed to move her without issues using the long garden rake.

Several days ago, I went to check on her. And my goodness! I was shocked at its size, for she is now humongous!

A plump Itsy compared to her looking skinny in our garden

The new environment seems to be well-suited for her as insects are abundant. With the web being so big now, she can trap easily and eat to her fill. And with so much foliage and greens to camouflage, she is in a safe place from danger.

Good for her, looking healthy and plump. As for me, I am getting healthier too (thankfully not plump!), and good for me too! A win-win situation.

My Longest Par Putt

14 Feb

My second golf outing was so much better. The distances were back, and at times, the tee-off was phenomenal. Slowly but surely, I think the muscle memory is coming back. Yay! And that morning, the weather was perfect, cloudy, not hot, and good company too.

I am slowly getting used to the TaylorMade Spider Mini putter. But I have to admit the wedge work was accurate most times and made putting so much easier.

As a social golfer, there is always that one highlight of the game that overshadows all others. The highlight of this game was my long putt.

It was a Par 5, and the tee-off was good. But the second shot with the 3-wood was a horrible hook and ended up not where I wanted it. Sigh.

I approached my ball to assess the situation. Luckily, the angle towards the green was decent. And it was at a distance where I could land the ball on the green with my 7-iron, and I did.

As I drove towards the green, the ball looked very close to the blue flag. Phew. But as I got closer, it wasn’t the case! Hah, distance illusion sometimes can trick you.

From my ball toward the hole, I took 27 strides, akin to almost 30 feet or thereabouts in length. I was very positive and felt that making par was achievable; if not, a bogey was just as good, given my horrible hook approach disaster.

The Spider Mini was remarkable in its speed and strength as my ball went straight into the hole! Woohoo! A par on the Par 5. I was in disbelief but elated.

After that, the perfect weather gave in, and the sun came out. It was hot all over, and I fluffed the last three holes. Oh well. It doesn’t matter. That one phenomenal putt is enough to savor and remember until my next game.

DIY Project #26, Part 2

13 Feb

Once the momentum kicks in to stay focused to work on the miniature, it’s a breeze all the way, a situation I had forgotten the past year when I derailed from crafting to do other things instead. It is nice when there are no hiccups or lengthy pauses to hinder the pace.

So, in less than two weeks, minus a few days of non-crafting, DIY project number 26 is now a complete piece and ready to join the others in the Ikea display cabinet. I hope I can find a place for it!

DIY project number 26
With the light on!

Number 26 is another bookshop that I seem to like; there are now three books-related sets that I have done – two bookshops and a study. There were challenges, of course, but they are nothing when one stays focused.

I will take a break for a few days before deciding which miniature to work on next for DIY project number 27.

An Impressive Return… Not!

10 Feb

I finally played my first golf game after laying off for a month due to my recent medical issues. All’s good with me now, and off to the golf course yesterday. Although it was only nine holes (I did not want to exert myself too much), put it this way – it certainly was not an impressive return! Hahaha.

All the muscle memory to hit the little dimpled ball was gone. The tee-off was wayward, and the second and third shots were all short. I have lost the power and strength to compress the ball to fly it. Hmm, a few more games should suffice to fix this, methinks.

The short game was decent simply because I started chipping in the garden for distances between three to 10 feet several days ago. Putting with the new TaylorMade Spider Mini putter was not too bad. There were more one-putts than two-putts, so this is good.

The outcome of my first game post-medical procedure is expected, non-impressive, and trying. I should not be demoralized and take heart that at least the short game and putting saved me some blushes. I should be back on track after a few more games!

Red Putters and Me, Part 2

7 Feb

Every day I was on the prowl looking for the TaylorMade Spider Mini putter. I was determined to get it, come what may. Perhaps it can bring better fortune and lesser or no three putts?

Thankfully, my search did not last too long. I stumbled upon the Spider Mini on a Singapore buying/selling site instead of a location further, thus saving time and shipping costs. The condition of the pre-loved putter is almost mint. Wow, what a godsend find!

My new baby! 🥰

I enlisted my cousin to close the deal on my behalf, and bless her; we lucked out with an additional 20 percent discount off the listed price. Yay! Every dollar counts because the Singapore dollar is much stronger than the Malaysian Ringgit.

And my dear cousin brought it along when she flew in to visit during the Lunar New Year festive holiday break. So now I have another beautiful red putter to add to my collection. The best part of this latest acquisition, it’s a 32-inch putter, just like my Peanut Putter. I love it!

It’s been a month now since I last played golf. I am sure my muscle memory is all gone for the game. Oh well, better be healthy than risk any further problems.

When I am fully recovered and able to play golf again, this latest red Spider Mini putter will be in the bag instead of the Peanut or Scotty putters. I can’t wait.