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DIY Project #20, Part 2

28 Sep

DIY project number 20 was quite an enjoyable set to craft. Although I stopped working on it for several days because I was busy with M2 and her leaving, I got back to it immediately when I did not have to worry anymore about her arrival and settling down.

The tail-end of the set was basically to dress it up with the hanging vines and fruits, as I had gotten most of the pieces in place already. It is a rather cute set, I would say.

The miniature in a box

And with its completion, it now sits in the IKEA display cabinet along with the others. I was contemplating starting a new set when I realized project #17 is still incomplete! Oh no, I have forgotten about it, having sidetracked on it with three other projects. I suppose I should finish it before even thinking of starting another new set.

Lights on!

Little People for Little Projects

16 Apr

As I have slowed down working on my DIY miniature sets, I have also stopped buying them, although there are several appealing sets that I have been eyeing. A pause on more purchases is the logical thing to do. What is the point of getting more when there’s not much progress?

However, there is no pause in the itch to buy things from the online shopping site. So I ended up buying little people for my miniatures! I have made three purchases already, and all the little people are of various sizes. It’s hard to get the right-sized people, even though measurements are provided, to fit all my completed different miniature sets sitting in the IKEA display cabinet.

If I am persistent on this, I guess I have to keep buying the little people until I get it right!

The little people range from an inch, 1.5 inches to 2.25 inches tall.

A Dozen Miniatures

9 Mar

Sometimes a change in the weather can be a blessing in disguise. We were supposed to have our usual weekend golf game, but it rained the whole of Sunday morning. We decided to go home and not wait around because this type of rain will not cede.

Very yummy effort!

Hubby, of course, baked while I decided to finish up DIY project number 12. I must admit it took some effort because the cool weather was perfect for doing nothing. He attempted a Pineapple Upside Down Cake again because the first attempt failed sometime back. I only had the three lanterns and the last two baskets of the dim sum left to complete.

Dragon Gate Inn is such a cute set
The interior, no patrons now due to Covid-19

And when I finally did, the sense of accomplishment was just so rewarding. I even put together the display dust cover as this set came with it. As the Ikea display cabinet is already full, the dust cover is perfect for keeping the dust out of DIY project number 12, which I anticipate, I will put on the table.

The first miniature with a dust cover

So now, I have a dozen miniatures completed! Wow. Project number 13 will be next soon.

The Biggest DIY Set, Part 2

29 Dec

The IKEA display cabinet, the enormous DIY set, was finally set up on Christmas morning. It was a messy affair, far worse than Christmas present papers strewn all over the floor upon unwrapping. Thank goodness the living room floor space is large, and even then, the torn boxes covered the floor space.

We had to rip the box to get the things out

I must say the cabinet looks good with all my DIY projects proudly on display. Unfortunately, the space is limited, and I had to place some miniature sets back-to-back. And at the rate that I am making all these miniatures, one display cabinet is not enough!

I may have to buy another cabinet because project number five is left sitting on top, and I am currently working on project number nine. The display cabinet has no more space to fit anymore inside.

All my small DIYs inside the big DIY piece

My Waldo Covers

1 Dec

During the various MCO and CMCO phases in the past eight months, we hardly ventured out to the mall (except that trip to IKEA) for any indulgence, be it dining or shopping. And grocery shopping at our regular grocer does not count as shopping.

So I find myself doing a fair bit of online shopping instead to suppress the occasional urge to buy something, which is kind of nice sometimes. There’s so much to explore with just a flick of the fingers from the comforts of home.

It was this act that I discovered the world of DIY miniature sets. Besides my obsession for this–I’m currently on project number eight with two more in the queue–the two things I find myself buying a lot are baking gadgets for hubby to use and golf-related items.

The recent 11.11 purchases, besides the two DIY sets, are golf paraphernalia, specifically, covers for my golf irons. They are rather cute and reminds me of the fictional character, Waldo.

The Biggest DIY Set

30 Nov

Friends have asked me what do I intend to do with all the DIY miniatures that I have built? Well, for one, they are collecting dust! Seriously, for now, the sets are everywhere. Two are on the lazy Susan in the dining room and the rest on the table in the living room. I need to find a place to display them without the added dust.

Two weekends ago, hubby and I went to IKEA to buy a display cabinet. Now, as everyone knows, IKEA products all come in a flattened box or boxes, especially the bulky items, like a display cabinet. We need to DIY things ourselves.

I have to find the time to set up the display cabinet soon. And hubby will, of course, help because this DIY set is the biggest by far to do.

The Detolf display waiting to be DIY-ed

A Good Mess

20 Jul

Everyday I would sit at the living room and carve if time permits. Gone are the days where I would be on the iPad, being device-reliant all the time which is bad. So this is a good thing.

I wouldn’t say the place is messy because I am stationary in the middle of the spacious comfortable zone. And with everything I need within reach in an IKEA RÅSKOG trolley (which M2 helped to put together), it’s a good spot. A good mess I’d say.

Days when I don’t have time to carve, I would take out the Citizens of Gigglesville and just look at them. Simple silly act but full of satisfaction. Delight would envelop my heart whenever a citizen is completed. It’s funny how I discovered this engrossing activity, thanks (sort of) to the tennis elbow.


All Things Tiny

11 Apr

I love tiny kitchen gadgets. I think they are so cute. Obviously I am not one who cooks a lot and needs to have the latest or biggest equipment. For me as long as the gadget can be used, it’s good enough.

I have a tiny chopping board. Okay I admit it’s actually a cheese board. My house mate who was also my landlord gave it to me when I lived at her place on Upper East Side during my summer internship with WBMG, Inc. in the Big Apple dinosaur years ago.

I also have two mini cleavers and I use these kitchen tools all the time especially to cut fruits. Sometimes even vegetables…

I also have a tiny skillet that I bought from Las Vegas but this one, I don’t use.

Over the weekend, I was doing my weekly grocery purchases and stumbled upon a cute tiny cheese grater. How miniscule? Smaller than those Ikea cheese grates and looked simply adorable.

Did I buy it? Of course I did! How could I not add another tiny thing to my collection which I am known for?


Oh! Pixar Lights!

12 May

The study areas were created and both girls were extremely happy with the result. To top off the space, we needed to get lights for them. So I promised them after work, we will run off to IKEA to buy the lights. I was even reminded every hour via iMessage after they came home from school. Such was their excitement especially M2.

So at the lighting department in IKEA, hubby and I were debating between aesthetics and practicality. He decided it shouldn’t be halogen-based to minimize heat issues when used over a prolonged period. I pushed for those swing arm worklights that uses energy saving bulbs because I used to have them when I was in college and secondly, I thought they were the most practical. Braced to a furniture, it looks sturdy and won’t topple over even if handled too roughly but hubby thought they weren’t pretty. But in the end, my insistence for practicality won over the pretty table lamp choice that he had in mind.

When we came home, both girls waited excitedly by the door because we called ahead to announce our return with lights for them. The front door opened and dramatically, the lights were shoved forward to present to them.

“Oh! We got Pixar lights! Yay!!!” one of them exclaimed. Wow. I never even made that association and in my mind I knew it was the right choice. Without giving us a chance to have dinner, the lights were quickly assembled and put in place with our help of course. The two study areas are now complete with Pixar lights.

Never Go Shopping with Your Sports Car Wannabee

23 Sep

This is totally not related to my usual M1 M2 stories but I just had to share. It was a typical weekend shopping and eating out several months ago. We went to IKEA and as we were heading out from the parking lot, we saw this dude with his low suspension impressive 19 inch rim sports car wannabee exiting as well.

He was carefully trying to maneuver his wannabee over the hump as he exited the carpark. Going at an angle slowly, then reversing, then trying again. Obviously with a full load of passengers, he was unsuccessful.

We watched with fascinated amazement and disbelief as he then ordered all passengers down—grandma, wife and kids included—to just step out from the vehicle so that he could cross the hump! They all obliged and then climbed backed in once the vehicle crossed the hump.

I must say the three cars we have, one of them is a low profile mini sports car. But as much as we love it, I do not subject my mother to sit in it for its low profile attribute just does not bode well with the elderly. And the sentiments are reciprocal, she doesn’t even want to get in. You can then be assured I will never go shopping with my mom in my sports car and subject her to get down in an attempt to cross a speed hump.

I think to avoid such a scene, never go shopping with the family in your low suspension sports car wannabee if you can help it. It’s just way too embarrassing, even to watch.