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You Want a What?

30 Apr

Whenever we travel, we would buy stuff for the girls. But now with M1 at university, it is just M2 whom we have to consider. At KLIA prior to departure to Thailand last week, we spoke to her, reminding her of the usual study routine before asking what she would like.

Now having been to Bangkok last year in December, M2 knows more or less what we can get. But the cheeky one was very specific. She wanted to know if we will be heading to Siam Paragon. We may or may not because this is a golfing trip and the hotels where we are staying at are off the main shopping area.

Anyway, to entertain her, we prodded.

The usual stationery stuff? Pajamas?

None of the above apparently.

All she wanted was the Rolls Royce that is on display in Siam Paragon.

Hahaha… She is one funny girl.

Forever 38, 2015

28 Apr

I was aghast looking at the back of my crown in the mirror the night before my birthday. More white strands! Eeeeks… I cringed. My birthday was approaching and this is not something I wish for. M2 came into the bathroom and I told her.

She chuckled and said, “People get white hair when they get older, you get them when you get younger.”

I will be like, what? 39, I asked her.

No she said. I will be forever 38.


A Proud Moment

27 Apr

I can’t remember the last time I went up on stage with an auditorium full of audience. What more to receive an award. Or awards. It was indeed a very proud moment for hubby and I to be able to savor this moment as M1’s high school awarded her with various study awards.

It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon when the Awards Day took place at a music auditorium. Initially hubby and I agreed we would take turns to go on stage to receive the five awards that M1 has achieved. But in the end, it was me who went up to receive all because hubby was on Skype with her for her to witness the moment live. She stayed up past midnight to be with us for this occasion.

Her decorated awards are Best Student in two subjects, Leadership Award as Head Librarian, Best Student for her school year (2014), Best Top Scorer (10A’s) in the 2014 national public exam, SPM, and Overall Outstanding Student of the school. The last award, the Tan Sri Dato’ Asiah Award, is the highest accolade from the school to the most outstanding student for the school year and it was my M1 who took this honor. I had some watery eyes when I went on stage for this final acknowledgment to receive the award on her behalf.

No parents could be more proud than hubby and I are of our firstborn. This must be what good parenting is about. Her achievements are also our achievements. Her glory, our glory. As she is now away in university, the distance has not dampened the moment and we are truly blessed with such a wonderful child.


Can’t Live Without Them

24 Apr

Although the last five days in Thailand we had sporadic wifi connectivity, my virtual games went on as they can be played without connection. It’s amazing that I even have the strength to hold up my iPad and poke at it to move candies and farm animals after a long hot day out on the golf course, followed by a bout of drinking during dinner and waking up at 5.30am the next morning only to repeat this routine for four days.

And there has been progress despite the minimal time with the iPad. Candy Crush finally moved and now at Level 894, Farm Heroes at Level 735 and Candy Crush Soda at Level 336. Looks like it will be full swing at them this weekend!

It’s Been Good

23 Apr

Despite the lack of sleep and being awaken by the other rude hotel guests, our last game at Lam Lu Ka was superb. The weather was cloudy making the playing condition optimum; it should have been like this the past four days instead of hot and very hot.

The terrain was not too hilly and the pace was good. I think it’s a befitting end to cap yet another wonderful trip with our golf friends.

We are now at the airport, checked in, seated and connected to update our status because we have been starved of wifi connection. The one down side of this trip is the lack of free wifi at the hotel that we stayed in. Oh well.

It is a golf trip and I think we should learn to deal with the sparse connectivity.

So goodbye Bangkok again. I know we will be back. Soon.

My Goodness

23 Apr

I have heard and read many stories about the Chinese from mainland China on how rude they are as tourists when traveling abroad. I am sorry to say this about them but this morning, we experienced the rudeness firsthand. 

At 5.15am before our alarm went off, we were woken up by a loud commotion in the hallway of our hotel floor.

Unable to stomach it, I grumpily opened my front door and stared daggers at these several people talking so loudly outside their room door, four doors away from us. My goodness! Can you crank it up a wee bit more so that the floors above and below can hear you as well? Sheesh.

There was absolutely no consideration at all for the other guests as they bickered for a good five minutes. When hubby opened our door again to shush them, they just stared at him as if he was the one creating the disturbance. Sheesh.

Obviously I cannot go back to sleep. Might as well get ready for our last game at Lam Lu Ka.

Foot Massages

22 Apr

Foot massages are the best thing to do after playing a round or two or three of golf under the hot sun. Foot massages are also recommended if you spent 10 hours walking or shopping daily.

There are many types of massages but I like the footie ones best if the legs are tired to the core. Coupled with a back and shoulder treatment, it is just so soothing. But somehow foot massages are only considered when I travel to Bangkok or Bali, never to the Western world. It didn’t cross my mind to have one when I was in Paris two years ago. But always whenever we go to Thailand or Bali.

Day at the Golf Course

22 Apr

Can’t believe we are into Day 4 of the trip already. Today we played at Nikanti Golf Club. A very modern club with good service with an excellent course condition, today proved to be a less stressful golf outing. 

One reason being we were allowed to have the buggies on course. As such, after the game, I only walked 7,623 steps after the game. I had an even better game today than the first two games. Although it was windy, it was hardly a factor.

But it’s never just the golf course but the company. We simply had a really good time. So much so, we decided we will go for an impromptu game tomorrow morning before we fly home!

For now, we head to Plaza Thaniya for some shopping and hopefully, a foot massage after that.

Dinner was quick, hot and uncomfortable. We couldn’t get a table in the air-con dining area. The humidity and heat was unbearable, I was hit with a sudden wave of nauseousness. The last bottle of whiskey was not appealing and the thought of more sweating if I ate all those chilli dishes just made me lost my appetite totally.

So thank goodness, there were slots for us to be rubbed down. Tomorrow will be a long day, waking up at 5.30am again and off to Lam Luk Kha for our final game before catching the 7.30pm flight back to KL.




Off to Bangkok

21 Apr

Banyan Golf Club was nice but hot and windy. The 18-hole walk today covered a lot of ups and downs over the hilly terrain. I felt totally drained and challenged with the wind factor. But I played better today than at Black Mountain.

Anyway after the game, we stopped for a quick duck noodle lunch before saying goodbye to Hua Hin. Our journey ahead to Bangkok should be about three hours and we got into Chinatown just in time for dinner.

Everyone agreed to Teochew food and we had a really good dinner at Tang Jai Yoo to go with the bottle of whiskey that none of us could pronounce the name. I think it’s best to head to the hotel, no more walking for the night, to rest.


Tomorrow we will play at Nikanti, a new golf course. 

Ohm Nom Nom

20 Apr

We were ravenous and devoured the food like we were starved for days, when in fact we snacked on Somtam, bought from a street vendor after the massage, only a couple of hours ago.

Thailand, at the end of the day, is all about the food. And the friends we go with. Don’t forget the golf courses! When the trip has the right mix of people of the same wave length, coupled with the activities, the amount of fun and camaraderie that we have is just priceless. 

Yes, we love Thailand. Tomorrow after we play Banyan Golf Club, we leave with good memories and head into Bangkok for the second leg of the trip.

And for the record, I have been wearing my MiFit band and today’s walking far exceeded my target with these staggering numbers: 22,023 steps, 13.34km and 665kcal burnt. Just about like my Paris museum adventure a few years back.

After dinner, we walked the night street market, hence such numbers. It’s been quite a day. Better rest to be fresh and ready for tomorrow.