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A New Cow

28 Feb

Two weeks ago, I spent a girls’ weekend with M1 and M2 when hubby went off to play golf. It was our usual routine at the mall: a nice lunch, a leisure browse at the bookstore, a quick survey at the pet shop and fulfilling the buying stuff agenda but no major shopping. When we got to the pet shop, we decided to buy Roo a new toy since his cow has been in tatters while his sheep was mutilated beyond use. After much debate, M1 chose the same cow as before. It was a simple rationale: official pet number one loves the color orange and he adored his old cow, even in tatters, so the new cow would definitely be revered as much.

Indeed. That night, we had a happy Roo, tired out from playing with his new cow.

Goodbye Spidey!

27 Feb

It was a hot and humid Sunday morning; M1 went for her usual Physics and Chemistry tuition and we were home idling the hours away until it was time to fetch her. Frustrated by the non-progress in my Candy Crush attempts at Level 500, I decided to channel my energy to clean out M2’s wardrobe instead. This was a long overdue dreaded chore that I had put off for the longest time possible until now.

M2 has clothes that she has outgrown and we needed to look through them to either throw or give away. The piles were growing… from tee shirts, singlet, shorts to school uniforms and pyjamas. As we were going through each item, we stumbled upon her superhero pyjamas!

Wow. Quite a collection she has… Batman, The Incredibles and Spider-Man. Spidey was her favorite so much so, she had two sets of it in the original colors (red and blue) and one in black. We reminisced for a bit on Spidey and decided she’s passed the stage donning hero jammies; after all M2 is going on 13 this year and we didn’t think she can fit into them anymore.

So goodbye Spidey (and others), you were cool and will be missed. Reluctantly, all the superheroes were placed in the give-away pile. But she kept the Spidey masks for old time’s sake.


Giving Michael a Break

25 Feb

Recently I decided to change the music choice in my car. I have been faithfully listening to Michael Buble all this while. Then Imagine Dragon caught my attention, so all the Michael CDs has been retired and in their place, Imagine Dragon.


I think the girls are relieved that they don’t have to be subjected to Michael whenever we go out using my car instead of hubby’s. In this essence, I am relieved I don’t have to wave to deaf ears whenever I have to speak to them in my car.

Unthinkable Helps

24 Feb

Two weeks ago I resorted to the unthinkable where I made the hubby, M1 and even Roo play Farm Heroes Saga twice simply to send me tickets to the next level. Well, I needed the tickets again to go beyond Level 115 and the family came to the rescue!

As soon as I completed 115 and without inconveniencing friends, a quick prompt to the three of them and dutifully, they came forth with my instant tickets! I am now at Level 123.

Candies Gone Bad

21 Feb

As if my being irked is not enough, the Candy Crush app on my iPad Mini has gone haywire yesterday to annoy me even further! Right after launching the game, after only one two swipes of the candies, the app quits unexpectedly!

What’s going on? I would relaunch, close the app, shut down my iPad and start all over only for it quit on me, again and again. This went on for four times in one attempt, wasting a Daily Booster spin and four precious lives unnecessarily. Even after a lengthy interval, the same occurred – quitting midway of a candy crush.

It was as if the candies have gone bad and conspired to aggravate me, pretty much like those mean cropsies in Farm Heroes Saga.

Thank goodness, the conspiracy was only temporary during the day and not when I was home and in bed ready to be an obsessed monster again. If it went on, had better fix it soon and fast or else it’ll not just be a case of candies gone bad but death of the candies instead – I will give up, queasy or not.

Crushed by the Candies

20 Feb

Irked by my recent Candy Crush discovery of still being stuck at Level 500 on my iPad Mini despite progressing on to Level 518 in Facebook on the laptop, I decided to beat the crap out of the candies to move on. Because this sudden nagging feeling is making me queasy and will never cease; furthermore the achievement last year will be meaningless if nothing was done about it.

So with this sudden need to go pass Level 500, I have become an obsessed monster and also an irritated one by the situation. The level is insanely difficult; I even googled up comments on it to assess what I am facing. Indeed dubbed the hardest level of all, I have been crushed by the candies in my quest.

If you are wondering am I coming out of retirement? Well, it is only to conquer this level, so my retired status remains as is.

I Don’t Believe This!

18 Feb

Candy Crush finally updated on the iPad last week but to my horror, I find myself still stuck at Level 500! I don’t believe this. Didn’t I complete until Level 515 on the laptop? Why the discrepancy on different devices?


Still stuck at Level 500 on the iPad! Unbelievable…


But lookie where I am in FB on the laptop! Unbelievable…

On the laptop I was at Level 515 as of Dec 31st last year and have progressed to Level 518 but on my iPad, it is still showing me at Level 500 despite all those stars achieved in the chapter beyond…

Unbelievable., you need to check your updates.

I Wanna Go Home

17 Feb

There has been an increase of fireworks display in our housing estate within a span of 16 days. From the eve of the Lunar New Year, the 9th Day (commemorating the belief that the Jade Emperor protected Hokkien ancestors from being caught) to the 15th Day, Chap Goh Meh, the family has had to endure loud crackling noises and explosions; yet at the same time, admire in awe the beauty and colors of these generous private fireworks by our neighbors.

Every evening Rooney comes out to the garden at the back to play. However, on these particular nights, my poor Roo is scared senseless and barks non-stop as if pleading, “I wanna go home!” and wants us to accompany him back to the kitchen. Poor fella. He may be a fierce looking pooch but he’s such a baby when it comes to simple things like being independent or going back on his own.

Well, the Lunar New Year is officially over and peace will prevail again in the skies and neighborhood until another festive occasion comes around.

Cute Can Be Mean

14 Feb

I have been playing Farm Heroes lately. The sweet candies and Odus from Dreamworld in Candy Crush has lost to the cute cropsies. Despite my peeking into Candy Crush on the laptop, I find myself lacking the spirit and zest to go on in the game. Best to maintain my retired status, an achievement of sorts.

Now with Farm Heroes, my main play time on it is on my iPad Mini. The last few exasperations were overcomed and I have zoomed on until Level 111. The cropsies have been acting mean again, not cute at all. I have tried my best at this level in order to gain enough power to defeat Rancid Raccoon but just can’t until I played the game in the office! Shhh….

It was a busy day at the office and towards the evening when all was done, I felt I needed a break and went into Farm Heroes. Now my office Mac desktop is weird. On one hand it does not support Candy Crush, citing my Adobe Flash Player is not updated but it can support Farm Heroes, which works out fine now, considering where my focus is at now.

One game only at Level 111 and I am through! Woohoo… I guess Odus will dream on hoping for me to join him in Dreamworld.

I Couldn’t Resist

13 Feb

Last Friday, I came home from my dinner and grabbed the laptop. The Candy Crush tickets came and I am onwards to the next chapter! Am I coming out of retirement?

Well… I moved only 3 levels, stuck at Level 518 currently, so it’s hard to say I am un-retiring but I just couldn’t resist. Put it this way, Farm Heroes has hit a snag at an impossibly ridiculous challenge at Level 99 and I needed an outlet to channel my fighting spirits. Maybe I should just go trounce some zoo animals instead.