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30 Sep

I may be avoiding frustration by not playing Candy Crush Level 677 but frustration is following me! Farm Heroes is currently providing it at Level 486. Aaaargghhhh… Why do this to me?

Our New Pets!

29 Sep

It is disheartening to note that the little aquarium can’t seem to house the latest batch of fishes. Remember Bob Clayton and the community post-Bob Clayton? All went to pet heaven.

Last week, M2 noticed the state of the aquarium and asked,”Daddy, you have new pets? I see some pet water and pet rocks.” Hardy-har-ha.

Maybe it is better to just let the aquarium be a table decor than what it’s supposed to be.


One Crazed Farmer

26 Sep

Level 677 of Candy Crush continues to torment me. So I vent my frustration in Farm Heroes. Thankfully, there’s progress in the farm until now. I am at Level 480.

Last night, I was like one crazed farmer using 4 devices at one go, swapping between the laptop, iPad and both phones. Did I succeed? I wish. I guess I will be farming throughout the day. Hey, it’s Friday and I can take it easy at work.

I Love My BMW!

25 Sep
Look ma, I won!

Look ma, I won!


at Tee Box #1.

I love my BMW and my golf. Combining both, you have the BMW Golf Cup International for amateurs. Yesterday I took the day off from work to go play at the tournament; my third year participating.

And this time, I did good. Achieving a personal best, I came out tops (1st placing) and qualified for the National finals in November! Words cannot describe the feeling of this achievement.

Don’t Be Deceived

23 Sep

Level 469 of Farm Heroes has been equally frustrating besides Level 677 of Candy Crush. Don’t be deceived by the cute baaing sheeps that you have to herd to the hay. It’s just very challenging.

I never realized it but I have been stuck here for quite sometime until last night. Using up most of the farm equipment to lure the last sheep in, I finally managed. But joy is short lived as always because the next hurdle is Rancid, at Level 471 after bypassing the fairly easy Level 470. Sigh…

Different Again!

22 Sep
Notice the presence of jellybeans inside the trapped areas?

on FB: Notice the presence of striped candies inside the trap areas?

on the iPad: notice the non-existence of jellies in the same area!

on the iPad: notice the non-existence of candies in the same area!

I stopped playing Candy Crush on the laptop for a while because I didn’t need the aggravation from Level 677. The level is just so hard, living up to its name as the hardest level ever. Rather than torturing myself, I figured I should just take a break from it and especially so when I have been busy with work lately. But last Friday, after a stressful week, I decided to go into the game on the iPad just to help friends with lives.

Out of the blue, I leapfrogged to Level 677 when clearly there was no update (on the iPad) to open up Crunchy Courtyard. Surprise! Surprise! Since I moved, I might as well play the five rounds.

But I discovered the board looked different on the iPad compared to the board in Facebook on the laptop! So much more difficult, it is obvious has not been on top of things. Until they fix it, I should avoid the game on the iPad at least.

A little note: has fixed the problem for the iPad before the weekend was over.

Should I or Should I Not?

19 Sep

Apple recently launched its new phones and OS. Now I am wondering should I upgrade (so soon again) when I had just upgraded not too long ago to my current iPhone5S? Several months back, my iPhone4 gave up on me and I had no choice and couldn’t wait for the new phones. How can one live without a phone?

Looking at the situation, it is most likely I will not change as I have already gotten used to my phone. But I am wondering whether to update the OS or not. I recall griping over the OS and how ugly it was especially over the message bubbles but in time, I have gotten used to it (the bubbles) and the OS. It was radical then the jump from OS6 to OS7 but with the new OS8, reviews have said it is not that radical an update but there are features that are promising, so maybe… perhaps it’s best to let the few million Apple users be the guinea pig first before I make a decision.

Then again, with Farm Heroes’ latest update, it seems to be rather unstable especially on the iPad. Although the fix was for a notification bug and nothing related to preparing it for the new OS8, it’s acting up and causing unnecessary loss of lives to play. If this continues, I may not wait for the millions of guinea pigs’ feedback and just update the OS on the iPad.

Fifty Shades of Grey, Part 2

18 Sep

We were at the bookstore the other day when I discovered there’s another writer besides Nora Roberts, Jennifer Probst. I was contemplating getting her books (which I did) when M2 came up to me and gave me that knowing look and smirk for being in that book section. Children nowadays, hrmph.

Casually she told me, “Did you know ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is now a movie?”

“Yes, I know and don’t you dare go watch the trailer! And no, I will not buy the book to read.”

What’s the obsession with that book??? Eeesh.


One Tough Cookie

16 Sep

Level 677 of Candy Crush is one tough cookie. I have been stuck here for sometime and has somehow lost the energy for the game. A quick check on Candy Crush Wiki listed it as THE one and it is certainly living up to its name. The appeal and determination has waned tremendously as I no longer reach for the laptop the moment I wake up to crush some candies first thing in the morning.

On top of this, I have also lost my mojo for Farm Heroes and even Zookeeper Battle, can you believe it? Could it be I have been busy with design work at the office that these distractions have taken a back seat? I suspect so…

Hopefully, projects in the office can be completed soon so that I can regain my focus to pass Level 462 of Farm Heroes, beat Level 677 of Candy Crush and get back into the top ranking in Zookeeper Battle.

Oh Why Not?

15 Sep

PlastersM1 is up to sticking things on the wall again. Several nights ago, I found her injury plasters on the wall, at the same spot as where the fake diamond sticker has been for the longest time.

“Oh, why did you do that?” I asked sounding mildly annoyed.

“They were good plasters and I thought it’d be a waste to throw them away,” she justified as M2 listened on.

They never expected me to say, “Well, If you’re gonna stick plasters on the wall, at least stick them on the wall cracks!”

Both girls were taken aback with my answer but recovered quickly to let out a relieved chortle.

“Okay!” M1 readily agreed and peeled the two plasters from where it was and had them over the cracks in the wall.

Silly as it sounds, why not? Makes sense to plaster a crack on the wall, pun intended.