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Batam: Day 1

30 Apr

Life is meant to be enjoyed. With friends, golf and drinks. We bought 4 bottles of whiskey for this trip. Day 1 started with an hour turned back upon arrival and a quick lunch at Tering Bay Golf & Country Club before teeing off at 12.30pm.

It was an interesting situation, with all six of us in one flight! And all teed off from the white tee box, men and women alike. It was fun. Tering can be considered easy but I fluffed a lot of shots too. Well… There’s good days and there’s better days.

The skies were threatening initially but eventually mellowed to allow us to enjoy ourselves. After the game, a quick shower and we went off for dinner.

The Chivas was the first to be consumed with the choice of Sundanese food for dinner. I’ve never had my whiskey with a straw in a milkshake glass before, so there’s always a first!

How quickly the day went by. By 9.30pm, tiredness has kicked in or maybe it’s the whiskey…

Harris Batam Center is very new and modern. I look forward to a hot shower and a good night’s rest before waking up early tomorrow for our next game at Palm Springs Country Club.










An Unexpected Escape

30 Apr

I was not supposed to go; we were not supposed to especially having just returned from Chiangmai not too long ago. But the lure of another golf outing was too strong to resist so here we are again, with the same people albeit a couple less, going off for another trip!


I Have Your Eyes

29 Apr

It was a typical night as I walked into the girls’ room to do the nightly binkie-boo ritual when M2 opened the bathroom door and said, “Mummy! Come look at my eyes!”

Intrigued, I obliged. She took her iPod and turned on the flashlight mode and shined it into her eyes.

M2 enthused “Look! I’ve got woody eyes!” as in the irises brown and textured.

“Nice!” I agreed and asked, “Let me see my eyes.” before reaching out for the iPod to shine into my eyes too.

“Waaaaaaa! Mummy, you have woody eyes too! I have your eyes,” she said excitedly.

Unable to contain her excitement, she came out of the bathroom to share this with M1, who was already in bed.

“I wanna see my eyes too!” the sleepyhead requested.

So M2 climbed onto the bed and shined the flashlight into M1’s eyes, which could hardly open.

“Umm… brown but not woody like Mummy’s” M2 concluded.

One Step Ahead

28 Apr


I have been crushing candies on the sly. Heheheh… In between battling zoo animals and getting frustrated by the horrid raccoon and annoying rabbit in Farm Heroes, Candy Crush has provided some comfort.

Three weeks ago, I completed the Jelly Wagon chapter in Facebook on the laptop and had to wait for tickets. Thankfully, one week later, the game updated for the iPad. But I am one step ahead of it—like the previous update—I had completed the chapter before the update came around for the iPad.

So what basically happens on the iPad is just my avatar leapfrogging to the end of the chapter without any candies being crushed. I could back-track to earn more stars or just continue on the laptop.

Forever 38

27 Apr

A break from the pattern, I don’t usually post on Sundays but today’s special. It’s my birthday and I thought I’d share this…

For the pass several birthdays, I have been getting birthday presents relating to my other passion, golf. From a gorilla cover for my driver and Hello Kitty for the putter to golf shoes, it’s all about golf. I even received a Snoopy golf-theme birthday card once.

Every now and then, M1 will tell me, “Mummy, you are 38 years old and will forever be 38 in our eyes!”

“You know, whenever my teacher asks how old my Mummy is, I tell them you’re 38!” M2 added. Chuckle, mind you this would go on for years!

They feel age is not necessary and is just a number, like the house unit. How my heart would flutter and I would break into a silly grin whenever this topic of conversation comes around.

There was one year I did not receive any golf related presents; instead each made me a card. I am still 38 years old in their eyes but the details in which both inked down on their designs, highlighting all my favorite things brought sniffles and tears. It’s so sweet. I basked in their creative efforts for me. Sniffle (again)…


The home-made cards by M1 & M2.

Somehow this year’s birthday, things are a bit different. No golf presents but a three-day celebration with my favorite things! A day before, I had a tremendously good time with all my golfing lady friends at the golf club, followed with drinks and merry-making thereafter; the big day itself precious quiet time with some friends and then with the family and a sumptuous crab dinner; and the day after, a little treat to myself at the spa with a massage and a facial. This is on top of the necessary iPhone5S from hubby dearest.


The salted egg crab dinner!


A red velvet birthday cake.


Thank you from your forever 38 significant other half for the wonderful gift; thank you my M1 and M2 for being wonderful girls that you are and giving me lots of inspiration to write and thank you to all who wished me in one way or another via phone & Facebook, and thank you to all my friends and family for being part of the now good memories forever held in the heart.

I look forward to the year ahead with zest but will stay forever 38!

Halted March

25 Apr

Right after I trumpeted my victory over Rancid the Raccoon at Level 173, I progressed on without much problems. Then I hit a snag at Level 181. It’s one tough challenge but patience and strategy resulted in victory albeit shortlived! Boo hoo…

I now face the dastardly annoying rabbit again at Level 182. It would sneak up and snatch the carrots before I could attempt to accumulate the 24 carrots required! Ugh… looks like I am facing a halted march. Maybe I should pray for tickets to come for my Candy Crush and get back to crushing some candies for a change.

Will Grandma Disown Us?

24 Apr

It was during the family’s triple birthday celebration dinner at a Thai restaurant in early April when Grandma, my mom, commented to my girls about a patron with blue hair.

“Look at that!” she hissed forcefully to get my girls’ attention. Both girls looked.

“How frightening. Almost ghoulish!” Mom shook her head and dramatically shivered to emphasize her point.

It was pretty obvious mom did not think too highly of a blue-headed fashion statement. Later that night, my girls were sharing this with me and we all agreed Grandma was just very opinionated about certain things in life, hair color being one of them. Two weeks passed by and for us, it was quickly forgotten until last week.

I was due for my haircut. Every 6 or 7 weeks, I’d go for a haircut with alternate visits highlighting my hair. So the night before my appointment, I was just mentioning to the girls.

“I’m off to cut my hair tomorrow! And what color should I highlight my hair this time?” I asked.

“Blue!” suggested M1 playfully.

“Orange!” was M2’s choice.

“Blue! Are you sure? Grandma would disown me! But I don’t think I should go orange either,” I chuckled as we all remembered the triple birthday celebration incident.

M1 asked, “If Grandma disowned you, does this mean she disowns us too?”

Gosh. That’s deep and profound.

“Let’s not have it come to this. Let’s stick to the usual safe brown, ok?” I reassured her in the end.

So no funny colors, just the usual cut and rich mahogany highlights.

Rancid the Raccoon Reeks!

22 Apr


Yes, Rancid the raccoon in Farm Heroes Saga reeks. It took me the longest thus far to overcome Level 173. Even with magic beans, I could not do it but patiently, with some strategizing and wit, I finally beat the nasty raccoon! Onwards I march in my farming quest.

I Officially Migrated

21 Apr


Like a child giddy with excitement over a new toy, I could not tame the butterflies in my tummy as I fiddled with my spanking new Apple iPhone5S. Yes, last Friday I officially migrated to the new device, opening the present ten days before my birthday.

Goodbye iPhone4, I loved you and you served me well but you chose your destiny and I didn’t have a choice; and hello iPhone5S, this is the beginning of a new love. I hope we will have many wonderful moments, build lots of memories and fun together despite my short fingers needing to stretch to reach the top row of apps and the home button on the half inch longer phone.

It’s Deciding for Me

18 Apr


I thought all was fine with my iPhone4 after the last few scares; maybe it could last and I don’t have to give it up so soon. But I guess I spoke too soon! Last week, it blacked out on me again at a critical Kodak-moment! I was right about to capture the amazing birthday cake presented at an uncle’s birthday dinner when the phone froze and the Apple icon appeared before a black screen! Aaaargghhhh…. the cake was cut and I do not have a picture of the amazing cake intact. Hrmph…

I was annoyed to say the least. Hubby was sympathetic and suggested that night I should just have the new iPhone5S charged up, ready to be used instead of having to wait until my birthday to open the box.

My dear iPhone4, I love you but you chose your destiny.