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The Biggest DIY Set

30 Nov

Friends have asked me what do I intend to do with all the DIY miniatures that I have built? Well, for one, they are collecting dust! Seriously, for now, the sets are everywhere. Two are on the lazy Susan in the dining room and the rest on the table in the living room. I need to find a place to display them without the added dust.

Two weekends ago, hubby and I went to IKEA to buy a display cabinet. Now, as everyone knows, IKEA products all come in a flattened box or boxes, especially the bulky items, like a display cabinet. We need to DIY things ourselves.

I have to find the time to set up the display cabinet soon. And hubby will, of course, help because this DIY set is the biggest by far to do.

The Detolf display waiting to be DIY-ed

DIY Project #7, Part 2

27 Nov

I made short work of DIY project number seven, the tea parlor. In less than a week, five days actually, I completed the set. But it wasn’t as easy as anticipated.

The tea parlor

There were problems and unclear instructions, but generally, nothing too hard that I could not overcome. To my surprise, there was an additional piece of instruction paper that I almost missed out. Then several decorative scrolls were not mentioned where they should go on the set. So I didn’t use them. And the teapot and cups had come glued already on the table! Eeesh.

Vague instructions and several unused pieces

Some instructions were vague and almost none as far as placement goes for the furniture pieces. It didn’t make sense that the outside display shelves were blocking the entrance to the shop. The picture of the completed set on the box cover is so deceiving. I decided to eyeball their placement, creating some space, and I felt this was much better, space-wise.

A small gap between the outer shelves and the main display counter

I must say the overall set is not well thought out. There was no hole on the back wall or gutter channel for the wires to go through. I decided to make one so that they do not hinder the roof from aligning to the walls properly. And there was no proper space allocated to hide the battery pack. It merely said, place the battery pack behind the set! Exposed and not hidden at all. Wow. All my other completed projects had a discreet place for this essential item.

Terrible wiring plans and I had to improvise

However, I was pleasantly surprised that there were real tea leaves provided. I had to seal the display counter properly once the tea leaves were in place.

I could smell the tea

All in all, I didn’t feel challenged working on this set, a pity. But I am glad I got this done and out of the way. I can now start on the more challenging project number eight, which is The Study set. This one will take time. But I look forward to the challenge ahead.

Project #7

Giddy Again

24 Nov

The second online purchased DIY set finally arrived last week, and yes, I got giddy all over again. But as I have started on project number seven, the tea parlor, the latest purchases have to wait.

An exciting DIY set awaits!

This second parcel is a study, with shelves of books, a departure from the houses, cafes, and Japanese restaurant that I have completed. And like the earlier choice, an art studio, both sets are full of intricate and detailed pieces. I can’t wait to work on them!

I foresee finishing up the not-very-challenging project number seven by the coming weekend and will dive right into working on the study. The art studio and the fruit shop, which was purchased much earlier, will have to queue for later.

DIY Project #7

23 Nov

Soon after I completed the little Japanese restaurant, I started on project number seven. It is a tea parlor, selling and serving Chinese tea.

My latest project

Progress on it is going at a good pace. But I have to say this set looks easy without any intricate and tiny details to figure out. In other words, I don’t feel the challenge. Oh well, I’ll just finish what I started.

All the parts and pieces to work on

I anticipate project number seven can complete within a short time, unlike the other sets that took close to a month for each one.

The main structure is up with some tea boxes in place

It’s a Wrap!

20 Nov

Project number six is a wrap! I’m so proud of my effort and dedication to complete my little Japanese restaurant DIY set.

Words are not needed to describe. Just enjoy the photos of the details.

All lighted up!
Ready for patrons!
Side view
Musical box at the back
Check out the menu on the stand!
Delectable sushi spread
Upstairs dining area

Giddy with Excitement, Part 2

17 Nov

Just when I couldn’t gush or be more excited anymore over my latest DIY project number six, my latest set arrived in the mail! I was giddy with excitement all over.

During the 10.10 online shopping sale last month, I had purchased three DIY sets. And the recent 11.11 sale, I bought another two! I couldn’t help myself.

Parcel one of two arrived last Friday. With project number six nearing completion, I cannot decide which set to work on next.

This DIY artist’s studio is so apt for me

Fruitful Weekend

16 Nov

I must say there was much progress on project number six, the Japanese restaurant, in the last few days. I managed to complete making all the sushi and set them up on the tables and conveyor belt. The whole setup is very colorful and detailed.

My little Japanese restaurant

Food aside, the entrance is almost complete with most of the pieces in save for the stones decoration left to place. With just the main structure and some puny decoration pieces left to do, I should be able to finish this project soon.

The entrance with lights on

Project number six, by far, has been the best DIY set to work on, I have to say.

Looking really good!

My Little Japanese Restaurant, Part 2

13 Nov

Work has stalled for several days on my little Japanese restaurant. Not intentional, but a good stall because there’s work at the office that is more important than DIY projects.

I have not been in the office physically for long durations ever since the pandemic started. Occasionally, I go in once a week. But in the two weeks, I was in the office daily to work on a digital publication for our client.

I even reduced my weekday golf games to focus on this project, playing only on Tuesday. And after the game, I head for the office. I must say it has been a welcome busy with my energy directed towards layout formats, grids, fonts, and such instead of tiny sushi, chairs, and accessories.

The publication finally closed yesterday. And I have a little break from today onwards, so perhaps I can go back to complete project number six by the coming weekend without any interruption.

The Mini Sushi Chef

10 Nov

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to sit down and worked on the tiny trays and plates of sushi for my little Japanese restaurant. My goodness, they sure are tiny. Nano more like it!

The first two tiny plates
Sushi anyone?

I am halfway with what I have to do and if all goes well, I should be able to complete this task by the coming weekend. Yay!

The Third Extension

9 Nov

Were we surprised when news broke that the CMCO is extended again after today? Certainly not. We were expecting it when the number of Covid-positive cases reported last week has been on an alarming uptrend.

However, we were surprised this time, the extension is a month-long, instead of two weeks. So the CMCO is enforced until 6 December.

Well, we have gotten so used to our routine now, whether it’s two weeks or a month, is no difference anymore.