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30 Apr

We thought we had it good, teeing off on time. But after 13 holes, the siren came on and game was abandoned. Pity. Mother Nature decided the rest of the day for us. A hot soothing shower beckoned then and it felt good.

The Chempaka course allowed buggies on the fairway so it was easier on the legs. Yesterday and today, I have exceeded my walking quota – yesterday 17,844 steps, covering 10.7km and burning 792 calories according to my MiBand. Today, up till we boarded the bus, it’s a little over 11 thousand steps.

Day two draws to an end with a good dinner in mind. Tomorrow is our last day in Johore, playing Orchard Golf and Country Club before we head back to KL.

How did I play today? All in or nothing. Much better in other words; maybe because the body was rested and we were not chasing time. So I hope after tonight’s dinner, will have a good rest and have another enjoyable golf game tomorrow.

Day Two: Palm Resort

30 Apr

The bed was too soft, the air con not cold enough and the bath tub water so slow to drain but did it matter? We were too tired to let these bother us. We were out by 1.30am last night.

So after a good rest, today all of us are back to our normal selves. After breakfast at the hotel, we left for Palm Resort Golf and Country Club for our day two game. Unlike yesterday, I am staring at clear skies and a hot sun.

Game plan for today, just do it!


What a Long Day

30 Apr

The journey to Singapore took slightly over five hours this morning and unexpectedly, the immigration at the Singapore checkpoint held us up. It took almost two hours for the whole group to clear this necessity only to be met with rain and thunderstorm! Nooo….

All that trouble and no golf ahead?! It didn’t look promising as the bus inched its way slowly through traffic to get to Keppel Club. We were so late to arrive but our gracious hosts waited for us for lunch!

So lunch was a leisure affair because the course was closed due to the rain and thunderstorm. When the weather finally cleared, it was about 2.45pm when we teed off.

We never got to finish 18-holes. My flight had 3 holes left while other flights varied from 6-holes to 4-holes to go. As dinner could not be pushed to a later time, we had to finish by 6.45pm regardless of how many more holes to go.

Keppel’s hospitality was impeccable. The food was delicious, the beer and wine was free-flowing and the company very good. But all good things had to come to an end. By 9.45pm, we left Keppel Club with happy memories and braced ourselves for the heavy traffic ahead.

It’s a long Labor Day weekend ahead and we had the holiday makers to contend with on the road. These Singaporeans are headed over to Malaysia and we are leaving Singapore to check in at Johor Bahru. 

Tomorrow, we play Palm Resort and thank goodness tee off is passed noon. It has been a long day and yes, I am tired. Checked into the hotel pass midnight.

Mortals being mortals like us, Adidas tagline or Nike tagline did not help at all when one is so tired from the traveling and waiting. Oh well. Tomorrow is another game and it’s either ‘all in or nothing’ or ‘just do it’ again.

Interesting architecture surrounding Keppel

Just Do It

29 Apr

I just realized Adidas changed its old tagline ‘Impossible is Nothing’ to a new ‘All In or Nothing’. Now how do I apply this to my golf? The first thing that comes to my mind would be the putting. Of course to put the dimpled ball in the cup with one putt would be best for the ‘all in or nothing’ statement but what if I missed? 

Two putts or even three putts, which is my problem lately, just do not bode well with the brand’s statement. It then becomes I will be nothing because I was not all in. This in a sense would affect my confidence and ultimately my focus in the game. Not good.

Honestly, I would prefer to ‘Just Do It’ but I am not giving the brand with this tagline any justice because I am geared in all Adidas, down to my sports bra but short of my underwear. There is a conflict as far as brand loyalty is concerned.

Even Adidas’ old tagline of ‘Impossible is Nothing’ does not work for me. Most times the impossible become possible in a negative way! Shots that you wouldn’t think possible you’d execute becomes a reality. Nothing becomes everything whereby unwanted situations on the golf course becomes a nightmare, the list can go on! It all works more in the opposite manner instead. Sigh… Although it’s a mental state of mind, it is tough to discipline the thoughts when things do not go the way you want it.

Maybe I am championing the wrong brand all this while. Hmm… 

Let’s see how I fare today. The mode of play for today’s Interclub match is four ball, System 36 with handicap of the day.

The journey has taken three hours already as I am writing this. My tee off is at 1.07pm. I shouldn’t be too Adidas on what lies ahead but ‘just do it’!

So Early!

29 Apr

It’s one of those occasions where I decided to go with my golf club’s ladies group for an out-station golf trip. So 4.00am I woke up this morning to get ready to board the bus that will leave by 5.30am and we will make our way down to Singapore for an Interclub match with Keppel Club. Way early…

And I used to think waking up at 5.30am for golf is early, this tops it all. Yawn…

Nonetheless, it will be a hectic 3 days 2 nights outing as we have 3 games lined up. I anticipate fun, along with frustration as far as my putting is concerned, lots of laughter, good food and fun company.

A Surprise

28 Apr

It is nice when some games you play remembers it’s your birthday and surprises you with a little present! Both Monster Busters and Hexa Blast gave me some coins and more importantly, a week of free play to bust some monsters. Yes, a week! How cool is that? Anyway, yay to it, I am a monster buster this whole week, forget them candies and farm animals.

The power of technology was at its best on this special day. There were wishes from friends and family, near and far in WhatsApp and Facebook, likes and loves for the Facebook birthday postings, SMSes from services and people in my life and even my district politician (how significant he is in my life I don’t know!) and phone calls from family. Don’t forget the wishes in person that comes with bear hugs! I felt like a celebrity short of signing autographs. I think I would have added an extra wrinkle or two if I grinned anymore that I already had!

But closer to the heart, the significant day was filled with doing things I enjoy – golf with friends, followed by my virtual games as I couldn’t nap upon reaching home (being Queen for the day does not necessitate one to go in the office), then being with true friends and family for dinner, and receiving a lovely and poignant birthday card in the mail from my M1, halfway across the world.

Sometimes there are no words that can describe the depths of these actions but simply being in the moment – absorbing, remembering and being thankful for such wonderfulness that I am surrounded with. Thank you all, you know who you are to make this another bookmark in my memory bank. Maybe I don’t have to stay forever 38!

Love you all!   


Drinks for dinner!


Don’t count the candles!

At a Crossroad

26 Apr

Lately I have been contemplating getting another tattoo. I don’t know why but it’s been on my mind. Perhaps the impending birthday being the trigger? Age catching up? Facing the fact that I am not forever 38

I am pondering what suitable graphics to go on me, seeing that it will be a permanent thing. Hmm…

My current tattoo on my right shoulder blade is fine and happy but I feel it needs a companion. So the new tattoo shouldn’t just be a motif or pattern but another animal.

Hmm again. At a crossroad in my life now…

Feeling Lost

25 Apr

M2 went off for camp on Friday and both of us felt lost. We weren’t quite sure what to do! It has been routine so far with her weekly night tuition classes but last Friday, she had to give it a miss and go off for a school-organized 3 day, 2 night camp.

And what’s with camp for schools nowadays? When I was in school, there were no such things as camp, let alone overnight excursions. I don’t remember. Then again times have changed…

So there we were, the two of us, indecisive on what to do, what to eat and where to go for the weekend. We ended up wandering aimlessly in six different malls over two days, not because we wanted to, it was more to kill time and anyway, it was too hazy to be outdoors for golf.

Imagine this was only a three day absence and we were like this. I dread the day when M2 goes off to college. 

The Haze is Back. Ugh

22 Apr

Need I say more? Ugh. As if our lives are not suffering enough with the horrendous heat, we now have the haze to contend with.


And to top it off, we have to prepare for water rationing in 42 days as warned by the state government yesterday.


Hats Off!

21 Apr

Yesterday I played in my golf club’s Interclub friendly game. And I was totally demotivated by the usual lakes that I couldn’t cross, my phobia holes. It took a toll on my mental strength. Sometimes I can play well, other days not so well. Why? Is it the heat? Or the lack of playing? The nagging injury? Why doubt?

In fact yesterday was downright deflating, you could say it was the perfect horrid game example, all on me, nobody else. While the driver worked better than most, nothing else did. Imagine on a Par 5, I put the ball (on the green) on four but four putted for an eight. It was painful.

As I have said before, golf is a mental and painful game, evidenced by yesterday’s play. But having said that, golf is also intriguing and appeals to all ages amazingly. I think it is one sport that a person can play until their golden years. Like my flight mate for instance.

She’s an octogenarian! 80 year old lady and out-drives me on some holes! Amazing. What’s even more amazing is that she (and her visiting team) has played three rounds of golf already and she is still going strong! Yesterday’s game was their fourth and last game before they head back to Sabah. 

I take my hat off to her for her mental ability and endurance, and smack myself at my mental inability and doubt.