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A New Game

27 Feb

Lately, I find myself playing a lot more games again on my iPad Mini. It’s not good because it’s very unhealthy, especially for my eyes and time management. Being obsessed with my games, reading the news, and watching YouTube or Netflix derails me on more important matters, like house chores or crafting my miniatures.

So at times, I have to put the iPad aside to focus on those things because I tend to forget the time amid a game challenge. I am distracted by the latest game downloaded recently. These things happen when free ads promoting new games appear amidst my regular ones.

Piqued, I would check them out, and the next thing I know, the game is downloaded. And before I know it, I am playing a new game. Sometimes, the interest would wane, but the appeal is quite lasting for this latest download, Brick Out.

I find myself playing it until the wee hours of the night. Even Gudetama, the Netflix series I am watching now, cannot hold my interest as much! I should detach myself from my games and be more disciplined in putting down my iPad Mini when it’s time to sleep.

The First Game

2 Dec

After close to a month of travels and no golf, I played my first game yesterday. So how did I fare?

Well, I have to admit the night before, I watched some tutorial videos on YouTube as a refresher to remind me what to do! And it did help, but only for a bit.

The first tee-off was such a beautiful shot. I was impressed that I could strike the ball well. Even the second and third shots were good. I thought my golfing touch was still intact. But it was downhill after that!

The shot game and the putting threw the momentum off. The shot game was off, and my putting was horrible. I could not feel the weight of my Scotty Cameron putter, causing a lot of two- and three-putts. Sigh.

After the disastrous welcome-back game, it’s back to the drawing board to regain the golf mojo and muscle memory. The Scotty putter will make way for the Peanut Putter, and I need to work on my shot game to be more accurate. Essentially, practice makes perfect is what this game is all about. I will be going all out to play as much as possible from here on.

Yoga Day Challenge, Part 2

27 Jun

The lure of collecting another badge in my Fitness app was too strong. I decided to go for the Yoga Day Challenge badge on the International Day of Yoga last week. After all, it only takes twenty minutes.

But where do I begin? YouTube, of course! Nowadays, when one wants to learn something, YouTube is the go-to to find out. I found a 20-minute session video with mixed stretching and soul-searching breathing moments. Hmm, I can handle it.

And so I attempted the Yoga challenge. Oh man, it looked easy on the video, but it was not! My body was so stiff that I couldn’t twist my limbs as shown. Even the soul-searching seated moments were not easy because my mind kept wandering!

Nonetheless, I managed and was sweating after 22 minutes at it. Never underestimate the power of yoga! It may look or sound easy, but it was not. But I’m glad I did it and have earned the Yoga Day Challenge badge for my effort.

Practical Recycling

26 Jul

During the various lockdowns since the pandemic started, we discovered daily to-be-discarded things that we can recycle. It is good to give the unwanted one last purposeful usage before throwing them away in the trash.

Last year, we started recycling eggshells from baking endeavors for the garden as a deterrent for snails. They double up as a calcium nutrient for the plants as well. We have continued this practice until today.

This year, I found that the garden squirrels don’t mind rancid walnuts and apple cores. Something better than nothing to feed the hungry. I remove the apple seeds, of course. The recycling list can go on.

Recently hubby discovered (from YouTube, of course) that milk cartons make a great container to grow bean sprouts. All you need is some mung beans and an empty milk carton. A one-third cup of beans to the size of the carton is enough to yield a carton bursting with crunchy bean sprouts after five days!

He has been timing the bean sprouts growing process. So whenever he bakes and finishes the milk, the cartons are saved for future use. And when we want to have bean sprouts on the menu, a five-day notice is given.

One should consider doing this because it’s pesticide-free food and practical recycling!

A basket of homegrown bean sprouts!

Breaking 90, Part 2

24 May

My recent improvement in golf is due to the YouTube golf instructor that I have been following for the past 11 months. There is an abundance of golf instructors out there on YouTube. It’s just a matter of preference and style, and whatever suits your ability.

Initially, I followed Shawn Clement but, later, found his methods do not quite suit my ability. So I surfed and discovered two other instructors, Danny Maude and Chris Ryan. However, it was a toss-up, and I ended up with Chris over Danny. And I’m glad I stuck with him.

My short game improved, my drives are further than ever, and my ball striking is getting better. Pretty amazing what one can find on YouTube for self-improvement and self-enrichment!

But with the current MCO in place, all that improvement has been wiped out, having to stay at home and no golf ever since my last game on 4 May. The only consolation is I can still do chipping in the garden for up to a 20-feet distance.

Tag Team Baking

20 Apr

We found the right combination to bake during the MCO last week. Hubby did the dough and I did the filling. The tag team baking worked out well for our first combined attempt – apple tarts because I have the molds. For someone who doesn’t bake, I sure have a lot of baking equipment.

The ideas were from googling up recipes and watching YouTube to find the next easiest thing to bake with the best combination. And basically just to pass time instead of baking bread and cakes (from boxes) individually, this effort was a good variation.

First attempt at apple tarts

The first batch of only five tarts was accidental because there was some dough left from making something else. And since we had apples, why not bake apple tarts? It was experimental as something was right and something was off: the filling was good, the crust needed work.

We tried again two days later. As long as I don’t have to deal with letting the dough sit and rise, I was perfectly contented to make the apple filling. And I made more this second time, using three apples. The first time, just one apple! After all, it was an experiment.

It was fun decorating and after a good 45 minutes in the oven, our effort came out beautifully. The taste? Very good if I must say so. We make a good tag team at baking.

Happy star and Smiley tarts

Well, Well… Am I Surprised?

23 Jun

A few days ago, I lamented about King.com being inconsistent with their board setups for Candy Crush for different devices. And this has occurred many times on several levels. Guess what? They are at it again.

This time on Level 1735. On the iPad, it is definitely harder compared to the game in Facebook. No wonder I was having a tough time trying to figure it out. It was when I went into YouTube to see what others did that I realized the boards were different. 

So obviously after learning this discrepancy, I played the game in Facebook and within the five lives, I made it with some lives to spare.


See where the popcorn squares are located


For the iPad, the popcorn squares are at a tougher place!


Overcoming Hard Levels

3 Dec

Sometimes when I am stuck at my games and cannot figure out how to go pass that level, especially the two candy games, I would go to YouTube to see what or how others have done to tackle the challenge. Recently, Candy Crush added a ‘Hard Level’ mention and Soda added a skull icon to levels that are really hard.

Maybe to preempt or remind one that it will be tough? In one way, it helps because I now know that it will be hard and I won’t feel so aggravated. Then again with the skull, it’s as if it’s telling you, you’re gonna die trying, bwahahaha!

Mean, isn’t it? When all attempts fail, either I YouTube for help or stay away from the games for a few days.

I was stuck for the longest time at Level 813 for Farm Heroes, Level 516 for Soda and Level 1242 for Saga but thanks to YouTube, I became unstuck and have progressed on. But now I find myself stuck again at Level 829 for Farm Heroes, Level for 563 for Soda and 1313 for Saga. Never-ending woes…


A New Fascination

19 Nov

I have to put on record that I actually follow the UK X Factor show. For someone who doesn’t even watch tv at home, this is quite a feat. I don’t know why but lately I find myself mesmerised by this year’s contestants and their performances on YouTube.

The contestants are amazing. They may be amateurs but they are so good and I just cannot get bored listening to them over and over again. This coming weekend will be Week 4 of Live Shows and it is down to seven candidates.

So nerve wrecking to see who goes through to the next round. Can’t wait!

The Working Life

5 Jan

Soon after her exams were over, M1, together with her cousin, came to work for hubby and I at the office. Although workload has been quite easy, I managed to find things to keep them occupied.

The family insisted we assign them things to learn or keep them busy to understand the hardship of real work; even if it means cleaning the store room.

It’s been over a month already that the both of them worked for me and cleaned the store room they did. However the timing of their employment, being the year end, I have to plan their time well as a lot of projects are either completed or pushed to the new year. I shouldn’t allow the both of them to just twiddle their thumbs in the office, painting a false picture of the work environment. Nor can I have them surfing the internet, on YouTube or whatever, doing unproductive computer activity. Both are, after all, on the payroll by the hour.

So cleaning the store room was apt.