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Customary Routine

31 Jan

Over the years whenever we return to hubby’s hometown for the Reunion Dinner, we would also play a round of golf at the nearby golf club. This year, the customary routine had to be modified slightly because we came back a day earlier than our usual four days, three nights stay.

We are playing at our golf club today. Looking forward to some good golf to work off all that food consumed!

The Drive Home, Part 2

30 Jan

We came home by yesterday after the family Reunion Dinner on Friday night. The drive home wasn’t that bad as it took five and a half hours, an hour more than normal.

Every year during the Chinese New Year exodus, the drive both ways would be a long crawl with almost bumper-to-bumper traffic. On Friday, it took six hours and the return, a half hour less, far less than I had originally anticipated prior to the start of the trip.

There were a couple of years it took us ten hours just to get home, hence the fear. So I am thankful we arrived home with nothing close to those sort of hours yesterday.

There were several accidents along the drive up north but I wouldn’t call them accidents; just mere breakdowns of single vehicles. Not even any contact of two vehicles and the slow down was unavoidable, causing some stretches of the drive to be a crawl. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The time with the family was all about eating. And we had good home cooked meals by the Aunty. Now that we are back here, it will be more visiting to other relatives and more yummies to savor!

We officially go back to work on Thursday.

The Drive Home

27 Jan

Today is the Reunion Dinner and for the first time for as long as I can remember, we are just leaving home the day itself and not a day earlier to attend the occasion. We just could not leave yesterday because of reasons worthy of another story or two. This year, the dinner is with hubby’s family up north.

I anticipate a ten hour-journey for what is normally a four or five hour drive. Oh well, we are prepared with much music choices, sandwiches, chips and drinks for the car, I just hope traffic will be kind. Who knows? We may arrive on time.

Here’s wishing everyone a very Gong Xi Fa Cai and may the Year of the Rooster bring you much happiness, success and prosperity that you will want to crow about it all year long!

Teenagers These Days

26 Jan

You know you are a dinosaur when the teenagers today go out and they don’t need you for transport home. Instead they come home by GrabCar (equivalent to Uber).

Yes, this is our baby, M2 the teenager, coming home with friends after dinner on a Saturday night. And on top of this, they all slept over, with permission of course.

Teenagers these days, I have no words to further elaborate.

The Little Black Dress

24 Jan

In the midst of all this Chinese New Year preparation, we also made the effort to attend an uncle’s birthday celebration last night. Reaching the 70 year old mark, it was only respectful for us to grace the event.

I thought I would don my little black dress that I haven’t worn for ages. What was I thinking? I am certainly not little anymore! Hubby was being honest, when I asked if he could help me with the back zipper, he said that they were three inches apart and most unlikely to meet. Oooh… cringe.

So I ended up wearing something else, a big black dress that had a different effect. Sigh…

I guess not only the fingers became fat, other parts of the anatomy as well. My ego hurts…

I definitely have to do something drastic if I intend to don the little black dress ever again.

It’s Supposed to be Hot

23 Jan

Just when I thought the weather change has arrived indicating Chinese New Year is around the corner, it has changed again. Global warming?

Even the birds know it. When it rains in the morning, they don’t get fed and they come right up to the terrace boldly, waiting for seeds to be put out at the table instead of in the tray on the wall. This morning I woke up to cloudy skies again. The breeze is cool and rather strong. 

Another wet day ahead?


Fat Fingers

20 Jan

It’s without a doubt that I have gained weight when M1 was back for her Christmas holidays. Every day was an adventure in meals and race against time to check off her ‘To Eat’ list. 

We did pretty good; covered almost all except for a couple of items: Dim Sum and Assam Laksa. She managed to check off the first item immediately upon arrival back in the US. But the second item will have to defer until her next return.

Sadly, not only my waistline expanded, I think my fingers too! I have fat fingers now. And there’s no excuse calling them muscles because gym session has not been excessive. The eating was plus I have been drinking my coffee with creamer and sugar again. Bad.

It’s very obvious because I cannot wear my rings anymore especially the few designer rings that I like. I tried; they were too snug for words and I had quite a battle to remove them. 

Looks like I have do something about my fat fingers if I want to start accessorising again. But with Chinese New Year around the corner and no gym for the next two weeks, I am facing an uphill task ahead. 


Happy Birthday M1

19 Jan

Today our M1 turns 20. My goodness, 20. I am speechless. When I was 20, I was in college, probably pulling in long hours to finish my design assignments but definitely having the time of my life, away from Mom and Dad.

Well, what goes around comes around? The firstborn is away at university, probably pulling in long hours to finish some Food Science assignment but definitely having her time of her life, away from her Mom and Dad.

Every year when the girls’ birthdays come around, it makes me ponder about what we have accomplished for them and with them or just their accomplishments alone. No different this year…

I am very proud of our firstborn for what she is today and how matured she has become – a wonderful and responsible adult. But no matter how grown up she has become, she will always remain my baby.

Happy birthday my dear. Love you to the moon and back!

Smitten Not by the Baby

17 Jan

Another Sunday dinner adventure at the mall! This was many moons ago.

It was at a crowded Japanese French restaurant and the three of us were seated at a table next to a young mother and her girlfriend. The baby was in a stroller.

I glanced over and the most high-tech looking baby stroller caught my eye. I have never seen anything like it before.

It was a beautifully engineered piece of contraption that doubled as a high chair and a stroller as well as a shopping cart without taking up a lot of space in the restaurant.

The baby was cute I must admit but I was more taken by the stroller and for a moment, wished how nice it would have been back then when my girls were babies that such amazing contraptions existed. I don’t recall there was.

Not that the one we had back then was not practical. It was. It was a lightweight foldable sturdy Combi stroller that lasted for both our girls. But glancing over my shoulder again at the red and grey thing, I couldn’t help but mentally compared that our stroller was not quite the three-in-one.

Although it moved the girls well without us having to carry them, it was hard to hang shopping bags at the back without the stroller toppling over. This situation became quite a balancing act especially if the child wanted to come out and the back was weighted down with purchases.

Also by comparison, our stroller was way too short at dining tables of most restaurants. The poor child would be looking at our knees instead of being eye level with us if left strapped down. The baby in the red and grey contraption however, was gurgling away at his mother happily. Cute.

Strange that I would rave about a baby stroller, something I certainly have no need for these days. Smitten not by the baby indeed.

What a Show Off

16 Jan

I was at the hair salon last Friday to get a haircut in preparation for Chinese New Year and there was this lady, sitting on the opposite side and being such a show off in her conversation.

Yes lady, I heard you when you bragged loudly about the gemstone you intend to purchase.

Yes, I heard you when you asked if the stone was 12 carats and gushed about the color and clarity of it.

Yes, I also heard when you praised the vendor for the quality of the gemstone yet complained that the price was exorbitant.

Gee… There was no one else besides me and my regular hairdresser, you didn’t have to speak so loudly to let me know. Unfortunately I heard you loud and clear even though I did not want to.

Any person doing something like this should just be discreet. Openly bragging would just invite trouble.

Who was she trying to impress? Certainly can’t be me? I should have plugged my earphones in to drown out the conversation. It was distracting my reading the gossip tabloid about the UK Royals.

When I was done and at the counter to pay, there she was again, at my side, talking loudly. This time it was about a 15-carats stone.

What an obvious show off.