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The Little Escapade

31 Oct

Last week work in the office was very trying. I was kept so busy, the iPad was ignored as in managing my virtual games. Instead I had to manage my design projects with my team on the challenges we faced. Initially I thought I would set up my canvas over the weekend and exert some creative energy into painting but when a friend suggested an impromptu overnight getaway with them, we readily jumped at it without hesitation.

The destination? Ipoh.

For all my life, I have never frequented Ipoh as much as the last two years. All this due to friends, food and golf. This trip was termed the ‘Little Escapade’ simply us to getaway from the work stress. With Saturday being a public holiday, the thought of a possible traffic crawl did not even deter us to make the trip.

We had a really gastronomic time and a wet golf outing over the weekend. The weather did not stop us and we ended up playing in the rain, and being totally soaked. The wrist felt good, there was no nagging pain and the condition was not that hot with the clouds and rain.

There were many firsts as far as golf was concerned. My raincoat was totally utilized throughout the game. And for once, my umbrella was used to shield me from the rain instead of the sun. Despite such measures, everything was soaked – the golf bag, the shoes and socks, the cap, myself, right down to the sports bra and undies. But I didn’t care nor felt any discomfort. In fact, I was having the time of my life!

We were also very naughty, sneaking in three cans of imported beer. But we drank only the 12% ones for we felt if we did the 16%, everything would go downhill. So we decided to tell the flight behind to bypass us to save ourselves some embarrassment. However, when the rainy condition persisted and no siren sounded to abandon game, not many flights stayed on to continue like us. We basically had the place to ourselves. It was a really fun outing.

We completed 16 and a half holes before calling it quits. Not so much from the rain but rather due to darkness. We could hardly see our balls flights. We really had a blast and after a nice hot shower, a good dinner capped off the day.


Day 1 lunch before tee off


The beer choices


After the rain…



Rainy Season

28 Oct

The weather has changed. I would say it’s the beginning of the rainy season. And when it rains in the evening, official pet number one does not get to come out to play in the garden, like last night. Poor fella. 

If it rains during the day, neither does the tortoises. The birds would also not get their food. Sad. Golfers too, do not appreciate this kind of weather. Hubby has had a couple of morning games delayed due to rain. I would be agitated too if caught in this situation.

But it sure is nice for me to be horizontal on the sofa in the living room. With a nice read in hand and my hot tea within reach, I actually enjoy such days because the temperature is just so comfortable to relax and not move. Most of the time, I would fall into a slumber.

The ‘Kaepoh’

27 Oct

‘Kaepoh’ means busybody in the Hokkien dialect and official pet number one, Rooney is totally one. With the recent birdhouse set up in the garden, the ‘Kaepoh’ was sniffing at the base and the empty birdseed shells scattered on the ground yesterday evening. And when hubby was replenishing the birdseeds, he wanted to eat some!

Several nights ago, when the tortoises were given some juicy watermelon, the ‘Kaepoh’ wanted some too, barking in demand to be given a share as well. Sheesh…

Silly ‘Kaepoh’ of a senior citizen who cannot stand the fact that others eat and he does not. Maybe he should be labelled a glutton as well.

Brand Loyalist

25 Oct

I am a brand loyalist I must say. If I buy a product of a particular brand and like it, I will continue to buy it as long as I have a need and use for it. Like my handbags for example. It has to be Salvatore Ferragamo. Different sizes and shapes for different occasions, all my handbags–save for one Furla–and two pairs of shoes are Ferragamo. Brand loyalist. Let’s not even go into the other stuff… 

Recently the loyalty in me acquired yet another Thermos to my collection! There’s already five flasks (six if M1’s unit is also counted) of different sizes and there I was purchasing another. 

It could have been a simple thing but I suddenly needed my coffee to be always hot. So a sipper lid was required. But I didn’t fancy having to use my flask every morning for my coffee because the flip-top is too tedious to flip plus the flask does not have a handle like a mug. And frankly with this criteria, there are not many choices out there, that’s why I ended up with yet another Thermos product.

The purchase was a mug, the ThermoCafe serving this different need. And I love it.


Again and Again

24 Oct

The birds finally came. And they continued to come over the weekend as long as the food was replenished. But they also fought, almost territorial behavior. There was even one who perched on the pole of the little birdhouse and checked out the inside as if contemplating moving in. Nice!

This morning the boisterous chirping greeted me when I came downstairs. And I was pleasantly surprised with the sight – nine little birds, sitting on the wall. I wasn’t quick enough to capture them on my iPhone.

Suddenly along came a busybody of a squirrel who decided to scurry over to see what the fuss was about. Now this squirrel is not the one whom I call Sammy. Sammy hangs out near at the kitchen side of the house and comes around when Rooney does not finish his food, which is often. Sammy is fine with leftover senior citizen food. This other squirrel is new.

It hopped from the frangipani tree onto the wall, causing the birds to fly off, did a quick sniff at the seeds and just as quickly left. Now if it comes around more often, I may have to give it a name too. We shall see…

One little brave birdie stood firm

Feeling Detached 

21 Oct

My iPad Mini is failing me and I am feeling very detached from it. I simply cannot play my Candy Crush Soda on it for weeks and this frustrates me! Ugh. But the funny thing is, I can launch and play the game whenever I am in the car, on the way home, without any connection.

In fact, on Monday evening I did just that and managed to pass two levels during the journey home! So I concluded if I want to feel attached to my device again, I should just disconnect when I am at home or in the office, do the five lives and then reconnect again. Easy peasy and I don’t have to feel any frustration.

New Visitors

20 Oct

It was a pleasant surprise when I heard the sound of birds chirping yesterday morning and this morning too. Yes! They are back. The little bird house and the tray of bird seeds finally lured them to our garden.

But to our horror, it isn’t just birds that came. Although it’s at a different part of the garden, hubby discovered a monitor lizard! Gulp. The four-legged fella was roaming on the less frequented side of the garden a couple of days ago. It quickly slipped through the grill and into the drain when it spotted hubby approaching. Yikes. 

Looks like the tortoises cannot come out to the garden to roam freely for a while until we do something about this intruder.

Two little birds…


and then, there were four!


Full Steam Ahead

18 Oct

Today will be the first day that I will play a full 18-holes of golf. After a 57-day lay off, I think I am ready now. I started out with the driving range, working on my swing again, then a nine- and seven- holes outing. The 7-holes was due to darkness, hence we could not complete the remaining holes.

The wonder gel has worked wonders for the knee so that’s one less problem to worry. The wrist? It’s good too but the thumb, I still have to be careful because the pain does not seem to go away. But then again, at the gym last night, I did 500 reps of everything. Everything that involves the hands, core and legs, and I held up. Thank goodness. Just a little sore here and there but generally okay.

So let’s see how I fare with this full steam ahead step.

Feeling Restless

17 Oct

For several weekends I have been feeling very restless. It became more pronounced when I had to sit out from golf. And days that we don’t go out and do something, I become an unhealthy couch potato.

There were times I channeled my energy to art. So I painted and carved. But I don’t enjoy it when I am interrupted (mostly by official pet number one’s insistent barking for attention) or be at it for long periods of time. It’s very hard to find a balance. 

The stain glass activity on the whiskey bottles have stopped because I find it very time consuming and tedious. And it hurts my back if I bend over too long. As for the balsa wood carving, it’s very messy because with the ceiling fan on, the light wood chips fly everywhere!

I am torn on what to do next. Should I carve the remaining balsa wood, paint on canvas instead of whiskey bottles or try my hands at something new?

So much creative energy, so little activities…

Wonder Gel

14 Oct

I was worried that the pain in my left knee would be a setback for me to go back to being active again. I have to do something about it if I am not opting for an MRI scan and undergoing a new therapy session.

It’s coincidental to note that I stumbled upon a sponsored ad for an osteoarthritis gel that specifically treats the problem I am facing. So I went to the pharmacy to inquire about it. But the pharmacist recommended another brand which was just as good. For a slight price difference, the Atroxene gel is twice the volume of Flexiseq but equally good, if not better as it has better active ingredients.

So I have been applying the gel for the pass three days and the results are pretty amazing! Put it this way, it seems to be a wonder gel for I have not felt any pain at the knee. While it may feel like an instant cure, I should still be careful not to aggravate the knee.

Would this be a permanent solution or a temporary remedy? Only time can tell.