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Ugh! Nasty

30 Nov is nasty. They make the levels in Candy Crush different on different devices! I did not realize this until over the weekend when I attempted Level 1306.

On the iPad, the challenge was to get 3 cherries in 35 moves but in Facebook on the laptop, it required just 2 cherries and 50 moves! No wonder I have been stuck here for so long. Eesh.

Finally made it.

Wonderful Times

27 Nov

The holiday season is here for Christmas shopping and a ‘Toys R Us’ catalog came in the mail recently. It was fun to look at the pictures of the offerings the toy store has for this year. It also brought back memories of when I first worked on a ‘Toys R Us’ catalog when I was an intern in New York City.

A semester prior, I had engineered an opportunity (before graduation) for a summer internship at WBMG, Inc. in New York City. The time, both in New York City and at WBMG, was exciting and the experience priceless. I had the privilege to work with Walter Bernard and his excellent team of designers as well as being counselled by Milton Glaser. My Polaroid picture is still on their website after all these years! (hint: look out for the bright green tee shirt and big glasses me!)

The project was to design a catalog for Toys R Us among other projects. During that time, the studio also redesigned Adweek, which I also assisted and eventually led to a full time job with the magazine.

Ahh… Such wonderful memories. Would I turn back time now to relive it? A definite yes! Do I regret leaving it? Well, no. I know this is contradictory to my earlier yes to turning back time but my life now is equally wonderful, with my two precious M1 and M2. So I will leave it as memories are meant to be made and cherished. Time and life is meant to be lived, move on and go on.



26 Nov

M2 claimed that her pet Betta, Svetlana is bored. Bored because the other surviving Betta, my Bubles, has been relocated to the water trough of the water feature wall for its safety. Bubles would not survive if it joined the big boys in the pond. So Svetlana is now all alone in the little aquarium.

Hubby actually feared for Bubles’ life as it looked traumatised and half dead on more than one occasion. Remember the other two Bettas? They didn’t live pass a week old with the Russian killer around.

We have a bored killer Betta all alone and probably a bored Betta under witness protection, all alone too. What do we do?


All Planned Out

24 Nov

The year end school holiday has started and M2 is left to her own devices. This is the first year she will be alone as you know, M1 is at university. 

And she has it all planned out. This morning, we saw a checklist of movies and shows to watch, sitting on the sofa.

36. That’s how many she will be watching. I guess I don’t have to scratch my head trying to figure out what activities for her to keep her busy.

Can’t Have It All

23 Nov

Kuching was enjoyable but one can’t have it all nice and comfy. On Day 1, we had rain and soggy conditions on the fairways when we played at Kelab Golf Sarawak (KGS); on Day 2, we had lovely cloudy conditions at Damai Golf and Country Club and beautiful seaside surrounding to bask in and on the last day, it was scorching hot at Samarahan Country Club. And during the trip, we have to wake up at the usual 5.00am every morning; in fact on the day when we departed, I had only two hours of sleep while some of the others did not even sleep!

All three days, the hosts from all the three clubs were amazing. They took care of all of us and made the golf outings most enjoyable. Each of the courses had their own challenges and we also had the weather factor. The camaraderie was good and the golf fun.

Amazingly, I came back a nett winner on the first day. Our host was most gracious to give prizes to both clubs, for men and women categories – gross and nett best players. I seem to do well when I am in KGS as this is my second win on my second visit. But the same can’t be said for my game on day two and three. Put it this way, with three different weather conditions, I played as varied as the weather. 

Food wise, I ate so much, I could feel my waistline expanding and true enough when I got home last night, it was a horrible moment standing on the scale. Super sigh. When you think you cannot eat anymore, something nice is served up and it’s not nice to decline.

Well, it’s back to reality. Can’t have it all.


Day 1 at KGS


Day 2 at Damai


Day 2 dinner


Day 2 supper


Day 3 at Samarahan



It Rained

20 Nov

We touchdown on time despite departing half an hour late and made our way to Kelab Golf Sarawak. Our entourage was early and lunch has yet to be served.

So we took our time to unload, settle in and rested before lunch was finally served. After that, we waited for our hosts to arrive before a slight drizzle came down. Haish… All the way here to escape the rain back home only to be greeted by more rain here. Not promising.

Finally, we managed to play some good golf. But as we were about to complete the 9th hole, the siren went off. Oh no…

For everyone’s safety, all buggies returned to the Clubhouse. Within a short time, the skies opened up and it rained heavily but only for a short while, making the already long day stretch even longer.

After the quick downpour, the sky cleared for golf to be resumed. But the grounds were soggy, the balls could not run, often plugged and my Skechers were wet. Plus it was getting dark. By the time we completed 18 holes, it was close to 6.30pm. What a long tiring day.

On the bright side of the situation, I walked 21,412 steps, burnt 652 calories and several grams of fat! This is according to my MiFit band.

I am so tired now and better get some sleep because wake-up call tomorrow is 5.00am. Groan…

Hopefully no rain to disrupt the timing and let us have an enjoyable time.



Now We Wait

20 Nov

It was 2.00am when I got to the Club. Hubby wasn’t sure if I should be there alone because no one was there yet but I reassured him and told him to go home. Pretty soon the other players came along. By 3.15am the bus departed for the airport.

We arrived in the wee hours to a bustling hub, packed with travelers and efficiently checked in and had our oversized golf bags settled too. And now, we wait. Another hour to boarding. Yawn…


My Goodness!

20 Nov

The last time I traveled at an ungodly hour was when I was flying off to Paris with hubby and my older sibling. They were going for a meeting and I was going to see Mona Lisa. It was 2013. Since then, we’ve avoided such horrid timing where we have to leave for the airport in the wee hours of the morning.

Even my golf trips with my regular group is not at such an inconvenient hour. It is because this time, I am going with the Club to Kuching, East Malaysia and the whole group is taking a chartered bus from the Club to KLIA2. Such an ungodly hour has to be adhered to. Sigh.

What to do? I really don’t want to take a cab by myself at 4.00am in the morning to the airport, nor do I want to make hubby send me to the airport. But he’s nice enough to send me to the Club by 2.30am to hop on the bus, scheduled to depart at 3.00am, I cannot complain.

The group is scheduled to fly by 7.10am for three Interclub games. It will be a tiring but interesting weekend.


A New Fascination

19 Nov

I have to put on record that I actually follow the UK X Factor show. For someone who doesn’t even watch tv at home, this is quite a feat. I don’t know why but lately I find myself mesmerised by this year’s contestants and their performances on YouTube.

The contestants are amazing. They may be amateurs but they are so good and I just cannot get bored listening to them over and over again. This coming weekend will be Week 4 of Live Shows and it is down to seven candidates.

So nerve wrecking to see who goes through to the next round. Can’t wait!



17 Nov

It was after dinner last night and I fancied some persimmon. Hubby was nice enough to cut the fruit for me and I was just innocently munching on it.

And the unexpected happened…

I must have mis-chewed and bit on the seed of the fruit for I felt a horrible crack. My pre-molar! Ouch.

Probing the tooth with my tongue, indeed I have traumatised the tooth again with the impact. Something feels misaligned. Sigh… I foresee the impending visit to the dentist may be much, much sooner.