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The Joy of Receiving

30 Jun

It was thoughtful that M1 sent a birthday present to M2 for her upcoming birthday. The parcel arrived timely yesterday while the card came last week; M2 was so excited. We were too! It’s been a while since we received a parcel with such excitement, the last being my Blundstone boots in December.

My second baby is all grown up and turns 14 today. Although M1 is not here with us to celebrate, we know she’s thinking of this occasion in her heart. It may be a school day but we can make an exception. Dinner will be all M2’s favorites.

Happy birthday my M2! 

Look what the postman brought?

A New Way to Eat Durian

29 Jun

Recently I discovered a new way to eat durian. With disposable gloves, something I have never used before in all my previous durian experience.

A week ago, we did our Tuesday Food Club outing with the regular friends and after dinner, adjourned to the durian stalls nearby. It has been a bumper harvest this year and the place was crowded. 

We sat at the table and a box of disposable gloves was available for use. There’s no need to just use our bare fingers to hold the fruit and then have the pungent smell stuck on our fingers. It was strange to a certain extent to be using gloves because it takes the finger-licking experience out of the art of eating durian.

But use the gloves we did. Which was a good thing because I did not see a wash sink within the area. The durians were good, the company great and the smells kept checked from the fingers after the meal.

Can’t wait for the next durian outing.


Suit up the hand!


Now hold your durian and smile!


Dinner was good. Burp.


We Gotta Play Too

26 Jun

Like our official pet number one, we gotta play too.

Last week it was literally a week of play for us. At golf that is. A crazy week seems more like it. Monday and Thursday, both of us went to the driving range. Tuesday morning, we walked nine holes. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, both of us played 18-holes. It was crazy.

Didn’t we work? Well, I think hubby deferred some stuff while I had several projects that were pending. So instead of twiddling my thumbs in the office in anticipation, better to sweat out the anxiety on the golf course.

I Gotta Play

25 Jun

Official pet number one, Rooney, has been very demanding lately. Every evening, he would make it known, noisily, that he wants to play or rather chew on his latest toy.

And as if his evening play time is insufficient, this morning he had his way again, chewing happily on the orange chew toy.

When one has to play, one has to play, no ifs, ands or buts about it!


Can I Live without My iPad?

23 Jun

There are times I wonder whether I can live without my iPad. Everyday I have my device with me to actually play my games more than anything else. It’s like an obsession and I may not realize it. While the iPhone5S serves to connect me and ensure my schedule is in order, the iPad is my escape to my virtual world.

Recently, M2 asked me this question – can I live without my iPad? Or rather, does the iPad ever leave my side? Well, last week I discovered I can and it could.

For two alternate days, hubby and I went to play golf with awkward schedules. One day it was after the game and we would go straight to the office while the other it was after office, then straight to the golf course. On both occasions, I left my device at home as I did not want to worry having it and leaving it in the car or in the locker.

I guess I can live without it. Sometimes. That’s good, I guess.

Tradition Continues

22 Jun

Every year when the Dumpling Festival comes around, Mom would painstakingly make the effort to make the dumplings or what we call ‘Bak Chang’ in the Hokkien dialect. She would always make the Nyonya ‘chang’ for me as it is my favorite. 

But every year when she makes them, she would highlight the tedious efforts taken and declare that it would be the last time she’s making them. This went on for the last several years.

Last year with M1 still around, she taught her the skills on how to make ‘changs’. And I would just wait to eat them when they are ready. I’m terrible, I know.

This year, things have changed. With M1 away and I have never, all these years, picked up the skills from Mom to master to carry on this tradition, it looked like we would not have homemade ‘changs’ to eat. And I dared not open my mouth to request from Mom.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that there are some to eat. The elder twin niece had complained that purchased ‘changs’ do not taste as good as Grandma’s recipe. And she took it upon herself to carry on the tradition with Grandma supervising her on the side.

Thank goodness for nieces, I have my homemade Nyonya ‘changs’ to savor!


Ticketless Passage

19 Jun

The last two updates of Candy Crush for the iPad seems to be very generous. I have progressed on upon completion of a chapter without having to ask for tickets.

Yesterday morning I completed Soda Swamp and made it to the next chapter, Candy Clouds without the need of friends sending me tickets. Cool.

Don’t You Want A Piercing?

18 Jun

Girls will be girls. But I guess I am not, somewhat. When M1 was six, she had her ears pierced. But it took 13 years before M2 had her ears pierced. All this while, she has been afraid and that’s why it took this long act on it. And we felt the fear and anticipation of the piercing was far more terrifying than the actual pain.

To show her support, M1 accompanied M2 and she (M1) got her second set of piercing while M2 had her first. This was last year.

Two weeks ago, M2 wanted a second set of piercing! Where did the bravery come from? But as M1 is away at university, hubby nudged me to do it, to show my support.

Did I do it? Well, I’d rather have another tattoo than having my ear lobes punched.

Can I Skip College?

16 Jun

I never expected this but M2 recently proclaimed that she would like to skip college. I was horrified but thank goodness, I did not faint. I thought with M1 now at college, it would inspire her but no.

This came about after her stress of studying and sitting for her mid-term exams. She had been complaining and asking why she has to study all those subjects that are irrelevant to her in her life. What is the point of learning stuff that will never be of use anyway? And in college, this whole process will be magnified even more. Although she’s only 13, coming to 14 soon, this studying business does not appeal to her.

Oh dear. How to deal with this?

So I asked what will she do instead if she didn’t choose to go to college. She said she will help animals. Ah hah… An opening.

I pointed out that if she wants to help animals, all the more she has to go to college. Otherwise where would she obtain her knowledge to help the hapless animals? As animals can’t talk, it would be tough to figure out their problems.

“I can google up!” she exclaimed.

“You can’t trust everything you find on the internet!” I pointed out to her. And we left things as is for now without things getting blown out of proportion. But I can tell you, this topic is still hanging and am pretty sure we will talk about it again.

Stay tuned.

The Oldest Thing

15 Jun

Sunday was the last day of the two weeks holiday. Having not gone anywhere the last two weeks because we had project deadlines to meet, M2 just stayed home and watched a lot of videos online. Yesterday, we decided to indulge her and brought her to the mall and watched ‘Jurassic World’.

But I was also in the mood to buy something and suddenly, I had the urge to buy a Beatles CD! I don’t know why, I guess that’s why it’s called an urge. So I told M2 to help look for it. 

She found The Beatles’ Red Album, 1962-1966 and showed me. I told her I have the album already but alas, it is in the cassette form.

“Cassette?! Oh… That’s the oldest thing I’ve ever heard you say,” she said. 

Gosh. Am I such a dinosaur? Or maybe it’s the generation of today that are not exposed to great things of the past. The cassette being one thing, The Beatles the other. The oldest thing, hrmph.