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On the Uptrend

20 Feb

I am pleased that my golf mojo is coming back! By my third game yesterday, there were vast improvements. The tee-offs were good in direction and distance, likewise, my second wood shots.

As such, by the third shot (or fourth, if it is a Par 5), it is only an iron or wedge to use to land on the green. The putting, at times, was brilliant, save for silly mistakes. I made 31 putts yesterday, which was quite good. Separately, I did not feel too tired being out under the sun and kept hydrated more than ever.

I look forward to the next few games lined up this week in preparation for the upcoming Greensome Tournament on Sunday. It should be fun!

My Longest Par Putt

14 Feb

My second golf outing was so much better. The distances were back, and at times, the tee-off was phenomenal. Slowly but surely, I think the muscle memory is coming back. Yay! And that morning, the weather was perfect, cloudy, not hot, and good company too.

I am slowly getting used to the TaylorMade Spider Mini putter. But I have to admit the wedge work was accurate most times and made putting so much easier.

As a social golfer, there is always that one highlight of the game that overshadows all others. The highlight of this game was my long putt.

It was a Par 5, and the tee-off was good. But the second shot with the 3-wood was a horrible hook and ended up not where I wanted it. Sigh.

I approached my ball to assess the situation. Luckily, the angle towards the green was decent. And it was at a distance where I could land the ball on the green with my 7-iron, and I did.

As I drove towards the green, the ball looked very close to the blue flag. Phew. But as I got closer, it wasn’t the case! Hah, distance illusion sometimes can trick you.

From my ball toward the hole, I took 27 strides, akin to almost 30 feet or thereabouts in length. I was very positive and felt that making par was achievable; if not, a bogey was just as good, given my horrible hook approach disaster.

The Spider Mini was remarkable in its speed and strength as my ball went straight into the hole! Woohoo! A par on the Par 5. I was in disbelief but elated.

After that, the perfect weather gave in, and the sun came out. It was hot all over, and I fluffed the last three holes. Oh well. It doesn’t matter. That one phenomenal putt is enough to savor and remember until my next game.