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Homeward Bound, Part 2

15 Jun

I had a restless night tracking M2’s flight. She has another five hours of flying before arriving in Singapore for a short stopover of an hour and a half. Then another hour’s flight before arriving in KLIA as of this entry.

I cannot believe how fast time has gone. Last October, she went back to Ireland, and now, another year of college is complete.

But we won’t get to be with her for another two weeks as she has to undergo quarantine requirements at a hotel. So close yet so far still. Sigh.

Short People Travel Too, Part 2

30 Mar

I must say I was impressed with the ample hooks in the bathroom of Kings Green Hotel at Malacca. It’s rare because most hotels that I have stayed at somehow do not place an importance on their availability, what more on height especially for short travellers. Could this be a hotel star-rating issue? A five-star versus a three-star for such amenities?

I remember when we were in Ipoh in August last year for golf as well, we faced a similar short travellers’ woes…

The hotel we stayed at was boutique-status and you would expect a nicer setup. If having a rain shower facility is considered a nice boutique offering, having no shower curtain certainly spoilt it.  I certainly didn’t place my dry clothes on the covered toilet seat because it’s so close by and water from such a height hitting a body would definitely splash beyond the imaginary demarcation.

In truth, I don’t recall any bathroom hooks (not even on the door) to hang clothes but I do remember the towel rack was placed at such a ridiculous height, it was impossible to use. I understand they may be trying to clear the floor but touching the ceiling? Goodness! How do I place my clothes? Throw them up and hope they land safely on it? Geez.

Maybe the boutique status was more of the coffees and cakes they serve at the lobby? Hmm… Now compare it a five-star hotel…

Several years ago, I was on a business trip to Singapore and stayed at Shangri-La on Orange Grove. Their bathroom was outstanding. Hooks everywhere and at a height a shorty feels right at home. Like I said, are such little details due to the premise’s space and ratings being a higher star-rating with full amenities versus a lower star rating with basics?

You would think that amenities were just stuff in the room and its fridge and bar, but no, additional hooks in the bathroom are actually an amenity too. Think about it the next time you travel…

Society must remember there are short people everywhere and because of this, I think I will start to document this little detail every time I travel from now on.


The square patch above is the rain shower. Too bad I didn’t take a picture of where the towel rack was! 

Countdown Begins!

6 Dec

It’s exciting knowing that a week from today, our firstborn will be home for the Christmas holidays! We can’t wait. One more week to go…

It’s occasions like these that I want to will time to hurry up. Other days, I wish time would slow down for me to enjoy the children. They grow up so fast and too fast.

M1 is finishing her sophomore year at university. How quickly time has gone by. Somehow it feels like it was only just yesterday that we sent her off and now, she will be back for her second Christmas break! This year, she will fly directly into KLIA, unlike last year where we drove down to Singapore for her.

Ooooohhh… Can’t wait.

4.30am, Twice

22 Aug

As you know I have always dreaded the 5.30am wake up calls during my golf trips. Well, over the weekend, it was far worst than 5.30am. It was 4.30am, twice! After a late Friday night out, sleep was pretty much eluded as we had to wake up at 4.30am to ready ourselves for the journey down south for golf. Hubby and I were joining the Club entourage to Johore and Singapore, two bus loads of enthusiastic golfers, departing at 5.30am. Tiring needless to say.

Orchard Golf and Country Resort was our first stop for a Saturday afternoon game, which was hot, breezy and super hot. Amazingly I played one of my better games but in the process I think I aggravated my old wrist injury. The next day, we checked out to head on to Singapore for an 8.00am tee off at Raffles Country Club. So being an early tee off, 4.30am was the wake up call because we had to cross the Tuas checkpoint. And for the second time I am in Singapore for golf, it rained, just like the other visit back in April. We had to wait it out. Tiring needless to say.

This time around, the pain in the wrist flared and despite the course being scenic and relatively manageable, I did not enjoy myself as much. Sigh… 

Actually both games were not that tiring because they were buggy on course instead of being limited on just the tracks. It was more of the timing for logistics, the lack of proper sleep and the travelling time that made it tiring. However, I am not complaining. We had a good time and look forward to the next opportunity.

Now to get that wrist looked at…

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

9 Aug

Last Friday, taking the KTM ETS train back alone from Ipoh was my first time using the improved service. It was on time, smooth, clean and comfortable. Although it was cold in the coach, I didn’t mind and do recommend at least trying this once.

My other time taking the train was dinosaur years ago with Dad. I recall it was when the train service first started, I thought it would be quite a fun experience to take the train down to Singapore instead of driving to visit Grandma. It was the longest journey ever to Singapore! Seven hours and certainly not fun. That was my first and last time until now.

When I was in the US, I usually travelled by road or air. Never the rail, never took the AmTrak service. The only other fun experience taking the train was when hubby and I were in Italy. Hopped on the train from Rome to Venice. It was comfortable, smooth and the sceneries were very pleasant.

Back to my experience this time, would I do it again? Certainly if logistics work out well, why not?

Tribute to the Purple One

10 May

When Prince the megastar artiste died recently, the world, myself included was shocked of his sudden demise. It made me looked up my collection of his music and had a Prince weekend song fest. And like everyone else, I made a tribute to him.

But unlike the typical tributes, I bought a purple cabin bag-purple being a color synonymous with him-and this turned out excellent when I used it for my recent weekend golf escapade to Singapore and Johore. From afar upon alighting the bus, I could easily spot my bag from the sea of other black bags. Purple is a great choice.

Likewise, the Purple One was great.


What a Long Day

30 Apr

The journey to Singapore took slightly over five hours this morning and unexpectedly, the immigration at the Singapore checkpoint held us up. It took almost two hours for the whole group to clear this necessity only to be met with rain and thunderstorm! Nooo….

All that trouble and no golf ahead?! It didn’t look promising as the bus inched its way slowly through traffic to get to Keppel Club. We were so late to arrive but our gracious hosts waited for us for lunch!

So lunch was a leisure affair because the course was closed due to the rain and thunderstorm. When the weather finally cleared, it was about 2.45pm when we teed off.

We never got to finish 18-holes. My flight had 3 holes left while other flights varied from 6-holes to 4-holes to go. As dinner could not be pushed to a later time, we had to finish by 6.45pm regardless of how many more holes to go.

Keppel’s hospitality was impeccable. The food was delicious, the beer and wine was free-flowing and the company very good. But all good things had to come to an end. By 9.45pm, we left Keppel Club with happy memories and braced ourselves for the heavy traffic ahead.

It’s a long Labor Day weekend ahead and we had the holiday makers to contend with on the road. These Singaporeans are headed over to Malaysia and we are leaving Singapore to check in at Johor Bahru. 

Tomorrow, we play Palm Resort and thank goodness tee off is passed noon. It has been a long day and yes, I am tired. Checked into the hotel pass midnight.

Mortals being mortals like us, Adidas tagline or Nike tagline did not help at all when one is so tired from the traveling and waiting. Oh well. Tomorrow is another game and it’s either ‘all in or nothing’ or ‘just do it’ again.


Interesting architecture surrounding Keppel


Just Do It

29 Apr

I just realized Adidas changed its old tagline ‘Impossible is Nothing’ to a new ‘All In or Nothing’. Now how do I apply this to my golf? The first thing that comes to my mind would be the putting. Of course to put the dimpled ball in the cup with one putt would be best for the ‘all in or nothing’ statement but what if I missed? 

Two putts or even three putts, which is my problem lately, just do not bode well with the brand’s statement. It then becomes I will be nothing because I was not all in. This in a sense would affect my confidence and ultimately my focus in the game. Not good.

Honestly, I would prefer to ‘Just Do It’ but I am not giving the brand with this tagline any justice because I am geared in all Adidas, down to my sports bra but short of my underwear. There is a conflict as far as brand loyalty is concerned.

Even Adidas’ old tagline of ‘Impossible is Nothing’ does not work for me. Most times the impossible become possible in a negative way! Shots that you wouldn’t think possible you’d execute becomes a reality. Nothing becomes everything whereby unwanted situations on the golf course becomes a nightmare, the list can go on! It all works more in the opposite manner instead. Sigh… Although it’s a mental state of mind, it is tough to discipline the thoughts when things do not go the way you want it.

Maybe I am championing the wrong brand all this while. Hmm… 

Let’s see how I fare today. The mode of play for today’s Interclub match is four ball, System 36 with handicap of the day.

The journey has taken three hours already as I am writing this. My tee off is at 1.07pm. I shouldn’t be too Adidas on what lies ahead but ‘just do it’!

So Early!

29 Apr

It’s one of those occasions where I decided to go with my golf club’s ladies group for an out-station golf trip. So 4.00am I woke up this morning to get ready to board the bus that will leave by 5.30am and we will make our way down to Singapore for an Interclub match with Keppel Club. Way early…

And I used to think waking up at 5.30am for golf is early, this tops it all. Yawn…

Nonetheless, it will be a hectic 3 days 2 nights outing as we have 3 games lined up. I anticipate fun, along with frustration as far as my putting is concerned, lots of laughter, good food and fun company.

Who’s Lying?

25 Jan

Some hotels like to put a weighing scale in their room bathrooms. Whatever the intention is, for better or for worst, I don’t appreciate it. I could don’t stand on it but sometimes resistance is futile. Or curiosity kills the cat.

When we were in Singapore last December, Ibis Bencoolen being a small city hotel, did not have a bathroom scale. So it was pretty much a guilt-free vacation. But when we were in Lone Pine Penang, there was an electronic scale.

And the freaking machine stated that I was 2kilos more than my usual trusted scale at home! Who’s lying?

Am I really that heavy? Is my trusty home scale whom sometimes I battle with, not telling me the truth? Hmm…

M2 was philosophical. She said resort scales don’t want guests to overeat, hence the extra numbers. Gee thanks, either I was over-eating in Penang or I am really two over.