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It’s a Pattern

29 May

Whenever an app has an update, the game becomes easier to overcome. Like when I was stuck at Level 914 of Candy Crush not too long ago, it took an an app update to make level easier and soon, I was zipping through the levels.

This morning Candy Crush Soda had an update and what do you know? I managed to pass Level 365, likewise for Candy Crush. There was an update yesterday and when I played Level 939, where I have been stuck, I managed and have moved on.

Now if only the same can happen for my Farm Heroes. Have been stuck at Level 748 for sometime now.

The Drama Queen Strikes Again!

28 May

It’s exam time this week and the Drama Queen in M2 has surfaced. Bouts of illness has struck and the agony in studying has also surfaced. This reminds me of the time when she sat for her big exam two years ago.

Rewind to two years ago…

Anxious to hear her feedback from the first day’s papers, I called home to check on her. “So how did it go?” I asked.

“It was ok. No, it was awful cos I kept coughing and snort kept coming out,” M2 complained.

“Aww…” my heart sank.

“Then it was so uncomfortable as my cough made me not focused, I almost blacked out,” she went on.

“Oh dear…” I think my heart fell to my feet. “That bad ah?”

“Ya…” she concluded.

Speechless and not expecting such news, I told her to take a hot shower, take some medication for the cough and flu and then rest. Feeling uneasy, I shared the news with the hubby. At this point, I don’t know if it’s the Drama Queen or for real. Am I over reacting? The sudden bout of illness became more evident in the morning of the first exam day. She was fine on Monday and the day before!

So hubby called home again and spoke to M2.

“So how did it go?” his turn to query.

“Ok laa,” she said and went on to say one language paper was easy as questions were familiar; she’d done them before. The other language paper was manageable albeit a bit tough and the Math paper, she didn’t know how to tackle two questions. All in all, it was okay.

This was not how she told me! I’ve been had again by the Drama Queen. Hrmph.


26 May

Of late the weather has been very unpredictable. This time of the year, we are supposed to be experiencing hot and dry conditions but no, it has been raining. Yesterday it poured like crazy. Unlike over the weekend, my golf club held its Annual Championship tournament and we had excellent weather. 

Weather aside, I think we are charged up from the event, my golf buddies and I plan to play another game this Thursday. But I am worried about the possibility of rain and commented about it, to which my golf buddy said, “Touchwood.”

This brought out a little giggle in me as it made me recall the last time when this word was used…

I cannot remember why but I clearly remembered M1 reaching over and smacking M2’s head lightly.

I glared at her. 

“I’m touching wood,” she explained referring to M2’s head being the wood. Such sisterly love.

So now whenever “Touchwood” is mentioned, I feel like smacking my own head in remembrance of the girls’ antic.

Where Shall We Go?

25 May

The mid-term school holidays are coming up and this will be the first time, if we decide to go somewhere, it is just the three of us.

The last time the family traveled together, prior to M1’s leaving for university, was to Bangkok, Thailand. It is weird to plan now. Where shall we go?

Bangkok? Again? We were just there. Bali? Nah… Been there. Hong Kong? Too hot. London? Certainly not. Singapore? Hmm…

For every destination that comes to mind, M2 would have a comment and we feel incomplete without M1 around. Maybe we should just stay put and enjoy the comforts of home.

So Emotional

22 May

A card from M1 came in the mail yesterday. I was surprised and didn’t think that she would write to me because we Skype and WhatsApp just about everyday. It was a Mother’s Day card that my firstborn made for me albeit two weeks late. But does it matter that it came late?

It’s the thought that matters. And when I opened it and read it, I cried.

It moved me beyond words and made me realize I did good. She’s all grown up and appreciates all the goodness that I instilled in her.

Tears are welling up again as I am thinking about it. Sniff…

I Used to Drink This

21 May

It was a hot day and I had just gone out to run an errand. Upon returning to the office, I felt a cold drink was appropriate over my usual green tea. So I opened the pantry fridge and, of all choices, decided on a can of Coke. It’s been a long time since I last drank this soda. Oh well, why not? I need a sugar rush anyway; I justified the choice.

So popped the can I did and drank it. After a while, the drink tasted like cardboard. Strange. I used to enjoy Coke.

Back in the dinosaur days, I loved Coca-Cola. During my college days, it was my lifeline in between classes; a can of a Coke and some Oreo cookies. Not the healthiest but it fueled me and kept me going. Nowadays, it is a drink I avoid if possible. With all those stories I hear and read especially about that 8 spoons of sugar in a can, I’d think twice first.

I am amazed that I used to drink this.

Why Do They Do That?!

19 May

It was a typical Sunday several months back when we decided to go to the mall. I wanted the girls to have a quick bite before we left the house because lunch would not be so soon. With traffic to contend with and time needed to look for a parking spot, I didn’t want them to starve.

So M1 had a piece of bread… with a cookie on it, literally. Yes, you read that right. Not a flavor spread but a cookie, placed on the bread. I was aghast! As if that was not enough to freak me out, M2 made her breakfast and put mayonnaise, generously, on her bread; just mayo on as a spread. Eeeks.

Why do they so that? Where did they acquired such taste? Eeeks again.

A Breakthrough

18 May

I thought I was going to be stuck at Level 914 of Candy Crush for a long time, bunched up at this point with several fellow candy crushers. This is by far the toughest level I have encountered.

But last Thursday, the unexpected happened. I was traveling in the car, on the way to the bank, when I played the game and the breakthrough came.

I must admit I had to use the lollipop three times when faced with just three jellies and not many more moves left to go. After the breakthrough passing 914, I breezed into the new chapter, Delectable Depths, with relative ease.

I am now at Level 927.

Finding a Balance

15 May

It used to be when we went out for dinner on Saturday nights, it was easy to order our food once we decide what to dine on. When M1 was still around, with the four of us, we had the numbers to eat what we fancied. Choice was only the challenge rather than portions.

Now that M1 has gone off to university, it has become difficult for the three of us as far as portions are concerned. We are small eaters and it becomes a big challenge especially if we decide on Western cuisine. Two mains and two appetizers are definitely too much, what more three mains? But one main and two appetizers are not enough! How do we deal with this?

We are still trying to figure it out.

Addiction or Distraction?

14 May

Frustrated that I could not progress for my usual virtual games, I needed a distraction and decided to try the game, 2048. The girls and hubby play it all the time but I abstained fearing addiction.

My goodness! It is quite addictive. There are several versions available to download but I find the five tile version easiest to lull away time. Every now and then, I would pop over to this whenever I find myself stuck at my usual games.