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I Have Grown, Sideways. Ugh.

31 Jul

The long four day weekend is finally over and I am back to work. I have mixed feelings about it for I feel that I have grown, sideways. Ugh.

I have a scale in my bathroom and whenever I contemplate to stand on it, I am certain it smirks at me. At the same time, a little voice would whisper into my ear,“The scale never lies.” Ooh… That aggravates. The darn thing has an obvious crack line right over the scale dial and it has become a constant reminder that it has cracked under pressure, literally. If memory serves me well, I believe it was hubby who was the culprit. Nonetheless, I now refrain from standing on it as I cringe and face the sad fact that I need to do something about this ‘growth’.

Maybe I should play more golf to burn all those calories. But then again, lately, I have been drinking a lot of beer. And (no) thanks to the past four days of an unleashed gastronomic adventure, coupled with no gym sessions for the last two weeks, should I be surprised at the outcome? I hope my trainer would not be appalled to see me when we resume next week!

Sigh… While it has been good bonding with the family doing things together and all that eating, the setback from this is I have grown, sideways. Ugh.


It’s Been Good

29 Jul

Hubby and I are not working the last two days because of the public holidays. We have had a long four day weekend and the girls have a week off from school this week. Unlike in previous years where we’d take the opportunity to go away, this time, we decided not to go anywhere and just enjoy the city. So far, we’ve been having fun, doing simple things together – going to the movies, eating different kinds of food, shopping, sleeping and just being carefree.

We also managed to do separate things – hubby and I golfed with friends, M1 visiting and hanging out with her friends and M2 catching up with her TV shows. Bottom line, everyone is happy.

Today, we take a short road trip to a fishing village just to eat some seafood. Awesome meal awaits us. Then we come home to sleep it off so that tonight, we dine with my sibling and his family.


It Was Swift

28 Jul

Right after I realized the new chapter, Taffy Tropics has opened in Facebook, I was busy crushing candies. I must say, this new chapter is fairly easy for I have breezed through the whole chapter before the weekend was over. And so quick at it, I left all my contenders behind and emerged as the champion Taffy Tamer.

Yes, it was swift and although I can see the next chapter, I can’t seem to ask for tickets or even jump past without any. Hmm… I guess I wait again.


Oh Dear! A Boo-boo

25 Jul

I have played Candy Crush long enough to know when there’s a boo-boo done by the app developer! You don’t proclaim yourself a professional at it for nothing, you know.

Straight to the issue, let me point out to the world that Level 608 and Level 623 are the same! Same challenge, same amount of moves given, same layout. Ran out of ideas, C’mon… If you want to recycle, at least have them far, far apart instead of so close!

Level 608: spot the similarity!

Level 608: spot the similarity!


Level 623: spot the similarity!

Level 623: spot the similarity!


24 Jul
The Cereal Sea champ!

The Cereal Sea champ!

It’s been more than a week since Candy Crush last updated for the iPad. And on Facebook, the new chapter finally opened today with Taffy Tropics and I have progressed on without any need for tickets from my fellow candy crushers.

Prior to this, I had been playing Cereal Sea to get more stars. Desperation to crush some candies? I think so… But it’s been good for I have emerged as the champion in Cereal Sea. So not so desperado after all because efforts have been rewarded. And now that the new chapter has opened up, it’s business as usual!

Identity Revealed

22 Jul

Recently, M2 finally caught up with reading all my postings on the blog. She was appalled to find the story of her Spidey’s mask and complained to hubby!

“Why did Mummy write about this? Now the whole world knows who’s Spider-Man!” she huffed.

Clearly my secret superhero child is not pleased that I revealed her identity. I reassured hubby that her identity is safe because as a result her ‘retirement’ (giving the suits away but keeping just the masks), the world now knows who the new superhero is (instead of her). Heheheh….


He’s So Handsome!

21 Jul

Hubby bought a Bushnell binocular over the weekend. He felt it was a practical buy as we could use it to watch our favorite pro golfers, up close, whenever these players are in town for their LPGA or PGA tours.

But we played with it over the weekend, watching our pets up close instead. Happy and Herbie, the tortoises, were let loose in the garden and we used the binocular to observe them. So cool to view them so magnified and see their expressions.

Then I used it on Rooney, official pet number one. Up close, my Roo looked stunning; with his fierce look and folds, it really took my breath away!

He is indeed handsome. Amazing what a binocular can do to make one see their pets differently. It’s very different looking at him with the device compared to an up close face-to-face as details are zoomed in, becoming more pronounced and thus, the appreciation for his dogginess heightened.

I guess I will put it to good use on the pets for now.


It’s Been a Hazy Week

18 Jul

The haze is back. Sputtering in the opaque and almost apocalyptic atmosphere, it is not the best in ambience as far as health is concerned. I almost fell sick last week after returning from Kuching, hubby has been feeling lethargic, M1 is falling sick and M2 is experiencing headaches every now and then. My poor family.

On top of this, my virtual world has also been hazy. I have just not been very focused in my games. I am losing far more battles than I should in Zookeeper Battle; Farm Heroes has been very trying and every morning, I wake up hoping that Candy Crush will update for the laptop only to be disappointed daily. Not being able to move forth has made me very lost, like in a haze. While Candy Crush did update for the iPad, it’s pointless as it only (like so many times previously) had my avatar leapfrogged to the end of the new chapter. In desperation, I just play the current chapter to get more stars. Terrible, isn’t it?

I just hope and pray the weather improves and my games mojo returns, and of course, Candy Crush to open up the latest chapter in Facebook on the laptop.

A Different Michael

17 Jul
Ladies and gentlemen... it's George Michael!

Ladies and Gentlemen… it’s George Michael!

As much as I enjoy Michael Bublé, there is only so much even I can take it. Of late, Michael has been sidelined as the choice music in my car for another couple of Michaels.

First it was Michael Jackson, then George Michael. Georgie has been crooning to me for slightly longer than Mr Jackson but I think he will be replaced soon. My mood dictates the music in my car.


OMG! It’s So Small

15 Jul

It’s been awhile since I looked at my old iPhone4. After all, I have my not-so-new-anymore iPhone5S to keep me connected. Two weeks ago, M1 asked if I could download an app on the iPhone4 for her to play. Rummaging for the phone from my drawer (it still has not been claimed), I found it and turned it on.

Oh My God. I was aghast at how small the screen was! It’s so tiny, almost bordering on cute. And I found it unfathomable how I had managed with it then, having gotten used to my slightly bigger screen iPhone5S. Amazing what an extra half inch can do for a person.

When I told hubby how I felt, he thought I had clearly forgotten my stance on my devices. Didn’t I profess my love and loyalty to my iPhone4 before? Wasn’t I dead set not to change? Well… people can change.