A Pleasant Surprise

8 Oct

Yesterday was a busy day in the office and I did not have time to sneak in a game of Zookeeper. But when there was a pause for a breather from creativity, I launched my game only to find that it did not launch but went straight to AppStore, prompting me to update to be in line with iOS7! Eeeesh. Do I have a choice? I guess not if I want to keep on battling the zoo animals.

So update I did. Any difference then? Nah. It was a case of fretting over nothing. So my iPad still remains.

Also, I have been playing the old level of Candy Crush since I am still visible there on the iPad despite having move forth on the laptop. Funny when it should all synch. But am I complaining? No considering it turned out to be a good thing for I was rewarded as the Champion of the Soda Swamp episode! Beat that!


2 Responses to “A Pleasant Surprise”


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