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Those Varmints!

31 Oct

I’ve decided to not replenish my gum ball machine because last week, I found some intruders helping themselves to my last batch of M&Ms. It was gross.

Put it this way, I spotted some nibble trails on several pieces and this led me to discover four unwanted tiny intruders inside the gum ball machine amidst the M&Ms. Ewwwww… Where they’d come from I don’t know because they certainly weren’t there prior. 

I feel sick thinking about it. Ewwww…..

What a Harvest

30 Oct

We have a lovely garden and on top of all the air plants, hubby-the person with green fingers not me-also has some editable plants and herbs in the mix. Being quite the farmer, he finally harvested the batch of turmeric yesterday after taking care of it for some time.

What a lovely bunch! I guess we will be having meals peppered with turmeric for the next few days.

They Gotta Wear Hats!

27 Oct

Out of the blue, I decided that my Citizens of Gigglesville should wear hats! I don’t know why but I suddenly developed an urge to sew or make hats for them. It would make them even more cute than what they are now.

I even bought some tiny fluff balls with the intention of making some Santa hats for them. But I have failed miserably because I couldn’t even get the cone shape of the Santa hat right. I won’t give up though.

Then a brilliant idea hit and I didn’t even have to make anything!

My citizens now don sombrero-like hats, made out of fruit nettings! Hahahaha….. it’s just cuteness overload. I had so much giggles ‘dressing’ them up and taking snapshots. Clearly only Citizen #53 was not amused by the session. Hahahaha…..

Online Shopping is Fun

26 Oct

Online shopping seems to be a new favorite thing to do between hubby and I. Just about every week or every other week, both of us are buying stuff online as if trying to outdo each other. I would look at carving tools to add to my supply and he, at air plants to add to his collection.

But the difference between our purchases are the sizes of the boxes/packages that the things arrive in. Mine comes in flat little packs while his are in big huge boxes except that one time when I ‘won’ hands down with the arrival of the big bean bag. On Tuesday, his latest purchase finally arrived.

Look at the size of the box!

More Tools, Part 2

24 Oct

Package one of two arrived last Friday and the diamond files are much longer than what the website picture showed. I guess I didn’t see the measurements listed properly. 

Hubby laughed when he saw them because he said they look similar to dental instruments, being angled. Well, I think they will be put to good use especially with all those angles to tackle tight crevices.

And package two, which was shipped separately after I received notification on Friday, arrived yesterday. Yay. Like the first set, this second set of diamond files are also longer than its picture on the website.

Again, hubby laughed at them because he half expected the set to have mirrors, complementing the dental-looking first set. Hahaha….

Anyway, I don’t know why I need so many of the same thing. The more the merrier? We shall see how the end result of new citizens when these new tools are put to use.

The first set

The second set which is longer than my existing mini files

Exam Week, Part 2

23 Oct

The exams continue this week for M2 after the week long break. I must say she diligently did her revision throughout the week although we took a break on Wednesday to go watch a movie. Only because it was a public holiday and we were off.

Hopefully all that effort will pay off. All the best M2!

More Tools

20 Oct

I’ve come to conclusion that it takes more than the carving tools to make the end piece look good. The filing or the sanding down of the surface to smoothen it is the essence as much as what the shape is.

My more recent Citizens of Gigglesville do really look good with all this attention to details – the curves, the crevices and of course, the surface.

Last week, the online shopper in me struck again! I couldn’t resist and went into the Lazada site again to purchase two different types of diamond filing sets! I await their arrival.

My Citizens, Your Citizens

19 Oct

It has become an ongoing joke between hubby and I on the subject of birds (and owls), with me labelling his troop as citizens too.

As you know, my Citizens are my owl carvings for the imaginary township of Gigglesville. And his citizens are the visiting birds who would come by the garden daily to be fed.

Every evening when we return from work, all the citizens await – mine in their tray, his at the garden. As my citizen count grows with an addition almost every night, so does his count too!

It is now more than Fat Bird, Bird 3 and Bird 4; it’s a whole flock of all sizes, big and small! I would poke fun at him that his citizens are awaiting, being so demanding, constantly wanting to be fed unlike mine, so docile and not demanding at all.

His citizens are also very territorial. Each time he has the bird seeds out, they would ‘fight’ especially the pair that comes down to the ground, pushing and shoving whilst pecking away. While this is ongoing, my citizens are just chilling and being cute, living harmoniously together without any in-fighting.

I just find this so funny. My citizens and his citizens. Hahahaha….

Mass Migration

17 Oct

Last week, there was a constant migration of Citizens, mass migration if you may. It started on Wednesday with five Citizens leaving Gigglesville in one go! Then the next day, another one and by Saturday, two more left. I guess this is good because they are on a mission to spread giggles and love.

So far, the migration count is about 21 per cent from the population count. But as each one leaves, I carve up more. Although eight Citizens left last week, I added another seven, so the township will never dip in its population count.

This week, two citizens are approved to migrate.

What a Milestone!

16 Oct

I never thought this day would come but last Friday I achieved the milestone for carving the 100th Citizen of Gigglesville!

All because of a sports injury, my unexpected interest in carving has spawned off such a tremendous and almost addictive hobby to create on a daily basis.

With three Monuments, a team of Superheroes complete with a nemesis, a mayor and the ‘O’Mobile, a pet (courtesy of hubby’s effort), a gnome, Wanderlust Owl and Lab Owl, the Citizens have grown at an amazing speed.

Most surprising has been my ability and patience to do this on top the challenges I face especially when coming up with a new species. My carving skills have improved tremendously with each one done up.

I reflect back to July last year – the first Monument and the first few Citizens with the efforts this year… wow. Such progress! And with more tools and more paints acquired, it’s a good thing going. Honestly, I really enjoy this because it is rather therapeutic.

So, a toast to many more Citizens of Gigglesville to come and to all recipients of the migrated Citizens spreading their love and giggles, it makes me very happy that you joyfully welcome them with open arms.

Citizen #100 is a giant