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DIY Project #27, Part 2

24 Feb

The latest miniature project, number 27, has kicked off! I opted for the Elegant Studio set. So far, it’s going well. However, the challenge lies in understanding the manual, which is in Chinese and not English. But with the Google Translate app, this minor challenge is hardly one with the phone in hand to do the job!

The bonus of this set is the dust cover that came with it. So upon completion, I don’t have to worry about crowding my Ikea display cabinet. I can decide where to place this Elegant Studio anywhere in the house. Nice!

Giddy with Excitement

23 Oct

With the completion of DIY project number five, I wondered when my recent DIY set purchases would arrive. They are a Japanese restaurant, a fruit shop, and a tea shop. I didn’t have to wait long as the packages arrived on Monday morning.

I was giddy with excitement when all three packages arrived at the same time. Yay! I bought them during the 10/10 sale from my favorite online shopping site. Although the boxes were all crushed slightly, the items inside the boxes were intact. Thank goodness.

My new DIY sets to with on!

So I have started working on the Japanese restaurant first and keeping the two smaller sets for later. The best part of this project, all the packages are labeled accordingly, making life so much easier. And despite the instructions being in Chinese, it’s not a problem as I have Google Translate!

How to make miniature sushi!
An impressive piece to be used
Immaculate labeling of all the packages

I was thrilled upon opening the box to discover a music box inside! Oh yay, I didn’t even realize the purchase came with this. The last time I bought a music box intended for project number five, it did not fit at all. The measurements were off. So I fixed the music box to project number four instead, which worked out well.

Stay tuned to see the progress of my latest project number six, the Japanese restaurant.

Tiny cushions for tiny chairs