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Being Charitable

29 Jan

Being charitable is good. For society, the cause and also one’s inner soul. When you combine this with golf, it is more than good. It is fun! 

Today we take the day off to play a round of golf for a charitable cause and have some good fun with friends on the fairways and greens. Happy weekend ahead too! Whee….

The Shoe Queen, Part 3

28 Jan

The Shoe Queen in me struck and I bought another pair of golf shoes on Monday when we went shopping. Unbelievable. My last pair, the Skechers, bought not too long ago is still in good condition but I couldn’t resist this latest one, an Adidas Adicross. It’s adorable plus it was on sale.

At the rate that I am buying golf shoes, I am certain it has surpassed my collection of heels and work shoes. Then again, when I wear Skechers to work, my other work shoes are hardly used. And also, when one has a pair of classic Ferragamo Vara, one does not buy any other shoes. And when there’s also another Ferragamo Artiste heels, there is no need for further purchases.

Except maybe for golf shoes…



I Could Get Used to This

26 Jan

It was another three-day weekend (the first being the New Year stretch) as yesterday was a replacement holiday for Thaipusam which was celebrated on Sunday. But going somewhere is just not viable especially when it is only two weeks away to Chinese New Year. So we went about doing our stuff over the three days.

I got most of my Chinese New Year preparation done, played a round of golf, had a massage, went shopping and basically enjoyed the three day break with hubby and M2. M2 completed her art assignment, reproducing an existing packaging and I think she did a good job!

I also caught up with my virtual games, bull-dozing my way from Level 1460 (Divine Diner, Episode 98) into Dessert Desert for Candy Crush and 844 for Monster Blasters. However, still stuck at Level 854 for Farm Heroes, 603 for Soda and 56 for Jelly. But I’m not worried. 

Come next week, we will be having yet another three-day weekend because Monday is another public holiday. Back-to-back three-day breaks! I could get used to this. Am pretty sure those stuck levels will be a thing of the past by the time next weekend comes along.


We get to eat the Kit-Kat after this!


Who’s Lying?

25 Jan

Some hotels like to put a weighing scale in their room bathrooms. Whatever the intention is, for better or for worst, I don’t appreciate it. I could don’t stand on it but sometimes resistance is futile. Or curiosity kills the cat.

When we were in Singapore last December, Ibis Bencoolen being a small city hotel, did not have a bathroom scale. So it was pretty much a guilt-free vacation. But when we were in Lone Pine Penang, there was an electronic scale.

And the freaking machine stated that I was 2kilos more than my usual trusted scale at home! Who’s lying?

Am I really that heavy? Is my trusty home scale whom sometimes I battle with, not telling me the truth? Hmm…

M2 was philosophical. She said resort scales don’t want guests to overeat, hence the extra numbers. Gee thanks, either I was over-eating in Penang or I am really two over.

It’s Gone, I Think

22 Jan

From the beginning of the Christmas week until today, it’s been a good five weeks that I’m having the laryngitis. But I can feel it dissipating this week. Thank goodness.

The earlier weeks of suffering, I had actually gone to see the doctor twice, took two bouts of medication and even did the inhaler. After that, it was plenty of rest, fluids, being mindful of the food choices and no talking. 

However, after all those precaution, I felt there was no improvement and I did not want to subject myself to too much antibiotics, I turned to taking Chinese medication and it helped. Now some people may tsk-tsk at alternative medication methods but I will take whatever works.

The further improvement I noticed was after I had whiskey! Maybe the alcohol killed all the germs? Whatever it is, I can safely say I am much, much better now, in time to usher in the coming Chinese New Year loudly! YAY.

No Fun Being Stuck

21 Jan

It’s no fun when the progress on my virtual games are halted. I am not such a hero at Farm Heroes, stuck at Level 854 for sometime now, my jelly ability still at the lowly Level 43 but I managed to cross it this morning, with the reluctant aid of a precious lollipop and my Soda at Level 600.

I’ve stopped playing the Flower Blast and Zookeeper. Too many to keep up, I must admit!

Luckily the original Candy Crush offered some respite, moving on without any frustration and now at Level 1436. Same goes for Monster Blasters, smooth progression. And I find calmness in Piano Tiles despite looking possessed sometimes, thumping on my iPad furiously when I play some of the faster paced songs.

Not a Typical Monday

19 Jan

It wasn’t a typical Monday; we went for a concert after work. My last outing to a concert was several years ago with M1 for a Westlife performance. Yes, boy band I know but I simply adore Westlife. I made M1 go with me and not the other way around of the teenager asking the mother to accompany her.

Last night, Chicago was in town for their ‘Chicago Live in Concert’ tour. M2 calls it old folks’ music but heck! It’s live, up close and on a Monday night, what more could one ask for?

We even did a mouth watering leisurely Japanese dinner as we managed to beat the traffic jam stretch and still had time before the concert started.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The band members may be old and probably grandfather status but they were so full of energy during the two hours, it was amazing. I sang along especially when familiar songs were belted out and in the process, setback my recovery from laryngitis. 

Oh well. It was worth it. Wonderful Monday night for a change.


Tuna Salad


Mango Unagi roll and Beef slices


Chicago Live in KL!


A New Game

18 Jan

Two Fridays ago, I discovered a new game. The app icon appeared in the corner of Candy Crush while I was crushing candies as usual. So the sucker in me downloaded Candy Crush Jelly, another candy crushing game.

Unbelievable. Between all the candies, the farm animals, monsters, flowers and Piano Tiles, looks like I will be a very busy person! And I have also started reading.

I was indeed kept busy, crushing my way through all that candies and rescuing some farm animals and monsters too, besides being a recluse at home last week. For the record, I am at Level 1424 for Candy Crush, Level 591 for Soda, Level 854 for Farm Heroes, Level 825 for Monsters and a lowly 43 only for Candy Crush Jelly.

A New Technique

15 Jan

As work in the office has been quite slow, I decided on a new technique to recover from my laryngitis. I stayed home the last two days and not talk to anyone. And this did wonders for my voice box, I can feel the difference.

Even if I had to talk, it was minimal – a couple of phone calls, short instructions to the maid and some catch up conversation with M2 when she returned from school. My voice box is recovering well and I do sound louder and better if I had to talk. (Sigh of relief!)

But it’s not easy to stay home and nothing adoing. Thank goodness for my virtual games, otherwise I would have been bored to death, two days at home being a couch potato. I shouldn’t complain, this new technique works!

Svetlana’s Got Company, Part 3

14 Jan

I guess hubby couldn’t stand it that Svetlana’s all alone in the little aquarium so he bought three new friends of the same species to join her. Maybe it’s better to be the same kind than another type of fish.

So now there’s four Betta fishes and both M2 and I decided to name the newbies, Bobinsky, Hobnob’s and Phish.

Let’s hope Svetlana will be happy and her new friends will last.