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DIY Project #27, Part 2

24 Feb

The latest miniature project, number 27, has kicked off! I opted for the Elegant Studio set. So far, it’s going well. However, the challenge lies in understanding the manual, which is in Chinese and not English. But with the Google Translate app, this minor challenge is hardly one with the phone in hand to do the job!

The bonus of this set is the dust cover that came with it. So upon completion, I don’t have to worry about crowding my Ikea display cabinet. I can decide where to place this Elegant Studio anywhere in the house. Nice!

I Can Math

1 Jul

M1 was happy with her results but feels that there’s room for further improvements especially on those subjects attaining ‘B’. M2, not to be outdone, declared that she did improve but M1 questioned her particularly on the languages.

“What did you get for English?” she challenged, “What did you get for Mandarin?” clearly think she had M2 cornered.

Unperturbed, M2 replied, “I did well in Math. So I speak Math!”

How does one speak Math? I am speechless.