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Oops! It’s Not THE Anniversary?!

30 Aug

The wedding anniversary is coming up soon and it reminds me of us bungling the numbers. The hubby and I have been married for donkey years and sometimes we lose track of it. Four years ago, when it was actually our 14th anniversary, he got the math wrong and thought it was our 15th anniversary; so he made plans for a great romantic escapade to Italy. In the midst of the excitement, I got my math wrong too and thought, yeah, 15 is a great milestone to celebrate, and in Italy…. Hmm. How sweet!

So off to Italy we went on just a two-to-go adventure covering Rome, Venice, Florence and back to Rome for a 12-day getaway. It was after we returned, blissed and happy that he realized that he got the math wrong on the anniversary milestone! Oops. But I wasn’t complaining!

The following year, 2010 was the actual 15th anniversary which I pointed out to him that year. It was definitely the correct anniversary milestone after the screw up the year before. As we can’t be celebrating the 14th again, we can celebrate the 15th, absurd as it sounds in the rationale.

So another trip to celebrate the occasion!

In less than 48 hours and on spontaneity once we decided where, he booked us on the (then) all new A380 SQ flight to Sydney and we spent 6 glorious days there. He made it all the more special with our stay at the Four Seasons Hotel with a fantastic view of the Sydney Opera House! We even climbed the Harbour Bridge to mark the momentous occasion. Best getaway ever.

I guess we will have to wait another two years to celebrate the significant 20th milestone. After all, like I told M1 and M2 before, any number other than significant numbers (5, 10, 15, etc) for birthdays does not qualify to be celebrated with a big party. So same applies to wedding anniversaries, unless of course, you get the math wrong unintentionally. Maybe it is safer to just say “Happy anniversary!” instead of “Happy 18th anniversary!”

Sometimes it’s not the destination but the journey, cliche as it may be, but we have so far made our journey amazing! So, hubby dearest, happy anniversary and let’s continue making amazing journeys together!



Another milesto…

29 Aug

Another milestone!

YAY! Today I hit 2,500 views!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support and interest!

The Addiction Continues

29 Aug

Last Saturday morning, I woke up early for my golf game, planned ages ago. And in my morning ritual, the iPad Mini is always whipped out to check mail, update FB status and play a few of my usual games. To my dismay, I discovered Candy Crush has an update (to Level 410)! Oh dear. I am still stuck at 394 and the much awaited update finally came.

But I can only update after I return from the golf course. Sigh. I guess I am still suckered in to continue and just cannot pull away from this candy addiction.

After the golf game where Candy Crush was also among the topics yakked by the other lady golfers during lunch, I was given some sound advice on how to tackle that frustrating level. Armed with a new determination, I went home and got down to business. I should thank my advisor and my lucky stars for I finally crossed that dastardly level! It’s always the same pattern: just when you want to give up, they allow you to cross and get suckered in to continue the game.

For the record, I have reached the end of this new update and there’s only two possibilities: I will most likely overcome the last level and wait for the update or be frustrated by it and bid my time to overcome it. Either scenario will have me contemplating (again) whether to move forth on the computer or just wait until another new update comes around for the iPad.

Sucker indeed.


Michael Bublé Again?!

27 Aug


“Michael Bublé again?! Arghh…… Noooo…..”

That’s what I get when I decide to drive. I love my car and my music, with the current choice being Michael Bublé. I don’t listen to the radio as I find it annoying with far too many advertisement jingles. And I certainly can’t tweak up Eminem when my girls are in my car!

Whenever we are getting ready to go out, both girls will ask, “Mummy’s car or Daddy’s car?” If given the choice, they’d rather go with the hubby’s mode of transport. And regardless of which car, they will bring their iPods and headphones along. Annoys me especially when I have to talk to them and they can’t hear.

Why can’t children nowadays appreciate our choice of music? Once I put on some oldies (from my iPod Shuffle) in the car and M2 voiced out, “Mummy! What music is this?”

“The 90s music. My kind of music,” I said and she went, “Oh. Sorry I wasn’t even born yet!” Ouch.

So headphones are allowed in my car for them to tune out when I listen to my kind of music – Michael Bublé, Jacky Cheung, Sam Cooke or otherwise.

How was School?

26 Aug

It’s tough to pry an insightful answer out from both M1 and M2 when the topic is about school. Every time I ask, “How’s school?” They’d reply with a “Good.” or “OK la…”

Then I have to probe, “So whatcha did in school today?”

“Learn…” is the standard answer I get from M2, as if I don’t know what they did in school.

It is no better when we pick M2 up from her extra tuition class. “How’s tuition?” “Good.”

“Whatcha learn?” “Stuff…”

Big sigh.

poop! Poop! POOP!

23 Aug

Official pet number one, Rooney, is one quirky bulldog. Must be the English in him or being with us, the Asian in him.

Whenever he comes out to the garden to play and suddenly does his thing, he would bark like crazy as if telling us, “Poop! Poop! I pooped!!!” and would run scared shit (pun intended) maniacally.

If we choose to ignore him even for a little while, taking our time to get the paper and scooper to clean up after him, he would not have it any other way but to hurry us, “Poop! Poop! Go scoop!” He would go on barking relentlessly and sometimes the bark pitch turns into a scream. “Poop! Poop! I pooped!!!” “I pooped! Pooped! POOPED!!!”

It seems like he likes his mess to be cleaned up immediately, not afterwards in 5 minutes, 2 minutes or even a minute but IMMEDIATELY. Geez, it’s only poop and not like an air-borne toxic pile of radioactive compose or something…

Are all dogs or just bulldogs like this in nature? Or is it just him? I wonder…


What Time Are You Coming Home?

22 Aug

Last week, it was not a typical Friday. We were so busy going in and out of the office, running errands and all. I hardly had time for my Candy Crush, let alone my Zookeeper Battle. Thank goodness work in the office was manageable. M1 had a birthday party so she was out with her friends the whole day. M2 was left home alone to do more revision on this last day of the holiday before the weekend kicked in and then back to school.

I called home several times to check on her progress and both times, she told me she was resting as her tummy did not feel well. Hmm. Excuses?

It was 8.30pm when we were on our way to fetch M1 from her friend’s place when I spoke to M2 again. “What time are you coming home?” she lamented.

“Soon. We’re on our way to fetch M1 and should be back by nine. Are you ok?” I pitied her loneliness.

“No. Mosquitoes are attacking me!” M2 complained.

“Why don’t you go upstairs to your room then?” I suggested.

“Nah. I’ll wait for you downstairs but hurry home please! I need people here so that the mosquitoes has somebody else to attack!”

Pppfffftttt…. So much for loneliness and missing us!


The Good Host Continues

21 Aug

The good host role continues! Today hubby and I went to the mall after work to buy some gifts for M3 who will leave us tomorrow. It is only befitting to return her gesture with things that will remind her of her visit and short stay with us.

But the short time at the mall wasn’t a pleasant experience. I had foot cramps! Omg! How could this be? Me, a golfer and world traveler who could walk 8km in Paris recently but not even two thousand steps in the mall! Useless, I chastised myself.

Soon the purchases were completed and we fought our way through rush hour to bring all three ‘M’s out for dinner.

Tonight we will go for a steamboat dinner as last night, dinner was at home and the previous night, at a Nyonya restaurant. All in all I think M3 is experiencing equally interesting delicacies other than the more famous nasi lemak, roti canai, char kueh teow and banana leaf rice.


Too Much, Too Little

21 Aug

It was a clear case of too much, too little of everything that had M3 zonked out by 10pm last night.

From her arrival to our country, to the school for activities, to our home and doing more stuff, there was hardly time to rest. Coupled with an unfortunate sleepless night, no thanks to our mosquitoes, M3 was so exhausted to the point of being nauseous.

Earlier yesterday I commented to hubby on how I wish I had her energy when I travel. “We were only young once,” sighed hubby dearest. Indeed. But even then with M3’s youthfulness and exuberance, exhaustion got the better of her.

This morning, after the triple assault on the army of mosquitoes, I am glad to say she was well rested and back to her bubbly self and ready for another adventurous day ahead!


Being a Good Host

20 Aug

And so being a good host means bringing your guest to see the sights, after work.

The hubby and I assigned duties for each other for the evening: I was to fetch M2 from her tuition class and thereafter swing by to see my mom; he will bring M3 and M1 to see KL tonight. They’d go for a drive and enjoy the bright lights and cityscape.