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2014 in review

31 Dec

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,200 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Back to Reading, Part 2

30 Dec

With the frustration of being stuck at Level 751 for Candy Crush, maybe I should go back to reading to regain some sense of calm and rid myself of all these frustration and despair. To make matters worse, both levels of Farm Heroes and Candy Crush Saga that I am currently at are no piece of cake either! Hrmph… is all I can say.

So it is a good thing I have gotten the latest Nora Roberts’ title, Whiskey Beach – I shall immerse myself in this book to clear my mind as I don’t fancy ushering in the New Year with all these negative feelings.

Back to reading it shall be for me!

Mixed Feelings

29 Dec

This year’s Christmas is a rather long break for us. Hubby and I opted to close the office on Boxing Day too as things are rather slow. With a four and a half day break, all we do is eat and make merry.

We managed to sneak in a golf game to reduce the guilt of eating too much. Other than this, it’s just vegetating on the couch and not much else because weather has been crappy, raining all the time, staying home was a much better option than being out. But of course there’s the candy crushing, farm crop harvesting and soda popping, all couch potato activity.

On the game front, Farm Heroes has progressed on to Level 619 and Candy Crush Soda at Level 105. Even my Zookeeper Battle, I have surpassed my 7000th battle. But Candy Crush remains status quo. I have not moved at all from Level 751 and this is creating a lot of mixed feelings in me. Agony, frustration, annoyance… Sigh.



My ‘best’ attempt had 44 candies left, hardly qualifying as ‘best’ I think. Am I losing my candy crushing ability, I wonder? I just hope I don’t usher in the new year still sitting Level 751 for my Candy Crush. Double sigh…

Not Much Progress

26 Dec

With the holiday season around, I have not been playing my games much, not even golf. As far as my virtual games are concerned, I feel as though I have been stuck forever at Level 751 of Candy Crush! It is just so hard. Maybe I should go watch some YouTube posts on it for ideas. Although the other games are just as difficult, I managed to move on: am now at Level 614 in Farm Heroes and Level 101 for Candy Crush Saga.

I wonder if I can overcome 751 before the year ends?

Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

It was a boisterous Christmas for the family as all the children are together again, with the second twin finally returning after graduating.

Except for the turkey and rack of lamb, the dinner spread was all homemade, even the cookies.

The family photo session thereafter was hilarious. It was indeed a great time together.

Here’s wishing all my readers, family and friends, a very Merry Christmas!



Tuesday Food Club

23 Dec

Sans music, this sums up the motto of our Tuesday Food Club!

Sans music, this sums up the motto of our Tuesday Food Club!

We’ve come to a point in our lives where food and friendship are shaping up to be the most important things, next to family. Realizing this, hubby’s group of friends—from his dinosaur childhood era—declared that we must meet once a month to traverse the city to eat the best, the unusual or the unheard of.

The group consists of 4 couples, with three occasional individuals—childhood friends as well—whenever their work schedule allows them to join us.

In the midst of the Lunar New Year celebration at the beginning of 2014, we kicked off our gastronomic adventure and termed it the Tuesday Food Club, meeting every second Tuesday of the month.

A year has gone by so fast and what a trip it has been! Every month, each couple takes a turn, on a rotational basis, to select the restaurant and all of us would meet over food to catch up. No matter how busy each one is, everyone makes the effort for this; such is the strength of the friendship and lure of good food.

Tuesday Food Club will definitely continue into the new year and beyond as we prepare to say goodbye to the good memories of 2014 and await to usher in 2015 with new memories ahead.

Eating Healthy

22 Dec

It was a year ago without M1 (as she was in Japan for a student exchange program), the three of us went out for dinner and doing the not-so-last-minute Christmas shopping. When the salad came along with some celery and carrot sticks, the hubby gleefully reached for it and conversationally asked M2 if she ever brought healthy food like carrots sticks to school.

Before I could confirm that query with a nod, M2 said, “Yes, I eat healthy. I bring mac and cheese!”

There’s No Free Lunch But There’s Free Dinner!

19 Dec

It’s awkward when etched-in-stone philosophies imparted on our young ones are challenged. I was just talking (and writing) about no free lunches to M2 and guess what? I was proven wrong. It is almost quite embarrassing…

Yesterday, I went to the mall (number one) with M1 after work to buy something. We walked past the supermarket and M1 said she was hungry—as it was close to dinner time—thinking maybe we could enjoy some free food samples from the supermarket (having learnt from my post the day before). Unfortunately the timing did not allow us as we had to make our way to mall number two to purchase something else which mall number one did not have.

At mall number two, we walked into Tesco and tadaa, right in front of us, there were several booths with free food samples! Hungry and unabashed, we both tried the spaghetti bolognese, beef soup, curry chicken, chicken-flavored rice and tempura onions. We even had coffee!

What can I say? Burp…

There’s No Free Lunch

18 Dec

Recently, I sent M2 to the mall for a friend’s birthday party and she was happily saying it was a free lunch. I was in one of my moods and decided to correct her about free things in this world.

“There’s no free lunch. Nothing’s free in this world,” I tried to instill the worldly reality into my child.

“Yes there is,” she countered.

Sometimes innocence can be a blessing.

“Really? Name me one thing” I challenged.

“Well… Oxygen is free.”

“Go on…” I probed.

“Free food samples in the supermarket!” She beamed at me.

I think it will be tough to instill the worldly reality into M2.

Remember These Numbers

16 Dec

It’s a known fact that I play only four games on my iPad: Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Candy Crush Soda and Zookeeper Battle. Now remember these levels for all mentioned except Zookeeper, they are just so darn hard to pass – Level 751, Level 597 and Level 90 respectively.

Many times I wonder why I subject myself to such unnecessary stress and emotional turmoil especially when the games become so intense and always at that so near yet so far moments. Sigh…