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We’re Going Home Tomorrow?

31 Aug

Gosh, the thought that by tomorrow this time, we would have landed at KLIA and on our way home makes me realize how short the vacation has been, how fast time flies!

Yes, tomorrow will be our final game at Mountain Creek Golf Club with an early morning tee off.

The massage earlier helped worked out the kink in the shoulder and back in the room, the coolness of the aircon just lulled me to almost doze off. But we still have to get dinner. We sent the driver off because Concierge suggested for us to dine at the Thai restaurant located in Greenery Resort which is closeby instead of going out to search for one. We can just use the buggy service.

Definitely we will call it an early night because tomorrow will be a long day. But I am not complaining. It’s been an awesome anniversary getaway!


31 Aug

The lazy morning was just plain lazy. Breakfast was good and we had time to explore a little bit of Botanica. It is indeed beautiful from the architecture point of view, with the clever use of materials and space. Lots of infiniti pools here and there. 

Soon it was time to get ready for our second game. Kirimaya was just a short distance and within 15 minutes, we arrived. There were hardly any other golfers there and we could tee off earlier than our scheduled time.

Weather was excellent despite a slight shower, it did not spoil the game. 

For the second day, I played to my USGA handicap, so it feels good to be able to maintain the level. Hubby played his best game ever. All in all, the game ended all too soon. I must admit the greens were not as fast as yesterday. The course was not as sculpted like Toscana but nature played its role to shape the challenge.

A quick lunch again, this time at an eatery across the road from Kirimaya, I decided we need to go for a massage. Not so much from golf but I suspect this could be the pillows. Down pillows and I just do not do well together.

It’s been a good day!


The Second Game

31 Aug

It was a lazy day yesterday after returning from Toscana Valley. A dip in the pool we did (Brr… The water was cold!), a snooze to recuperate and basically we just relaxed. Dinner was simple, pastas and a creme brûlée accompanied by Singha beer. Today we will play our second game at Kirimaya Golf Club.

I’ve been to Kirimaya once with the big group I mentioned earlier and really enjoyed the course. So it’s befitting to revisit and enjoy it again with hubby. I opted for an afternoon tee off for us so it’s an unhurried morning with a long heavy breakfast before we make our way there.

It should be a good game, the sun is not out and the surrounding cool. Being a Monday, I hope it won’t be crowded. We can probably finish quite fast. Yesterday, we clocked exactly four hours for our game. The front nine was very fast but when we crossed over, there was a flight in front of us. Every other hole, we had to wait which affected the momentum slightly. Even then with this hiccup, we completed in four hours, which was very good. 

Let’s see how we fare later.

After the Golf

30 Aug

After our game and quick simple lunch at Toscana Valley Country Club, we decided to head towards Khao Yai Floating Market. As the attraction was not that far away, we might as well check it out simply to add on to the ‘been there, done that’ list.

The place was not as its name suggested like the other famed Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. There’s no boat on the water at all! It’s more like a mini zoo and a collection of little stalls, amusement park style. Also there seems to be a lot of foreign influence. Marilyn Monroe was everywhere!

I poked the tail of a sun-bathing alligator. It was gooey. I don’t know how else to describe it…

Well for 100THB per person for the entry fee, we covered the place in half an hour. By 3pm, both of us were tired out already and dreaming of the plunge pool. So we will spend the rest of the day enjoying a dip in our private pool before dining at Tempo Restaurant in Botanica itself.

Hopefully tonight I will sleep better and won’t be so tired for tomorrow’s game.




Toscana Valley Country Club

30 Aug

It was a restless night; the bed was comfy but the pillows were not. Not my pillow type I guess. Every hour I woke up, in the end I gave up sleeping and got ready for breakfast.

Breakfast was good. My typical style, it was enough to fuel me for our impending game. By eight sharp, our driver came and we were on our way.

The drive to Toscana was like going through Europe. We pass places with names like Lucerne, Kensington, some chateau and even some winery towards Toscana.

The golf club setup is very European. Peppered with houses on its hilly terrain, it looked challenging. Great course, it was pleasant and with the strong wind and cloudy skies, the outing was indeed enjoyable.


Not Typically Thai

29 Aug

Our first night in Khao Yai and where did we go for dinner? Khao Yai Cowboy Steak House! Hahahaha…

We picked all three choices from the recommended list. Although not the most authentic in Thai flavors save for the fish and Singha, dinner was actually good.

The accompanying chili was explosive. A little dip in it with the pork knuckle was enough to put the mouth on fire!

Glen Campbell was belting out the ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ over the speakers then Dolly and Kenny came on before the band members came on stage to prepare for their live performance. Hard to believe we are in Khao Yai.

We are calling in the night early. Tomorrow, let the golf begin!


Yes, Thailand Again

29 Aug

I didn’t want to bore with the usual humdrums of the trip. Yes, we are in Thailand again but not in Bangkok city itself but at Khao Yai. I thought for a change, it would be nice to be away at a different destination that offered the same things we enjoy but a different surrounding.

This is my second time in Khao Yai, a first for hubby. The last I came here, I was with a big group of golfers and thoroughly enjoyed the several golf courses. I decided hubby should enjoy the area as well, hence the choice.

Unlike Bangkok, Khao Yai is less crowded but with equally excellent golf courses. My last two days at work was rather busy to the point I was semi-stressed while hubby is always stressed. So the timing of this trip is good for the soul and for us to destress.

There was a half hour delay in departure resulting in us arriving an hour late. But we cleared immigration and got our bags rather fast. The two plus hour journey from the airport to the hotel was rather smooth. Although the day started early, I am not that tired, I just can’t wait to tee off!

The hotel, Botanica Khao Yai is a five star resort. Lovely, intimate and totally indulgent, our room comes with a private plunge pool. A bit different from our usual golf trips, well, once in a while, we should reward ourselves. I live by the philosophy ‘work hard, play harder’.

We go for an early dinner tonight.


Where are We Going?

29 Aug

We left the house early this morning to avoid any delays as this is a long weekend. Who knows? The roads may be clogged and the airport check-in line may be miles long. Well, none of these happened; we got to the airport in 45 minutes and the feared long line was non existent. Phew!

It comes as no surprise that we will be heading to our favorite country again for our Alphabet Trip. Since we arrived early, we are enjoying the privileges of the Premium Lounge before our flight at 12.20pm.

The fun begins!

Our Alphabet Trip

28 Aug

Our wedding anniversary is coming up soon. During the significant milestones, we make it a point to go off somewhere to celebrate and rekindle the romance. Sounds corny I know but necessary for the soul and that’s how it works. Away from our daily routine, away from the mundane and away from the stress.

I call this our ‘Alphabet Trip’. 

A to admire, B to buy, C is ‘see’, D to drink, E to eat, F* to… well, you get the idea.

There was one year hubby got the anniversary year mixed up. Thinking it was the 15th year milestone, he planned our trip to Italy covering Rome, Florence and Venice. We visited museums, admired beautiful architecture, ate and drank a lot and basically, did the whole alphabet routine.

The following year, when it was the actual 15th anniversary and realizing the mix up, we decided to do another trip and basically covered the alphabets again. It was from this trip to Sydney that I bought my Blundstone boots.

The years that followed were ‘insignificant’ years, so we didn’t do anything special or planned anything grand. This year, the 20th wedding anniversary is coming up!

OMG. Where did time go? 20th milestone. No wonder there has been an increase in white hair count, M1 has gone off to university, M2 turned 14 but going on 18 and perspectives on life has changed. But these are good accomplishments save for the white hair count, that can’t be good.

We will be making a trip and decided to extend the alphabet to include ‘G’. For golf. It should be an awesome time.

Here’s to many more milestones together. Happy anniversary to us!

The BMW Golf Cup International 2015

27 Aug

Yesterday it was another Wednesday-out-of-office for golf for me. But this was not just a typical mid-week escapade, this was my much anticipated BMW Golf Cup International tournament. And for the first time, I am playing in the Guest category instead of the Ladies category because the purchase date of my car has exceeded the six years restriction policy.

I left home early before the morning traffic crawl started to build up. And thoroughly enjoyed the sheer driving pleasure speeding along the highway to head towards the golf course. The day was cloudy and I must say I did not have the jitters. I was basically there to enjoy myself with no pressure and expectations. However I fare, I will not qualify for the National Final because in the Guest category, I am grouped together with all guest male players save for one other lady. It would be a tough ordeal as there are far more stronger players in this pool than me. 

Although my flight had only three ladies, both of whom were in the Ladies category, we had a good time. Fun? Well, it’s hard to say fun when the greens were so fast. Many a time, the three of us cringed when our balls rolled pass the hole, go back and forth of the hole and even hurtled off the green, away from the hole! Despite this, the spirit was strong, the company was good as the course was pristine, the challenge was there and the weather excellent. The hospitality, as always, was impeccable. It was a BMW event after all.

My first two years’ participation were uneventful but last year was a big achievement. I was champion in my Qualifying round and went on to play in the National Final. During the Finals, I even scored the Longest Drive novelty, smashing my dimpled ball to a distance of 213m.

This year, with the playing field different, being in the Guest category, I feel smug that I beat 35 men and another lady to win the Nearest To Line (NTL) novelty with a 40cm placement of my golf ball to the line. I suspect the guy who had his name on the board for his 50cm effort thought he had bagged this but too bad dude, I pipped you to it!

So yeah, I had my moment and it felt good, making up for the change in my category for this year’s participation.


The Hole-in-One prize which nobody won


The winning tee off, 40cm from the line!