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Red Putters and Me, Part 1

3 Feb

I seem to have a thing for red putters. They are not only eye-catching, but they are also gorgeous, in my opinion. My Peanut Putter has a red two-way putter head and grip, while my Scotty Cameron has its iconic three red dots and a red plus symbol on the top of the blade head. It used to have a red grip, but I have since changed that.

My two red putters

Recently, before my medical problem, I had the itch to acquire another putter. Yes, a red putter but a mallet style for variation from what I already have. The Peanut and Scotty putters have been demoralizing, with many three-putt performances when I alternated them to get the putting mojo right. So a change would be good.

Sometimes it is not the equipment but the user that the problem exists; however, we choose to ignore this. Hahaha. Nevertheless, a change would be nice, and I have my eye set on the 2018 TaylorMade Spider Mini. It doesn’t matter that it is not the latest model, it is a beautiful and cute red putter!

And so my search began.