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My New Addiction

11 Oct

I started playing two new games recently, and they have become my new addiction. The games are Tsuki’s Odyssey and Tsuki Adventure. Both games have the same character, a little bunny called Tsuki, but the graphic renderings are different in the scenarios. Nonetheless, both appeal to me, and I spend so much time with Tsuki these days.

As such, DIY project number 17, which I went back to attempt to complete, is going ever so slowly. Suddenly crafting miniatures is not a priority anymore and has taken a backseat because I am constantly collecting carrots for Tsuki in both games. Will this new addiction wear off?

Returning to DIY Project #17

1 Oct

Suddenly it’s October already! My goodness, where did the time go? M2 has settled back nicely into college mode, while M1 has settled nicely into being home with us. As for me, I decided to return to the stalled DIY miniature project number 17.

Slowly but surely getting there with #17

It has been super slow with this one, and I don’t know why. But I decided I should get this completed now that we are into October. I have stalled long enough on it. So I’m setting a deadline to wrap it up.

However, since I have started playing golf again and will be out several days a week, I think two weeks is fair to finish the project instead of one week.

DIY Project #20, Part 2

28 Sep

DIY project number 20 was quite an enjoyable set to craft. Although I stopped working on it for several days because I was busy with M2 and her leaving, I got back to it immediately when I did not have to worry anymore about her arrival and settling down.

The tail-end of the set was basically to dress it up with the hanging vines and fruits, as I had gotten most of the pieces in place already. It is a rather cute set, I would say.

The miniature in a box

And with its completion, it now sits in the IKEA display cabinet along with the others. I was contemplating starting a new set when I realized project #17 is still incomplete! Oh no, I have forgotten about it, having sidetracked on it with three other projects. I suppose I should finish it before even thinking of starting another new set.

Lights on!

DIY Project #20

17 Sep

Round numbers, like ten, 20 are commemorative and milestone achievements. I have worked on DIY miniatures for the past 16 months already, and it has been an enjoyable hobby to stay busy.

Today, my interest in this has me starting on my 20th set, a milestone achievement! Unimaginable that I have such a passion for crafting miniatures.

This 20th set is very different from all the others that I have built. The miniature sits inside a box! And, of course, being far smaller than what I am accustomed to, this is quite challenging. But I am progressing well with it. I should be able to finish it soon.

Tiny tiny world this 20th set!

DIY Project #19, Part 2

13 Sep

I took eight days to complete DIY project number 19, although I have to say two days did not count because I hardly sat down to work on it. When M1 was still under home quarantine, we were busy tending to her needs. I felt as if we were running a full-service Airbnb, constantly making sure our guest was well fed and comfortable!

Project number 19 was as enjoyable to work on as the previous set from the same series. The only challenging part was putting the table lamp together. However, I decided to skip making the umbrella because I wanted my Little People figurine to be part of the prop. And the umbrella somehow did not fit it.

So now that this is complete, I will take a break before starting a new set. Alternatively, I should complete carving the second Gnome Trio that has stalled. We shall see.

DIY Project #19

3 Sep

I have decided to bypass DIY project number 17 again! I don’t understand why I am struggling with it. I suspect the clay work is putting me off, as well as the wirework. So instead of staying stuck and not progressing with any more miniatures, I started on DIY project number 19.

The tiny project number 19

This set is another cute tiny piece like project number 18, as they are from the same series. I think this is the way to go forward to navigate challenging and unappealing tasks at hand. As I still have so many more sets waiting for me, I don’t want to lose interest in crafting miniatures!

Maybe once project number 19 is complete and I get my mojo back, I will jump back to number 17 to finish it off. Let’s hope for the best.

Too Cute to Resist

20 Aug

With nine DIY miniature sets waiting in line, I thought I’d be fine and not buy anymore for a while. Well, I thought wrong! I bought another two micro-miniature sets recently, which I have to admit, were too cute to resist. They just arrived.

My latest purchases to add to my stash!

How can an ardent miniature builder resist these two? They are the latest release from the same manufacturer, and I just had to have them in my collection.

Never mind the big stash that I have. I might jump the queue and work on these ahead of the others. I may even bypass the current DIY number 17 and work on one of these irresistible sets!

Alternating Between Projects, Part 2

16 Aug

I seem to be fickle-minded. At one point, I concluded that it was not good to alternate between carving and building miniatures, and the next thing I know, I was doing it. Now, I find myself at this juncture again.

Working on two projects at the same time

DIY project number 17 has started in tandem with carving another Gnome Trio. What am I thinking? As if managing the vegetable patch is not enough, alternating on two projects again? I must be very restless.

DIY project number 17

The Big Gnome Trio, Part 2

6 Aug

I decided to focus on the last Gnome after completing DIY project number 16. The remaining section did not take long to shape and finish, and I’m glad I got this out of the way. With all three Gnomes now complete, I can revert my energy to building miniatures.

The big Gnome Trio now joins their mini version being displayed here and there in the house. Or I could prepare them to stand guard outside. We shall see, for I have to find the perfect spot for them.

The Gnome Trio in XXL and XS sizes.

DIY Project #16, Part 2

2 Aug

It took me almost two weeks to complete DIY project number 16. The set was a nice change from what I have done so far. But there were occasions I was very exasperated because the parts and pieces are so micro-small. It’s hard to put them together. So I was using the tweezer a lot to hold things, and I was getting a lot of glue on my fingers as well!

Lots of micro details

Despite the grouses, I enjoyed the build very much. Will I attempt another one? Well, there’s the micro kit-in-a-box waiting for me. I will take a breather from building miniatures for a day or two before starting the next set.

The complete micro project #16. Love it!