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The Biggest DIY Set, Part 2

29 Dec

The IKEA display cabinet, the enormous DIY set, was finally set up on Christmas morning. It was a messy affair, far worse than Christmas present papers strewn all over the floor upon unwrapping. Thank goodness the living room floor space is large, and even then, the torn boxes covered the floor space.

We had to rip the box to get the things out

I must say the cabinet looks good with all my DIY projects proudly on display. Unfortunately, the space is limited, and I had to place some miniature sets back-to-back. And at the rate that I am making all these miniatures, one display cabinet is not enough!

I may have to buy another cabinet because project number five is left sitting on top, and I am currently working on project number nine. The display cabinet has no more space to fit anymore inside.

All my small DIYs inside the big DIY piece

An Excellent Piece

28 Dec

DIY project number eight is a wrap! I must say it is an excellent piece in terms of looks, quality, and enjoyment level. I completed the project on Christmas Eve morning.

The chandelier piece stalled me towards the end of the project. From piecing it together and then installing it, it was an unexpected problem.

At the start, I kept checking the lights and wiring to ensure all the lights and connections were working. I decided to bypass two steps because an elaborate chandelier is never easy. I did not use the rubber hose for the center light. Instead, I used a black Sharpie to camouflage the white and yellow wires. I also did not clamp the three lights to the center light, leaving them protruding outwards more. I thought it looked better.

However, after gluing the chandelier to the ceiling, one of the lights did not work. I was horrified and almost in tears! All that hard work and effort to make sure the lighting and wires were okay, this happened – a day before Christmas Eve.

Painfully, I had no choice but to rip out the chandelier to trace where the problem was. Thankfully I found it. One of the connections of the light inside the rubber hose was loose!

I managed to resolve the issue and brought DIY project number eight to the Christmas Eve dinner for a proud Show and Tell session.

The very impressive DIY project #8

A Very Different Christmas

25 Dec

2020, what a year! How do we even describe it? For starters, this Christmas is a very different one in all aspects – the mood, the celebration, and the people.

The mood is muted, the celebration toned down or none at all, and people are socially-distanced to stay safe.

For the first time, both our girls are away from home during this festive holiday time. The house feels bigger because our domestic helper returned to her homeland in January, and official pet number one went to pet heaven last year. So it’s just the two of us.

Thankfully, there’s the extended family to have a simple, joyous Christmas Eve dinner at home. We count our blessings and are thankful for the close-knit bond.

Here’s wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! Stay safe.

Hubby baked an apple cinnamon cake for the occasion, and the turkey was the main course.

Surprise, Surprise… Not

22 Dec

Well, well, the CMCO was extended again until the end of the year! It certainly wasn’t a surprise and expected. What can we do? Life goes on with my routine revolving around cooking, cleaning, golf games, and DIY miniatures. Oh yeah, and the occasional design work to do in the office.

The last nine months went by rather quickly. When we went into lockdown in March during a global pandemic, we thought how dreadful life would be. But as I reflect now, it wasn’t that bad. Instead, we should be thankful that we are healthy. Along the way, both hubby and I discovered new skills and hobby.

If the CMCO phase continues to usher in the new year, so be it. We need to continue to contain the spread of the Covid-19. Stay safe, folks!

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

21 Dec

The latest DIY purchases arrived! So now, I have all these DIY sets waiting for me. Initially, I thought upon completing DIY project number eight, the Study – I should work on the fruit shop set next to take things easy without stress.

But seeing the intricate and exciting new sets, I am having second thoughts about taking things easy and may jump into the more challenging ones. Maybe I’ll Eenie Meenie to pick one.

Which one next to do? Hmm. 🧐

Excuses! Excuses!

18 Dec

I find myself admiring and playing with project number eight instead of finishing it up. Every evening, I would place a Citizen of Gigglesville on the sofa chair and giggle at the scene before me. It’s very entertaining!

Citizens visiting the Study
Looking very contented!
Citizen #118 doing a balancing act

I am finding excuses to procrastinate and not to start on the lights. There’s the fact that I have work to do in the office this whole week, and I don’t have the time because I’m also playing golf and cooking. It’s becoming a mental block.

Honestly, I find reading instructions is not something I enjoy. But doing up the lights requires focus, and I need to be more disciplined about this if I intend to wrap up project number eight before Christmas. So, no more excuses!

Look SpongeBob, a Pineapple!

15 Dec
Our cute pineapple

Hubby, the green fingers, has done it again! This time, it is a pineapple, a cute one that can rival SpongeBob’s pineapple house. As I do have SpongeBob’s pineapple house bought from Hong Kong a few years ago during one of my travels, I could not resist comparing both.

Which pineapple, SpongeBob?

And dang, the real one does rival the fake one. SpongeBob can almost come live in our pineapple! Hahahaha.

DIY Project #8, Part 3

14 Dec

The tail-end of project number eight is just so hard! I find that I do not quite enjoy making chandeliers or hanging lights for all my sets. The last complicated one during project number five was a let-down. After painstakingly working on them and putting them up, the middle light did not work. I was disappointed.

Gotta push myself to do the lights

So here I am, procrastinating on this lighting challenge. I thought I would take some time to finish this project, but I’m much faster than anticipated. All the shelves, books, and accessories are done and placed accordingly to the plan as outlined. Even the sofa chair, which initially, I thought would be a challenge, was completed without issues. I even took the initiative to change the color of the main wall.

The making of a sofa chair
The completed sofa chair

Well, I’m pushing myself to wrap this up soon because I’m keen to get started on project number nine, a fruit shop similar to project number seven, the tea parlor. In other words, it is an easy set, and it would be nice to end the tumultuous year working on something easy without any added stress.

Making my Citizens try the sofa chair. Some are happy, some are not!

Yet Another Extension

11 Dec

It is yet another extension of the CMCO. We expected this because cases have been on the uptrend. Anyway, we are immune already because we are so used to the routine and requirements now. And it feels weird if we don’t abide by the rules especially, putting on the mask.

Frankly, there is no let-up as far as the pandemic and prevention SOP is concerned. During the previous CMCO phase, the single-player, single-buggy rule for golf was in effect, although couples from one household can share one buggy.

But this latest extension from 6 December until 20 December allows twin-sharing golf carts for golfers not necessarily from the same household for a round of golf. So from here forth, a flight of four golfers will have the usual two twin-sharing buggies instead of four individual ones.

I think I will feel weird sharing a golf buggy with someone else other than hubby because I have gotten so used to it already! Also, ever since we’ve been playing together, we have an ongoing Matchplay rivalry, tracked with the Hole 19 app on my AppleWatch Series 5. I will miss the Matchplay challenges if we don’t play together. Oh well, we’ll see how the golf outings turn out.

The Rainy Season is Here

8 Dec

The rainy season is here since November, and just about every other day, it would rain, thwarting plans for golf games especially. But rain or shine, games are on every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday for me. Occasionally, hubby joins in on a weekday game.

Last week, we decided to walk 18-holes instead of taking the buggy for a change. And it rained, a spoiler to the outing. But we were all die-hard golfers and played on in the drizzling condition. Three of us carried our bags, and one used the golf trolley.

My golf bag umbrella bought on my 2012 trip to the US came in handy. It shielded my clubs from the rain while my regular umbrella protected me. Thankfully, after three holes, the rain let up, and the die-hard golfers in us managed to complete 18-holes.

It was a wet morning but an enjoyable one