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A Lighter Bag, Part 2

7 Apr

Now that we are back in town, I wonder if I should play my next golf game using only nine clubs instead of 14. Hmm. Well, I could still bring 14 clubs but stick to this new game plan of using only nine. Driver off the deck again instead of the 3-wood for my second shots on a long Par 5? Hahaha, how fun!

But even then, when I had nine clubs, I did not use all of them. I used a maximum of five clubs! When there are fewer choices to consider, the mistakes are lesser. Will I learn from this and play better golf?

As for putting, I am reverting to the TaylorMade Spider Mini putter again. The Peanut Putter has not been kind to me with several three-putts during the rounds up North. So we’ll see, a tweak here and there to improve further.

A lighter bag it won’t be until my next outstation trip, but let’s hope the golf outing will be good. And I hope my putting will be better now that the Spider Mini is in the bag again.

A Lighter Bag

4 Apr

On this trip to hubby’s hometown, we both decided to pack a lighter golf set. Thus, both have nine clubs only. I debated what to leave behind, and my trusty 3-wood, two mid-irons, a hybrid, and a sand wedge did not make the trip.

Despite being handicapped with lesser clubs, we played well in the two games. When there were fewer club choices, it became very mechanical for the second and third shots, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The only bane is the putting; I had several three- to four three-putts for both games. Imagine the outcome would have been even better if my putting was more accurate. Oh well.

I discovered a new trick during the second game, hitting the second shot on the fairway with my driver! It’s termed driver off the deck. Oh, what fun I had to be able to gain the distance on the dry fairways. With my 3-wood at home, my other long club was only my Hybrid 4 that couldn’t cover the length as well.

So perhaps, a bagful of 14 clubs is not required for an enjoyable round of golf, something to consider for our next golf trip.

Harvard Golf Club. The greens and green sides were immaculate.

The Peanut Putter Returns!

31 Mar

When the three-putt horror resurfaced for several games, I did not want to change the TaylorMade Spider Mini putter. I thought maybe it was just the putting yips. But when the yips continued, it became very aggravating.

So I decided to revert to the Peanut Putter for my next game. The turning point was that game with all the sand bunker problems on top of the putting woes.

I have to say it feels good with the Peanut back in action yesterday morning. There were a couple of three-putts initially because I was readjusting to get used to the strength and weight.

But once I got the hang of it, all those one-putts started happening. And this saved me a lot of strokes during the game. Let’s hope this change in fortune will last.

The Bunker Specialist

28 Mar

Golf is a very trying game at times. One day, you’d play like a seasoned golfer, but the next round, like a beginner. In other words, it’s unpredictable.

Putting with the TaylorMade Spider Mini of late has been very aggravating. When I acquired the putter not too long ago, I was putting very well with it. However, after several games, my putting skills have been on a downtrend – recording more three-putts than ever!

However, today’s game is not about putting misery. It’s the sand bunkers. You could call me the Bunker Specialist today! Aggravating is the word of the day to describe my sentiments. I went into the bunker seven times today for seven holes! Hrmph.

Let’s hope I will fare better for the next game, and I do not wish to be a Bunker Specialist again. As for putting, the Spider Mini will be retired until further notice, making way for the Peanut Putter to return to action.

Return of the Peanut Putter?

24 Mar

You would think that with the new TaylorMade Spider Mini putter, I would have superhero Spidey powers, and putting would be easy-peasy, right? After all the inconsistencies I faced with the Peanut and Scotty putters? Nope, the three-putt horror has returned!

After several games where it felt so good putting and only an occasional three-putt recorded, the streak has snapped. During the Tuesday game, it was the first where I three-putted four holes. Four holes! Unbelievable. The Spider Mini is the same as the Peanut Putter and Scotty Cameron in performance! So, in conclusion, it’s either the putter or the person. Pick one. Hrmph.

Then again, could it be a case of too much golf? Or perhaps, not enough sleep? Maybe a reset and reverting to the Peanut Putter again because Scotty is on loan to hubby? Hmm, we shall see.

On the Uptrend

20 Feb

I am pleased that my golf mojo is coming back! By my third game yesterday, there were vast improvements. The tee-offs were good in direction and distance, likewise, my second wood shots.

As such, by the third shot (or fourth, if it is a Par 5), it is only an iron or wedge to use to land on the green. The putting, at times, was brilliant, save for silly mistakes. I made 31 putts yesterday, which was quite good. Separately, I did not feel too tired being out under the sun and kept hydrated more than ever.

I look forward to the next few games lined up this week in preparation for the upcoming Greensome Tournament on Sunday. It should be fun!

An Impressive Return… Not!

10 Feb

I finally played my first golf game after laying off for a month due to my recent medical issues. All’s good with me now, and off to the golf course yesterday. Although it was only nine holes (I did not want to exert myself too much), put it this way – it certainly was not an impressive return! Hahaha.

All the muscle memory to hit the little dimpled ball was gone. The tee-off was wayward, and the second and third shots were all short. I have lost the power and strength to compress the ball to fly it. Hmm, a few more games should suffice to fix this, methinks.

The short game was decent simply because I started chipping in the garden for distances between three to 10 feet several days ago. Putting with the new TaylorMade Spider Mini putter was not too bad. There were more one-putts than two-putts, so this is good.

The outcome of my first game post-medical procedure is expected, non-impressive, and trying. I should not be demoralized and take heart that at least the short game and putting saved me some blushes. I should be back on track after a few more games!

The Struggle Continues, Part 3

13 Dec

The struggle continues with my golf game. It is like a roller coaster, one game playing well, then another, playing like a newbie. Like today. Ugh.

Maybe it’s the soggy fairways that are giving me the striking yips. But it’s also the putting. It’s unbelievable that I scored a miserly five Stableford points in one nine this morning. It’s all that three-putts! Ugh.

Everything could not work, and I was out of sorts. I attribute this to the nice cool weather and my wanting to do nothing. I should not adopt this do-nothing attitude for my golf!

Well, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a change in fortune to at least play decent for the remainder of the year.

The Struggle Continues

5 Dec

By now, I have played three rounds of golf, and the struggle continues. The golf mojo is hard to get back, especially when the weather plays a role. The wet and soggy grounds have not helped, causing lost distance with unnecessary forced shots to overcome the conditions.

When it rained, all the rain gears were out, and it became a handful to manage. Also, the momentum gets lost if we wait out the rain. It’s not enjoyable being out there.

The short game has improved, but only slightly. Putting was much better because I was using the Peanut Putter. I hope this struggle will not be prolonged. Perhaps another game or two before everything clicks again. I cross my fingers and hope for good weather as well.

The First Game

2 Dec

After close to a month of travels and no golf, I played my first game yesterday. So how did I fare?

Well, I have to admit the night before, I watched some tutorial videos on YouTube as a refresher to remind me what to do! And it did help, but only for a bit.

The first tee-off was such a beautiful shot. I was impressed that I could strike the ball well. Even the second and third shots were good. I thought my golfing touch was still intact. But it was downhill after that!

The shot game and the putting threw the momentum off. The shot game was off, and my putting was horrible. I could not feel the weight of my Scotty Cameron putter, causing a lot of two- and three-putts. Sigh.

After the disastrous welcome-back game, it’s back to the drawing board to regain the golf mojo and muscle memory. The Scotty putter will make way for the Peanut Putter, and I need to work on my shot game to be more accurate. Essentially, practice makes perfect is what this game is all about. I will be going all out to play as much as possible from here on.