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Look at My Stash! Part 2

22 Nov

During the 11.11 online shopping promotion, I did not disappoint myself. Joining in the fray for online shopping, I bought five new miniature sets to add to my stash! But I have to admit, out of the five, two sets are mine while three are for M1, who has taken to crafting miniatures.

More miniature sets to work on! So obsessed

I guess my stash will never deplete if I keep buying at every sale opportunity. Well, it helps the economy, and crafting miniatures keep me busy. It’s a win-win situation.

DIY Project #21

26 Oct

Now that I finally finished DIY project number 17, I am planning the next one, the 21st project. When I put aside number 17, I had moved on with three other projects. Hence, the latest one to do is number 21. And I also purchased two more sets! When will I ever stop buying them, I wonder?

The latest purchases

It is a toss-up now between these two and the other sets that I have in my never-dwindling stash. Hmm. Should I work on a regular-sized miniature, the latest purchases, or even, the tiniest of the lot, a miniature in a tin box? Decisions, decisions.

The other choices

Garden Games

23 Aug

We’ve been finding new things to do to keep busy at home. There has been a change in government in the country over the weekend when the prime minister resigned on 16 August. But there is no change to our status of staying at home. So, we have to have new activities to vary our daily routine.

Online shopping has played a big part in our lives with all sorts of purchases to keep us busy. I even bought golf training balls from my favorite online shopping site, of course, for us to practice. So hubby and I have been creating all sorts of challenges with the new balls and our old chipping net. The perfect setup for this is in the garden.

It can be pretty fun having the challenge with each other. And if the weather is good, it makes the activity even more enjoyable. We need to be fully vaccinated before we can go back to playing golf with our friends. Until then, we have this to keep us still sharp with our chipping and pitching skills. So let the garden games begin!

Too Cute to Resist

20 Aug

With nine DIY miniature sets waiting in line, I thought I’d be fine and not buy anymore for a while. Well, I thought wrong! I bought another two micro-miniature sets recently, which I have to admit, were too cute to resist. They just arrived.

My latest purchases to add to my stash!

How can an ardent miniature builder resist these two? They are the latest release from the same manufacturer, and I just had to have them in my collection.

Never mind the big stash that I have. I might jump the queue and work on these ahead of the others. I may even bypass the current DIY number 17 and work on one of these irresistible sets!

Feeding the Garden Friends

9 Aug

It has come to a point whereby the daily garden visitors expect food laid out for them. The doves, sparrows, squirrels, or rather, tree shrews wait on us to provide for them. So hubby bought birdseed from the online shopping site since we try not to go out so often. The birds love it.

Sometimes when we are slow to have the seeds out on time, we find the two regular doves wandering into the garden porch to remind us. There have been occasions when they would even saunter cooly into the house!

Sometimes they sunbathe and of course, eat.

The shrews are more fortunate as they have more choices. With the various fruits that we eat, they get to eat them too. We set the tray in one spot, and every morning I can see one or two bouncing over to check the offering.

Enjoying a sweet offering

We do not mind the animal demands as they have to eat as well. And when we keep them satisfied outside, they won’t venture inside to create problems for us.

D for Durian

3 Aug

With the continuous lockdown and strict restrictions imposed, we find ourselves doing a lot more online shopping. And we also discover a whole slew of things available. Things we take for granted when, in our previous life, we could walk into a store to choose or just run out to purchase when the need arises. No such behavior now, though.

Anyway, we recently bought durian online! Who would have thought that this thorny fruit is now available online? Durian is not something we must eat when the annual season kicks in. It is more whimsical or craving on the spur of the moment.

The delivered sealed bag to contain the smell

But when one is under lockdown for so long now, one can do something out of the norm. And so, we bought durian from an online site. Twice, mind you. And I must say, both times were equally good, and we were not disappointed.

A Micro Project

27 Jul

As if having a stash of nine DIY projects is not enough, I succumbed to another online purchase of yet another set last week! Unbelievable considering that I am currently alternating between DIY project number 16 and the Gnome Trio. This latest purchase is a micro-set and even smaller than project number 16.

There seems to be a fear of running low on my DIY stash as I keep buying more and more. However, this latest purchase is different, whereby the miniature set has to fit inside a box. And the box measures a mere five and a half inches wide by three inches tall by an inch in depth. Micro is an apt word to describe this!

There’s always a first to try something new!

Exciting as it is, I should focus on DIY project number 16, which is at the tail-end of its build already, before even thinking of working on this micro project.

Look at My Stash!

16 Jul

I went on a shopping spree with the two recent online shopping promotion. I figured with the current lockdown, we’re not going anywhere, so the purchases are justified to keep busy.

But I did not realize the 6.6 and 7.7 Sales had me buying so many DIY miniature sets on top of other household knick-knacks. I ended up with eight purchases! Yes, eight new projects to add to my stash.

Now, I have ten sets altogether and so spoilt for choice. After completing DIY project number 15, I took a break but will start on project number 16 soon. Hmm. In the end, I chose the smallest box. It should be fun.

A Failed Lockdown

5 Jul

The announcement of a two-week enhanced lockdown (EMCO) took us by surprise last Thursday. From Saturday onwards, the place where we live, various districts in the state plus a few localities in Kuala Lumpur, was placed under this category. Dear, oh dear.

What this means, in my opinion, is that the previous Full Lockdown (FMCO) was a failed one. Locked down for so long, yet cases spiked up daily at an alarming rate. How are we going to survive these two weeks of even tighter restriction?

To combat this round, I have purchased several more DIY miniatures to keep busy. What else can I do to stay sane? Cooking, cleaning, and gardening do not count.

Double Celebration, Part 2

2 Jul

Mother Nature was good to us, for it didn’t rain on the big double celebration day. It was cloudy and did threaten to rain a little, but the hot weather held for us to have the outdoor barbecue as planned.

There was a constant stream of deliveries that morning. From my usual online shopping items to dessert cakes, more cakes and pastries, and the ultimate cake towards the evening, we were busy receiving all the deliveries. The fridge was almost bursting with all the delectable goodies, on top of all the barbecue food.

All sorts of mouth-watering yummies!
The funniest 4-inch tall birthday cake!
Our private garden birthday party
A colorful spread

It was a lovely garden dinner affair for the three of us. The birds left us alone, unlike our last barbecue for our Reunion Dinner. Even the mosquitoes did not disturb us. As our little one turned 20 that day, I guess we have to face the fact she is not so little anymore. Happy birthday M2, and many happy returns! Love you to the moon and back.