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The Bellybutton

31 Mar

When the girls were young, they used to question why the bellybutton is called a ‘bellybutton’ when it looks more like a hole than a button? Shouldn’t it be called the ‘bellyhole’ if it looks more like a hole than a button? And where is the button?! I had no answer to that one so we ended up calling it the ‘belly-ba’, to note its neither here nor there physical characteristic.

It was several nights ago when the evening conversation suddenly focused on the belly-ba. Both girls were laughing at each other’s physical attribute of this part of the anatomy, calling it names from the black hole to the abyss that made me recall fondly of this name, the belly-ba, that we have given to the bellybutton.

Back in the Race!

28 Mar


I stopped playing Candy Crush for awhile already and this was evident from my recent golf trip to Chiangmai. Not only did I not crush candies, I paused in my other two games as well (Zookeeper Battle and Farm Heroes Saga).

However, when a fellow candy crusher commented yesterday on one of my post that she could play on beyond Level 530 in Facebook on the laptop, I went in to check. Yes, indeed! A new chapter has started. I guess I am back in the race.

My Roo Was Embarrassed!

27 Mar

It was a balmy night and everyone was out in the garden after dinner, even the Roo, official pet number one. He was given a juicy bone and gnawing to his heart’s content, his drool messed up all over the terrace floor. Yuk, slimy!

Then playtime started. His favorite orange chew cow was brought out to tease him into action. Feeling revved, he leaped to snatch it from me and as he trotted towards the terrace, he slipped on his own drool pool!

It was hilarious but the girls missed it. Hubby and I guffawed and thought he would be a clown about the slip.

But he was embarrassed!!! He sobered, limped a little and did not look at us! He literally looked away. Aww… My baby was embarrassed that he slipped and we laughed at him. Hubby had to coax him and gave him a good scratch and some loving. It was so amusing. I hope we hurt didn’t his feelings…

A Pause in Remembrance

25 Mar

Today I pause and give prayers and thoughts to the families of the passengers on board Flight MH370. It was announced last night that the flight ended in the Indian Ocean.


The Energy is Sapped

24 Mar

It’s interesting to note when one goes on vacation, the level of energy is always high and charged up even though sleep is insufficient and complete rest is lacking during the whole time. The minute one gets home, a sense of the oncoming familiarity kicks in with the thought of an uninterrupted sleep ahead yet the energy is sapped.

I guess when the vacation is over and faced with going back to work, responsibilities and routine, the enthusiasm is at a different level. No wonder people always say another vacation is needed to recover from the just concluded one.


Why Not Go Shopping?

23 Mar

Since we woke up early and got done with breakfast, we might as well explore a little bit before leaving for the airport. The group also woke up early and after breakfast, we decided to take the Red Car to Chinatown.

It was fun to walk through the stalls. Weaving in and out, there were all kinds of things on display to tease our sight and it’s just our bargaining skills to make a worthy purchase if something caught our eye. The one image that caught both hubby and I was the lady who was selling duck. Put it this way, one has to look good when selling duck!

We bought several knick-knacks for the girls as always. As I got myself a knitted elephant already to add to my elephant collection, I am quite contented to just browse and admire the colors and culture. After two hours or so, we managed to meet up for brunch. Seated at the side of the street, we had fried carrot cake and fresh coconut water. Yum…

Done with the quick eat, we caught another Red Car back to the hotel and yes, it’s time to go home. A quick shower and an organized final packing, we’re going home.




Bull frogs!





A bit of eye shadow first before making a sale!



Why Did I Wake Up So Early?

23 Mar

It is our last day and we should sleep in a bit as there’s no more golf today. But I woke up at six! Aaargh… Why? Why? Why? I should be sleeping in…

Oh well. Might as well go downstairs for breakfast and after that check out the vicinity before our pick up at one for the airport.


Tomorrow We Leave Chiangmai?!

22 Mar

The phrase ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ is so apt. I find the outing this time filled with so much laughter and intimacy, it’s amazing. The group is just hilarious beyond belief and have clicked so well.

What we have shared the last few days are so priceless and I laughed as much as I golfed. Such treasured moments. Thank you all…

Tonight we had dinner at Thanum Restaurant, by the riverside and the final bottle of Aberfeldy was finished, complementing another sumptuous spread. I can’t believe tomorrow we head home! Didn’t we just got here?

We left the restaurant high and happy and decided to call it a day. Salute to all of us on covering 54 holes: walking twenty thousand or more steps, about 10km or so each day and burning close to 600kcal each time. Some may think it’s crazy what golfers do but are we complaining?


Rockin’ the golf course!


Good whiskey!


How Time Flies

22 Mar

By the time we got done with our game, we waited briefly for the hubbies to finish their game and like yesterday, we had lunch at the clubhouse. We must be ravenous for this time we forgot to take pictures of what we ate.

So busy we were calculating our scores, I hardly ate and had only chicken wings and Singha beer. Today’s lunch was such a noisy affair. I think our table was the noisiest there.

Satisfied with all our golf outings, we leave Chiangmai Highlands Golf & Spa Resort with good memories. Our next stop was a two-hour stopover at Central Festival Shopping Mall.


And Off We Go!

22 Mar

After breakfast, we hurtled across the apocalyptic horizon to Chiangmai Highlands Golf & Spa Resort. Unsure of what to expect, I just pray my breakfast stays in me especially with such a bumpy journey.

I must say Highlands is an in between Inthanon and Alpine. Colors in brown and green, I would rate it in between in terms of scenery.

Weather-wise it was bearable. The walk today cover slightly over 19 thousand steps, 9.98km and 500 odd kcal. All in all, the ladies played better today. Can’t say for the men though. To say the course is easy is an understatement. Then again after three days, if we don’t improve, then I don’t know what to say.


The happy breakfast.


The bumpy journey!