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Another Day on the Road

31 Aug

It was a long day yesterday. Anticipating a long journey, we had to wake up at 4.30am to ready ourselves and at be at the Club by 5.30am. Everyone was prompt. By 5.50am, the 44-seater was on its way. Traffic was smooth and within an hour, we stopped for breakfast.

I thought it was a wee bit early to have wantan noodles but ate some anyway. The rest of the journey was clear. No heavy line of crawl and no masses leaving the city in exodus, our timing estimates to overcome traffic had us arriving at Royal Pahang Golf Club two hours early! But we could not tee off early because there was a shortage of buggies.

We decided to take things easy and not rush; going off only whenever a buggy comes in. In the end, I think everyone enjoyed their golf outing and had a leisurely paced game. Then off to dinner at the restaurant which was a madcap mess. They mistook us for another bus-load group and gave us their reserved tables and almost served us their food! Well, it wasn’t our fault when they asked if we came with the bus? Yes, we did but how would we know they had another group with the same exact details? Bus, booked tables… Oh well. We survived the madness and ordered our fare and had a good spread.

After checking in, everyone turned in to recover and ready for today; it will be a long journey to Bukit Besi Golf Club for the game. Today is also our country’s independence day, so I take this opportunity to wish my country, “Happy Merdeka Malaysia!”

No More Golfing Trips?

29 Aug

After my last golf trip to Kuching in July (the third for this year alone), I declared no more golfing trips. Well, I lied.

Roping hubby along, tomorrow I travel with a big group by bus to the East of the Peninsular for a short 3D/2N outing, playing three rounds of golf. Unlike the previous trips of at least 4 days, this is considered short – just 3 days.

The girls are pretty happy with us being away for we won’t be constantly breathing down their necks to prepare for their exams. As it is, M1 is sitting for her trial exam (it started yesterday) before the real big SPM exam in November, while M2 basically just have to catch up with constant revision.

While I don’t have to worry about them as the maid can take care of them, I just hope they can remain focused and prioritize what it important without getting carried away with distractions when the study police is away.

So Silly of Me

28 Aug

Of late Farm Heroes cannot be played on my iPad and I didn’t know why until two nights ago. My device was running so slow as if it’s low on juice. A quick check on the Monitor app (something I should have done earlier) showed that I had 7Gb free memory left to run. No wonder the iPad was so slow! And it has not been turned off for the last 42 days. Totally drained.

So I did a complete switch off, counted to ten and switched it on again.

And out of the blue, I tried Farm Heroes again and tadaa! The app works fine now. I never knew… so silly of me. Looks like the iPhone4 goes back to the bedside.

Can I Choose My College Now?

26 Aug

My girls are all grown up with M1 literally ready for college next year and M2 having turned 13 this year. It was several months ago when hubby was advising M1 about college choices and M2 was listening just as intently.

Soon after, M2 said to hubby,“I supposed I am going to face this talk in four years’ time, huh?” and he nodded.

She then declared, “Can I choose my college now?” thinking this would save us and her this big decision-making challenge.


Taking a Break from the Break

25 Aug

OldParrOver the weekend, I decided to just unplug as much as possible from my comforts and routine: the iPad Games, Jennifer Probst, kids, golf and even hubby. I immersed myself in my art.

My good friends managed to finish four bottles of Old Parr and handed them to me to paint. So I did.

I think the break from the break did a world of good for me in terms of self-satisfaction, appreciation of some peace and basically having some quality time to explore my creativity.

I have completed the base for two bottles and so far, so good.


Taking a Break

22 Aug

I decided to take a break today from all my iPad games, reads, kids, work and just go play golf and hang out with my golf buddies. It’s been a busy and stressful week, I think I kinda deserve the break.

Reading is Good

21 Aug

Zookeeper3I have forgotten how wonderful it is to read when my being glued to my games on the iPad consumes much of my free time. The author, Jennifer Probst, is enjoyable and creates vivid imagination with her style of story-telling! In two days, I have finished one book already and onto the second read.

Being stuck at Level 440 in Farm Heroes and Candy Crush turned out to be a blessing in disguise. For two days, I totally left my games, partly to enjoy the book I am reading and also to focus my energy on the book project that I am working on. When I went back to tackle Farm Heroes, taking a short break from reading, it was with renewed determination and I did it! Now, I face my nemesis, Rancid, at Level 441.

And the last two days, Candy Crush released its new chapter Fizzy Falls on Facebook. But this time, it required tickets for me progressed on from Glazed Grove to it; so I had to patiently wait for my fellow candy crushers to help me. And help they did. Thanks!

I guess reading has been good for I accomplished a lot. Even at work, the book project has progressed on smoothly. And… and… in Zookeeper Battle, I broke into the top ten thousand world ranking!!! Best ever position: 7938. A big yay to all these.

Back to Reading

19 Aug

The wait is unbearable for Candy Crush to open its new chapter on Facebook and Level 440 in Farm Heroes has been one tough nut to crack. On top of this patient-testing situation, I started a new book design project at the office and this has been consuming a lot of my thought process and time. So much has to be considered for the overall aesthetics of this 120-page book to look spectacular.

I need a distraction to destress but the situation of my games is not helping. Even with Zookeeper Battle, I can’t seem to focus despite peaking at 11,700 in world ranking.

So I decided to go back to reading. And for the first time, Nora Roberts is not keeping me company but another author, whom I discovered at the bookstore over the weekend. Jennifer Probst.

It’s been a good distraction so far.

A Predicament of Sorts

18 Aug

Last Friday, Farm Heroes had an update for the iPad. Thinking the instability issue that I was having might be resolved, I updated but it was a grave mistake.

The app is even worse – I can’t even go pass the orange landing page to launch! Oh dear… Oh dear… because of this, I now have to carry my old iPhone4, along with my iPhone5S and iPad Mini around.

Looking like a geek who needs two phones to be connected, I never understood these people and found them amusing. A separation of work and personal connectivity?

And now here in my case, I have joined geek-dom as I need the extra phone just to have extra lives to play Farm Heroes to bring the sheeps to the hay in Level 440.

While being a farmer has its issues and challenge, crushing candies provided some solace. The wifi at home improved somewhat and just enough for me to work on Glazed Grove over the weekend. Happy to say, I completed this chapter and now, while waiting for yet another new chapter to open on Facebook, Farm Heroes is the continued focus.

What a Silly Mistake

15 Aug

Farm Heroes continues to aggravate on the iPad. So I have not been using the iPad as far as this game is concerned. And I thought I was clever to have Farm Heroes on my old iPhone4 but I was wrong. In my obsession to play the game whenever possible, yesterday morning I guess I have not woken up thoroughly, I inadvertently pressed at the wrong spot on the tiny screen too quickly! This caused me to waste 9 gold bars to continue Level 434 when clearly, I did not have enough crops to pass that level. Haish…

As you know, I had concluded the iPhone4’s screen does look a wee bit tiny compared to my iPhone5S and this silly mistake is a testament to the tiny screen.