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Relocating Itsy

17 Feb

Three weeks ago, we decided to relocate Itsy from our garden. The initial thought that a Golden Silk Orb Weaver spider would be of good luck has not been accurate at all.

I had medical issues right after discovering Itsy in our garden. The girls said it was Itsy’s fault! Her spider powers were too much for me, sucking my energy as I took some time to recover after my medical procedures. Whether you choose to believe it or not, well, it was such a coincidence.

So, for me to get well faster, Itsy had to go. But killing it was not an option, and we decided to relocate her to the trees at the perimeters of our housing area. Thankfully, hubby managed to move her without issues using the long garden rake.

Several days ago, I went to check on her. And my goodness! I was shocked at its size, for she is now humongous!

A plump Itsy compared to her looking skinny in our garden

The new environment seems to be well-suited for her as insects are abundant. With the web being so big now, she can trap easily and eat to her fill. And with so much foliage and greens to camouflage, she is in a safe place from danger.

Good for her, looking healthy and plump. As for me, I am getting healthier too (thankfully not plump!), and good for me too! A win-win situation.