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29 Sep

It’s humbling to see the stats of my blog showing I have 18 thousand views and more than 10 thousand visitors as of yesterday. Wow! Thank you. This totally spurs me to continue writing and sharing the moments of my life.
18k eyes

Holiday’s Over

28 Sep

After a week’s break, M2 was supposed to return to school today but school’s closed because of the haze. M1, on the other hand, started Fall term last Thursday after a lengthy summer break.

It had been a somewhat unproductive week for M2 at home, watching videos mostly. Looks like this may extend for another day. Hopefully, she goes back to school tomorrow and no more videos for her. As for M1, she did some traveling afternoon one summer session and thoroughly enjoyed her break away from campus. With Fall starting, M1 has a busy and hectic term ahead.

While one is not quite back in school and one already started classes, as far as I am concerned, the holidays are over and it’s full steam ahead with studying until the next break.

Same But Different

25 Sep

I didn’t know Level 1180 of Candy Crush is different on the iPad and in Facebook on the laptop! When I arrived at this level on my iPad, I thought, “Darn! Another tough level!”

The next day I didn’t use my iPad. Instead I went straight to the laptop and was presented with a different board setup and challenge. 

“Hey, it’s not like this on the iPad!” 

At first I thought I was at a wrong level but it couldn’t be, I just completed 1179 the night before and am pretty sure I am at 1180.

With the much easier challenge, I moved on in just one attempt. Checking the same level again on the iPad, sure enough, both devices have different board setups for the same level. So if you want to take easy route, play in Facebook instead of your iPad.


Level 1180 on the iPad


Level 1180 in FB on the laptop



Was It Pity?

24 Sep

I was stuck at Level 795 of Farm Heroes for the longest time because the challenge was so ridiculously tough. Even with the aid of Airdrop, I could not gather enough water drops to pass the level. So I was on a ‘tag-team’ mode, alternating between my usual three games, Farm Heroes and the two candy games, to pass time.

But on Tuesday morning a strange thing occurred. After a round at the Farm, I noticed the requirements had lessened! Instead of 250 water drops, it changed to only 75! On top of that, the other elements also reduced, from 230 to 150!

Huh?! Why didn’t they have it like this sooner? Was this change a show of pity for me to enable my going through? Well, I am certainly not complaining for after just one round, I finally crossed Level 795. Yay.


Not a Worthy Update

22 Sep

There’s no life in my iPad

Apple recently released iOS9 and I for one, don’t usually update my devices immediately. I would wait a couple of months, read some reviews before I make any decision to update.

Now this time, I don’t know why I decided to update my iPad Mini. Oh boy. Upsets the hell out of me!

Both my iPhone5S and iPad Mini are still on iOS7.12, foregoing the last release iOS8 and I was happy with things the way they were. So again I must say I really don’t know what got the better of me and updated the iPad Mini.

It left me annoyed, upset and frustrated because my iPad crashed, died and was rendered useless, if only for a few hours. Yes, I was lost without my games. Somewhere along the download, either the connection line dropped or the jump from iOS7.12 to iOS9 was not stable, it caused the update to be disrupted. My iPad initially looked fine but it was not.

It jumped between its state of being turned on to the Apple icon and the download bar but the bar was frozen; it did not move. Unstable in other words. Initially, I could still play my games, read some news but when the switches occurred again, I thought if I did a complete shut down and switched it back on again, maybe things would right itself .

Hah. That was where I got it wrong. I could not even turn it on, reset, continue to update or restore. Uh oh… What have I done?

So I fixed it in the office thinking the home connection could be the culprit. To cut the technicalities, I managed to revive my iPad but at a price. Lost everything on it but thank goodness, the photos and whatever notes I had on it were not that critical, so I can live with this. The most annoying was the hassle of putting back my games and music. And Mail setup was the most tedious and now, after all that hassle, I find the iPad laggy. It’s so slow!!! Aaargh… so annoying when the candies drop in almost a slow motion.

Hrmph… looks like I won’t be updating my phone just yet and will definitely let things be for now. No more unnecessary updates if I can help it!

Impromptu Escapade

21 Sep

It was an impromptu decision. Feeling very accomplished after the Endurance Golf Challenge and another round of golf after that Wednesday, we decided to go to Ipoh (again) for more golf and food for the weekend. The usual group made up the numbers with the inclusion of a new recruit.

We were to meet for lunch on Friday before teeing off at 1.30pm. Lunch was good and cheap; after the satisfying meal, we made it to Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort for our first game. The resort was not crowded at all, neither was the golf course. We literally had the place to ourselves.

The haze followed us and we had dull grey skies. But did it bother us? Well, it was very humid but the company was great. Although the fairways were good, the greens were a bit inconsistent. Nonetheless, we had a good time. After the game, which we finished very early, we showered at the Club and headed towards Tanjung Tualang for seafood.

We’ve heard many stories about the famed fresh water prawns, which we ordered. Boy, were they juicy! And helluva expensive too but you only live once, so best to just enjoy it! All in all, Friday was a good start.

Then on Saturday, we all had noodles for breakfast before our second game at Kinta Golf Club. This time, it was more challenging because the course was not very well kept and we had to contend with a lot of overgrow grass. We even had to be careful for there were monitor lizards, huge ones and little ones, everywhere! As if that wasn’t enough, we encountered a brown snake under the tree where my tee off landed. I lost that ball and had a stroke added for that hole. Darn snake!

Our games ended at an odd time and we ended up having a late lunch before heading back to the house to shower and rest. Time passed by quickly and before we realized, it was dinnertime! Hey, didn’t we just ate?

So out for dinner we went. Dinner stop #1 was at Cowan Street Chicken Rice and Beansprouts which were really good. We sat down, waited for ten minutes before our order was taken; then waited another ten minutes, the food arrived. Within twenty minutes, we were done eating. Talk about fast food, this is fast food! Then we walked over to another restaurant for Dinner stop #2!!!

Yes, we had two dinners. At the second stop, we opted for seafood. By then, I could feel my waistline increasing. Oh dear, my weighing scale is gonna scream at me.

Come Sunday, all the good fun came to an end. We woke up late, had a dim sum breakfast, followed by coffee at another restaurant before making our way home. The impromptu escapade was a good decision and I hope we will do another one soon.


At Clearwater Sanctuary


Oodles of noodles!


Ready for battle at Kinta Golf Club


A hearty dim sum spread



Act Your Shoe Size

18 Sep

Hubby had this tee shirt that listed several life lessons. There were two that stood out for me.

One: act your shoe size. The other: eat dessert first.

I think once in a while it is nice to act your shoe nice, which by the way I am a seven and definitely it is very nice to eat dessert first!


Test of Endurance

17 Sep

Yesterday was a public holiday and both of us did the unusual; along with a couple hundred people to make up the 256 partcipants, we entered a 36-holes Endurance Golf Challenge, golfing from dawn to dusk.

We have never done something like this before so it was quite an experience. I figured if we were always going off for golf holidays playing three to four rounds for several days, why not try playing two rounds of 18-holes in a day instead of two days?

Initially there was concern over the haze that has enveloped the country badly. But yesterday, call it divine intervention or otherwise, there was respite and we actually had good weather. We could see some blue sky and conditions were ideal for outdoor activities.

Food stalls were set up for every three holes to fuel the participants with food and energy drinks. And we had the use of the buggy which was a good thing. If not, we would have exceeded the walking quota for the rest of the week! Also, I think I would have to be stretchered off the course sometime towards the end of the game. But this did not happen. Phew.

It was a good outing despite the usual frustrations when faced with the usual challenges of the golf course. The company was good as always, the grub provided were in abundance and the weather was not an issue.

Twelve hours later, sapped of energy but feeling very accomplished, we did it! We endured the 36-holes challenge from dawn to dusk. I take my hats off to us and to all the participants. This morning, my shoulders ached but the legs have recovered. Would we dare to repeat this experience? Hmm…

The Shoe Queen, Part 2

15 Sep

I love buying shoes. When I was in college, I had 14 pairs of shoes. A sneaker for every occasion then, I am no different now.

Lately, I find myself buying a pair of golf shoes every three weeks! It’s terrible. I’m sure I have more shoes now than my college days. After all, I work, I play golf and I do a whole lot more than just attending classes. 

Let’s see… there’s my Ferragamos (the Vara and the Artiste), my Reebok gym shoe, Adidas tennis shoes (more for walking than tennis), the Blundstone boots, my other work shoes, weekend Rockport sandals, weekday Skechers, dinner high heels and of course, my golf shoes: the Footjoy, Nike, Dunlop, Adidas, Truelinks and my latest acquisition, the Skechers GoGolf2. Not forgetting my slippers. 

Gosh… that’s a lot of footwear. I reign as the undisputed Shoe Queen!

Now I know where my girls inherited their fetish for shoes.



No Escape

14 Sep

Thinking I was very clever when I messaged my sister-in-law last week to say we changed our mind to go for the jumping party, I never saw the next move coming.

My brother called.

It is hard when your only sibling calls and you try to decline the invitation. So what choice did we have? The three of us ended up going for the jumping affair party.

There was trepidation among the three of us but we were ready to face what lies ahead. After lunch, we headed to the venue. The air was humid because the haze in back in the country creating a gloom in the air, figuratively and literally. We decided to be optimistic and just go have fun. 

Jump Street Adventure Parks is an indoor activity place where one jumps on trampolines to do exercises, play dodge ball, slam dunk basketballs, leap frog into a pit of foams and finally, do some high performance acrobat flips off the trampoline and launch unto the giant air-filled landing mattress. I was glad I attired as if I was going to the gym and thank goodness for the sports bra, for with all that jumping and bouncing, it’s not good to end up with sagging assets!

We didn’t have to worry about the excited and highly charged-up kids as there was a jump instructor with our group supervising the little ones; plus the venue was very spacious, we hardly heard them. It was kinda fun but takes a lot of coordination and effort. Yea, we did burn some calories.

But after the 2 hours of activities (I skipped some), the body can feel the aches and pains. By the next day, ooh dang, it hurts to high heaven especially the knees!


M2 leaping into the Foam Pit