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I Think It’s Kaput

31 May

Last week my 2nd generation iPod Shuffle acted up and could not be charged. And I did not think much of it as I had a busy week. Then yesterday, I remembered and decided to fix it in the office. To my horror, when I connected it to my office Mac, these messages showed up! Oh no…

 Is it the death of my Shuffle? I looked up feedbacks and support notes on the web on how to revive or reset it but to no avail. Sniff… I think it’s kaput. Should I even bother, considering it’s a second generation, quite old in this ever evolving technology times?

I like my Shuffle and can’t seem to save it. Boo hoo hoo…

A Farmer I am Not

30 May

My virtual games have been progressing well except for Farm Heroes. I am so not a farmer. After so long, I find myself frustratingly stuck at Level 881. Sigh… why?

The candy and monster games have been good with much movements the past few days. Currently sitting at Level 1680 for Candy Crush, Level 753 for Soda and Level 393 for Monster Busters. I even completed Hexa Blast, sitting at 1175, awaiting new levels to open up but this one…sigh again.

Then miracles of miracles happened right after I jot down my frustrations. I passed Level 881 by resorting to using all my tools especially the tractor because the moment presented itself. If I didn’t do it now, I would be stuck forever as this thought crossed my mind. So four tractors were used…

Joy was short lived after that as I find myself stalled again at Level 883. I am so not a farmer.

My Bathroom Scale Hates Me

27 May

The past two nights, I have been eating out instead of at home. When friends invite, we must be polite and don’t decline if we can make it, right? I had a golf game on Wednesday, followed by dinner after the game. Then on Thursday, another game and another dinner.

Tonight, yet another big feast awaits. A friend is buying dinner because she played well in a golf tournament recently. And as if these nightly dinners are not enough, a 21st birthday celebration dinner was slotted in unexpectedly for Saturday night! Four days in a row and this is culminated with yet another dinner on Sunday night to conclude my Club’s Annual Championship tournament which I participated two weeks ago.

With such frequent hearty intakes, I reluctantly stand on my bathroom scale and I can feel its disapproval. It hates me to no end. I have let it down by succumbing to all these feast. And I don’t even eat a lot. Then again if every morsel is tried in moderation, it’s still a lot and subconsciously, I can feel my waistline expanding. Not good. My personal trainer will most like have a field day grinding me to a pulp next week if she sees any change in my contours. Gulp!

We mortals are weaklings when it comes to food. A girlfriend said to me, she is on a ‘see food diet’ which is exactly what it is. Whenever she sees food, she eats because that’s her diet. I laughed so hard at her matter-of-fact explanation and wished if only my bathroom scale shared her sentiments. Sigh… my bathroom scale hates me.


The Wednesday feast


Highlight of Thursday’s dinner


The Thursday spread



26 May

Lately I find my iPad Mini (on OS 9.3.1) very unstable. In the midst of browsing on Facebook or in the thick of a candy game, it would quit the app unexpectedly and stay black for a while. Argh…

What was even more annoying was last night. I was at Level 750 of Candy Crush Soda and gleefully, I managed to pass the level only to have the iPad blacked out. Noooo….

The level that I passed was not captured. Argh…

Another Garden Visitor

24 May

Our home seems to be a sanctuary not just for us but other creatures as well. Last week, there was the squirrel. A while back, we had a bird making a nest between the branches of the potted plant placed at the car porch. 

We even have bees building a bee hive, more birds, a visiting owl, uninvited snakes, cats and of course, rats. Last night we made another discovery but it was too late to verify. 

This morning, we looked again. It’s another bird! This time, it’s high up on the tree on the front lawn of the house. A rather unusual engineering feat, the nest seems to be hanging precariously off the branch.

We used the binoculars to have a better view and to our delight, saw a black bird with orange feet fidgeting in there.

Let’s hope all’s well with Mama Bird and her babies.

Look closely to spot the hanging nest!

Garden Visitor

23 May

Every now and then, this little fella will come scurrying in the garden, looking for food. Last week when I saw him from inside, I managed to snap several pictures of him without scaring him off. It must be the same one who pops by every now and then.

Sometimes he would just run along the wall behind the hedges but on that day, he came out within the golf and ping ping balls. Official pet number one, Rooney, must have been snoring away to not sense his presence.


Exam Fever

20 May

It’s obvious that exam days are ahead as M2 has her stress mode kicked in, aches and pain plus a slight flu and fever. I don’t recall I was ever like that when I was facing exams especially during my high school days. But I do remember my panic mode with acid churning in my tummy when I was grasping at straws to complete an assignment to meet a submission deadline, be it an art project or paper to write, during my college years. I am still like this when it comes to work especially when there is a presentation deadline looming. People don’t change I guess.

I hope she will manage her stress well and plan her study schedule to keep up the good results that she achieved in the previous exam. Next week, study police duties will kick in to give her the necessary moral support.

Wonky Weather

19 May

It was a dark and stormy night literally. On Tuesday night, the rain came down when I did the evening tuition run and it got heavier towards midnight.

By two in the morning, the skies were rumbling angrily and woke me up. Mother Nature was giving a pretty impressive lightning show and at times, it was scary yet breathtaking. Been awhile since I witnessed Mother Nature doing this.

Wet days are ahead, I sighed. We had initially thought we would go walk nine-holes of golf the next morning just to rid ourselves of the work kinks but we didn’t. The fairways would be soggy and play would not be a stress reliever. I foresee less golf days ahead.

And last night, the weather was good. Wonky weather I say.

A Lively Bunch

17 May

It’s heartwarming to see these fellas swim so lively every time I walk up the stairs to pass the little aquarium. And when I peer at them, they would all swim to the front of the aquarium as if to greet me unlike the previous few who has gone to pet heaven.

We have yet to name them but M1 did suggest ‘Snickerdoodle’. Maybe I will just call all of them ‘the Snickerdoodles’!


Survival of the Fittest

16 May

The two-day Annual Championship over the weekend was tough mentally. And the weather played its role to the hilt to challenge all those playing. It would rain the night before on both days and this made the course conditions soggy and soft. In turn, this made the game plan a bit awry as club selections became questionable.

Did I survive? It depends on how you look at it. There were ups and downs. I was prepared for the weather, bringing extra shoes and shirt onto the buggy in case the weather worsened. But this did not happen. What we had on game day itself was rather nice temperatures that turned hot only towards the end of the game. Although hot, it was not enough to dry the fairways on time.

Looking back on day one, I think I held up because I did not have any fear and stuck to my game plan to ‘play against myself and not the others’. I also managed the heat well, something I don’t do often. I now see that when you are playing against yourself and not your opponents, ego does not get in the way and the approach becomes more sensible. It stabilises the thoughts and the course management becomes better. So what went wrong? Several club selection mistakes cost me but my good putting saved the day. 

I think overall, the field of players struggled; maybe nerves played a role here besides the soft fairways. Of course the stronger players prevailed better than the rest. It was really survival of the fittest. 

The next day, the course conditions were the same. Play was slightly better but there were still problems like wrong club choice and unfortunately this time, my putting let me down. Sigh…. don’t know why I can’t have it all good all the time. 

My result on the second day was only a stroke better because my putting was not up to it. I think the problem came about when I started having doubts and fear. All the ‘what ifs’ came to mind. What if I was not firm or too firm? It’s a downhill. Hmm. Oh no, I missed, I need to charge back up. How much strength to putt now? All these zipping in the mind, playing mind games. It was not necessary but it happened. Self-inflicted I would say.

Thankfully when it came to crossing all the water challenges on my phobia holes, I did not allow fear to get the better of me. And I conquered all those holes. So what went wrong? It was when I doubted myself at chipping and especially putting that mistakes were made.

Mental strength and confidence are two very important aspect of this game, not just the physical or the course management. I can’t say for everyone who participated but what I learnt the past two days has gained me more insights to how I should play my game better. It was a good experience and made me look at a different perspective on how I have been approaching my game all this while. I do relish in the challenge although at times, the tension was not necessary, the camaraderie was just nice without being irritating and the laughter after the games was a good relief.

Will I participate again next year after all the ups and downs? It’s part and parcel of the game and especially more so when it’s an official tournament. I survived and would like to think I came out stronger from it so yes, definitely, I will participate next year.