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DIY Project #21, Part 2

2 Nov

I decided to work on the micro-miniature-in-a-box for my 21st DIY project. After the experience with project number 17, which resulted in me deviating to several other projects, a small and easy miniature is logical to maintain my interest in crafting these little things.

And so far, it is going well. Although I stopped a couple of days for golf and even went out for meals and shopping, the pace is not lost. I should be able to complete the set before the weekend is here! Yay.

Slowly but surely, it’s coming along!

Back On Track

3 May

Now that the month of April is over for all the birthday celebrations, I am back on track to continue with the 16/8 diet to achieve my target goal weight. Last week when we went away to Awana Genting to celebrate my birthday, there was a lot of eating and drinking. But there was also a lot of exercise and activities to offset the intake; so the weight gain was only a 0.2lbs increment. Minimal I’d say.

In fact, it was the week before the getaway that the weight spiked. Thanks to my beer intake when we visited the Carlsberg brewery. Sigh…

I was skeptical this morning when I stood on the bathroom scale, thinking I wouldn’t do too good this week to shed all that weight gained. Up to last night, the numbers didn’t look encouraging.

So it was indeed a pleasant surprise when the numbers showed a mere 0.3lbs away from my target goal! Oh yay. This is even better than the last good achievement, which was 0.7lbs from target. I actually lost weight, a net loss of 1.6lbs after deducting the 0.2lbs gained at the start of the week. Awesome.

I attribute this achievement to total discipline this week, eating healthy lunches, snacking on nuts and not cookies, lots of water and light dinners. Plus a golf game on Wednesday morning because of the Labor Day public holiday helped burn some calories. This is so motivating.

So if all goes as planned, I should be able to achieve my target goal weight next week. Discipline is the key here. Then I will reset with a new target to lose another 6.0lbs before the end of the month. I can do it!

Finding a Balance

15 May

It used to be when we went out for dinner on Saturday nights, it was easy to order our food once we decide what to dine on. When M1 was still around, with the four of us, we had the numbers to eat what we fancied. Choice was only the challenge rather than portions.

Now that M1 has gone off to university, it has become difficult for the three of us as far as portions are concerned. We are small eaters and it becomes a big challenge especially if we decide on Western cuisine. Two mains and two appetizers are definitely too much, what more three mains? But one main and two appetizers are not enough! How do we deal with this?

We are still trying to figure it out.

Let’s Eat Something Nice!

29 Nov

Saturday nights are our eat-out nights and it is always a challenge to find something nice to eat. This has become our pattern ever since the extra music classes and busy Saturday chauffeuring duties ended several months ago. And now that the school holidays have started, it is a must to eat out.

“Let’s eat something nice!” M2 enthused.

“Have we ever been to a place that serves food that’s not nice?” Hubby asked.

“Have you ever seen places advertising that they don’t use the freshest products?” He went on.

Put it this way, well, most of our gastronomic experiences have been nice. If it wasn’t, I’d think it’s personal. After all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.