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What Can I Eat? Part 3

5 Jul

I have never in my wildest dreams thought I would be in a coffee- and alcohol-free situation. I used to live on Coke and Oreos for the caffeine and sugar kick in college and later, thrived on coffee in my professional working life. Then there’s alcohol, a totally different story but not now.

It’s been three months since my laparoscopic surgery and five months since the colonoscopy. Life has resumed with normal activities and recently, I have even gone back to an occasional alcoholic drink or two but not as much as before. Moderation is the key.

Somehow for coffee, I just can’t get back to drinking it on a regular basis. I am not complaining though, I am happy with my decaf Earl Grey.

Health wise, I have maintained my weight which is good but I find I have lost some core strength. Lack of gym sessions to build this back? This is especially very obvious when I play golf because all my distances are off by 10 meters! To compensate this, I have to use a club stronger. Oh well, as long as I can still play golf, I should be thankful.

Initially, within a month from the laparoscopy, I felt fine and pain free. But now, three months later, my pain problems have returned.

One is never cured from Endometriosis unfortunately. I suspect it could be a new round of build up because I have been careful with what I eat. I guess I need to be even more careful all over again if I don’t want to suffer.

The immediate thing to do is to manage the diet by eliminating food that will imbalance the oestrogen. And when the chemical reactions are reduced with a controlled diet, it curtails the Endometriosis the chance to grow and reduces the many symptoms linked to it.

Also I checked again on the list of food to avoid and found out I got my info incorrect on soy products the last time. It’s unfermented soy based foods (like soy milk and soy cheese) that are not good for me, so actually tofu, miso and soy sauce are okay. Thank goodness.

Don’t be surprised if I lose another kilo or two the next few months because it looks like I  shouldn’t be on an in-moderation diet but a restrictive one all over again to manage the pain levels. Sigh…

I Used to Drink This

21 May

It was a hot day and I had just gone out to run an errand. Upon returning to the office, I felt a cold drink was appropriate over my usual green tea. So I opened the pantry fridge and, of all choices, decided on a can of Coke. It’s been a long time since I last drank this soda. Oh well, why not? I need a sugar rush anyway; I justified the choice.

So popped the can I did and drank it. After a while, the drink tasted like cardboard. Strange. I used to enjoy Coke.

Back in the dinosaur days, I loved Coca-Cola. During my college days, it was my lifeline in between classes; a can of a Coke and some Oreo cookies. Not the healthiest but it fueled me and kept me going. Nowadays, it is a drink I avoid if possible. With all those stories I hear and read especially about that 8 spoons of sugar in a can, I’d think twice first.

I am amazed that I used to drink this.


A New Currency

26 Jul

With four hours to kill before our final connecting flight, I needed a drink. My brother bought me a Pepsi (they don’t have Coke) and received Chiclets chewing gum as change!