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So Intense

2 Oct

It’s been a long time since I was last creatively challenged. I guess I have not been working intensely enough. My current design project has left me brain-drained night after night. 
The last super intense project that I can recall had me far worse off than now was ten years ago! The client never left me alone, chasing me right now to when I returned from a family vacation from Melbourne. The minute I landed and switched on my mobile, the phone rang! Aargh… Situation like this you remember a lifetime.

Six months after I finally completed that project, I discovered a patch of white hair at the lower right back of my skull. Creative patch, literally? Evidence of all the dead creative cells, that’s for sure!

While the current project has not resulted in any white patch (yet), it is not taking six months either. It is more of the creative differences within this short intense week that are enough to drain me and give me a splitting headache every night. Sigh…

I hope this will end soon so that I can resume my non-exciting life of crushing candies and playing golf.


26 May

Of late the weather has been very unpredictable. This time of the year, we are supposed to be experiencing hot and dry conditions but no, it has been raining. Yesterday it poured like crazy. Unlike over the weekend, my golf club held its Annual Championship tournament and we had excellent weather. 

Weather aside, I think we are charged up from the event, my golf buddies and I plan to play another game this Thursday. But I am worried about the possibility of rain and commented about it, to which my golf buddy said, “Touchwood.”

This brought out a little giggle in me as it made me recall the last time when this word was used…

I cannot remember why but I clearly remembered M1 reaching over and smacking M2’s head lightly.

I glared at her. 

“I’m touching wood,” she explained referring to M2’s head being the wood. Such sisterly love.

So now whenever “Touchwood” is mentioned, I feel like smacking my own head in remembrance of the girls’ antic.

Should I Be Worried?

15 Jan

It’s been a week already and the Blundstone parcel has yet to arrive. Should I be worried? Should I write back to Customer Service to inquire? Will I sound too anxious or silly if I did so?

Maybe it’s not their fault. It could be the courier service or even the customs holding back the box for inspection. To be fair to Blundstone, they have already done a great job to make a customer (me) happy by sending a replacement pair of boots without questions. To give the situation the benefit of the doubt, maybe I should just drop them an email to just ask nicely for the tracking number of the parcel.

I realized I shouldn’t be too impatient and should first trace back the email before doing anything rash. That was when I saw my mistake.

Oops. My bad.

This is so embarrassing. In my excitement, I read that the parcel will arrive in two to three days’ time when in fact it was to take this length of time to prepare the shipment to send out; the parcel will actually take two to three weeks to arrive. It is indeed silly me, worrying for nothing! Haish…

Customer Service at Its Best

6 Jan

After I posted my Blundstone boots issue on their Facebook page in December, guess what? There was a response. They replied to my post by providing an email and request that I email to their Customer Service and a rep will be contacting me to assist with my inquiry directly.

With this positive lead, yesterday I emailed to their Customer Service to highlight my plight. Honestly, all I wanted to know is how or where I can get original soles to replace the damaged ones to salvage the boots because throwing away (the boots) was not an option.

But they provided more than a solution! They replied to my email within a few hours, explained a little bit on Hydrolysis (which was what happened to my boots) and asked me for my shoe size, confirming again the shoe style (model) and requested for a mailing address so that they can send me a spanking new pair of replacement boots! No questions asked, no investigation, no query. Super wowzer! How about that? I was ecstatic!!!

This is definitely customer service at its best for I never expected such an outcome. Hats off to you, Blundstone!!!

I received notification this morning that the parcel is being despatched today and it should arrive in two to three days’ time. I await for the arrival of my new Blundstone Style 550 eagerly. Be still my beating heart!

2014 in review

31 Dec

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,200 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

It’s Somewhat an Update

4 Nov

I have finally managed to go beyond Toffee Tower. This means the iPad is not required as far as Candy Crush is concerned because Boneyard Bonanza and several more new chapters are only available on the laptop, not the iPad. Sigh.

Also soon after the questionable update, the app righted itself. The new game, Candy Crush Soda, now appears on the iPad as an icon below Odus’s Dreamworld icon. It wasn’t there before immediately after the update. That’s why I couldn’t see where the update was.

However, it is still in ‘Coming Soon’ mode, I cannot play it as well. Double sigh. In short, the recent update is basically a prelude of a new game within the game. When? Coming soon!


OMG! It’s So Small

15 Jul

It’s been awhile since I looked at my old iPhone4. After all, I have my not-so-new-anymore iPhone5S to keep me connected. Two weeks ago, M1 asked if I could download an app on the iPhone4 for her to play. Rummaging for the phone from my drawer (it still has not been claimed), I found it and turned it on.

Oh My God. I was aghast at how small the screen was! It’s so tiny, almost bordering on cute. And I found it unfathomable how I had managed with it then, having gotten used to my slightly bigger screen iPhone5S. Amazing what an extra half inch can do for a person.

When I told hubby how I felt, he thought I had clearly forgotten my stance on my devices. Didn’t I profess my love and loyalty to my iPhone4 before? Wasn’t I dead set not to change? Well… people can change.


On the Road

2 May

After breakfast, we were on our to Southlinks Country Club but was caught in a jam. Are we surprised? Batam it seems has flourished and there’s a lot of vehicles on the road.

It’s Deciding for Me

18 Apr


I thought all was fine with my iPhone4 after the last few scares; maybe it could last and I don’t have to give it up so soon. But I guess I spoke too soon! Last week, it blacked out on me again at a critical Kodak-moment! I was right about to capture the amazing birthday cake presented at an uncle’s birthday dinner when the phone froze and the Apple icon appeared before a black screen! Aaaargghhhh…. the cake was cut and I do not have a picture of the amazing cake intact. Hrmph…

I was annoyed to say the least. Hubby was sympathetic and suggested that night I should just have the new iPhone5S charged up, ready to be used instead of having to wait until my birthday to open the box.

My dear iPhone4, I love you but you chose your destiny.

At a Crossroad

10 Apr

I love my iPhone4. It doesn’t matter that it is three years old and has a screen smaller than those gargantuan Samsung models, I love my phone. But lately, I think my phone does not love me anymore.

It has been acting up, as if in revolt and hinting at retirement. Why? Why do this to me? It’s not as if I have overworked it to a pulp, playing games and draining its battery or stabbing at the screen to death. I do that only with my iPad Mini. The phone is strictly for taking pictures, checking emails, sending text messages and occasionally skimming the headlines. So I really don’t understand.

It would blackout and the Apple icon would appear. Stays this way for awhile then reverts back to its standby mode as though it’s perfectly normal and nothing unusual. This occurred several times. Then the clincher came last week… I had 50 per cent of battery life left when it suddenly pulled the blackout act. Then a new revolt! The battery icon appeared, followed by the charging icon! Eeeeks! What is going on? Showed I was zero, nil, zilch in battery life and I needed to charge it up.

I was stumped yet amazingly calm unlike the first time it blacked out on me, I freaked and felt as if my arm got ripped from my body. Maybe I have gotten used to its antics by now?

At this point, I feel I am at a crossroad: I love my phone but do I stick with it still or should I just upgrade to the iPhone5S? A friend suggested that I should wait until the launch of the next model, rumored to be towards the end of the year with a bigger screen and such but can my beloved last until then? I can wait but my phone may not last with its mind of its own acting like this. Alternatively, I could have it fixed or diagnosed to right the problem.

Whatever I decide, hubby and the children knows I have been eyeing the 5S champagne model since its launch but I am in no hurry to get it yet. Then again with my silly phone pulling such stunts lately, I may decide sooner than later.