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The Drama Queen Strikes Again!

28 May

It’s exam time this week and the Drama Queen in M2 has surfaced. Bouts of illness has struck and the agony in studying has also surfaced. This reminds me of the time when she sat for her big exam two years ago.

Rewind to two years ago…

Anxious to hear her feedback from the first day’s papers, I called home to check on her. “So how did it go?” I asked.

“It was ok. No, it was awful cos I kept coughing and snort kept coming out,” M2 complained.

“Aww…” my heart sank.

“Then it was so uncomfortable as my cough made me not focused, I almost blacked out,” she went on.

“Oh dear…” I think my heart fell to my feet. “That bad ah?”

“Ya…” she concluded.

Speechless and not expecting such news, I told her to take a hot shower, take some medication for the cough and flu and then rest. Feeling uneasy, I shared the news with the hubby. At this point, I don’t know if it’s the Drama Queen or for real. Am I over reacting? The sudden bout of illness became more evident in the morning of the first exam day. She was fine on Monday and the day before!

So hubby called home again and spoke to M2.

“So how did it go?” his turn to query.

“Ok laa,” she said and went on to say one language paper was easy as questions were familiar; she’d done them before. The other language paper was manageable albeit a bit tough and the Math paper, she didn’t know how to tackle two questions. All in all, it was okay.

This was not how she told me! I’ve been had again by the Drama Queen. Hrmph.