Jinx of the Grapes

2 Nov

Like many people, we enjoy fruits, all kinds of fruits except grapes. Whole grapes are considered a jinx for us because to us, it is a fruit that is eaten only by the sick, not the healthy ones. If everyone at home are well and healthy, we do not eat grapes to avoid falling sick.

You don’t see people bringing grapes when visiting other healthy people, do you? But grapes are something people usually bring when visiting the sick, whether at the hospital or homes. I’m not trying to be mean but that’s the reality of grapes.

I simply would not buy grapes no matter how nice and enticing they can be on the shelves.

So I don’t know what got into me last week when I bought two containers of grapes. Not just one but two. Unbelievable! And guess what? Whether one chooses to believe or not, the jinx struck. M2 fell sick the very next day!

Not just sick but so sick to the core (two containers remember?) with a viral infection that caused vomiting and diarrhoea; it has been terrible beyond words causing M2 to miss school for three days.

This incident just reaffirmed my belief that we always get jinxed by grapes. Sigh… I should have known better than to make that purchase.

We better finish the two containers quickly before another person succumbs to an illness the next few days. Coincidentally, we spoke to M1 yesterday and she said she’s sick too. I asked her if she bought grapes? She said she did!

Told you, grapes are a jinx. At least for us. Sigh… hope both girls recover soon.

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