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I Used to Drink This

21 May

It was a hot day and I had just gone out to run an errand. Upon returning to the office, I felt a cold drink was appropriate over my usual green tea. So I opened the pantry fridge and, of all choices, decided on a can of Coke. It’s been a long time since I last drank this soda. Oh well, why not? I need a sugar rush anyway; I justified the choice.

So popped the can I did and drank it. After a while, the drink tasted like cardboard. Strange. I used to enjoy Coke.

Back in the dinosaur days, I loved Coca-Cola. During my college days, it was my lifeline in between classes; a can of a Coke and some Oreo cookies. Not the healthiest but it fueled me and kept me going. Nowadays, it is a drink I avoid if possible. With all those stories I hear and read especially about that 8 spoons of sugar in a can, I’d think twice first.

I am amazed that I used to drink this.