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Why Aren’t You Studying?

8 May

There was a time I called myself the Study Police. My duty was to ensure that M2 in particular (I didn’t have to worry about M1) would be bogged down with her books and studied until her brains oozed with instant answers in preparation for upcoming exams. Trust me, it was very stressful for both her and me.

But last year, the national education system changed, the school had to follow suit and suddenly, my Study Police role became obsolete. Things are now less exam-based. However, every now and then I will still need to check on her. Like last night.

“Why aren’t you studying? Why is the iPod in your hands?” I asked.

“I am,” M2 replied me, “I am studying.”

“With the iPod?” Disbelief in my voice.

“Yes. I am studying Pixar story plots.”

Ka-doosh. M2 at her best yet again!