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Lady Luck Strikes Again

1 Apr

Sometimes when we join golf tournaments, it is not just the will to want to play well but to gain competition experience to be a better player. How to manage our emotions on the golf course, have good course management, know our ability and hit shots sensibly, yet at the same time, play without fear. To win a club-organized tournament is icing on the cake and a booster to our confidence.

But being social golfers, our competitive drive is not quite at that level to win tournaments. So we aim for the next thing, which is to win the lucky draw during the prize presentation after the game.

Last Sunday, after returning from Forest City a day earlier, I participated in the Greensome tournament organized by my golf club. My partner and I started well but faded midway. It was a case of could-have and what-if. Our combined handicap was 15, and we returned with a three-over for our net score, far below other pairs that played better and scored well under their combined handicaps. Oh well, it was a good experience.

But all is not lost as there’s the lucky draw after the prize presentation! There is still hope to win something. And win we did, woohoo! Lady luck has been kind to me, this being my second time in three months winning something at the lucky draw during competitions. The first time was iron covers; this time, a golf travel bag.

And now that borders are opening for most countries and traveling abroad is picking up, the travel bag will come in handy, not that I don’t have one already, for a golfing trip abroad. But my recent experience at Forest City Golf Resort has superseded any travel ideas abroad for golf. Then again, we’ll keep our options open. Thailand?

Forest City Golf Resort

28 Mar

Forest City Golf Resort is a lovely golf resort. But I have to say there aren’t many choices within the resort as far as dining is concerned. Nonetheless, food is not the main highlight of this trip, as there is much to share of the two golf courses – the Legacy Course and Classic Course.

Each course has its characteristics, appeal, and challenge. Being there for the first time, we were unaware of the layout at times, as we did not have a caddy to guide us. But since buggies are allowed on the course, this predicament was not a big issue. We had all the time in the world, and at times, a short drive up to see the layout was necessary before hitting our shots.

Both courses had very pristine fairways, even the roughs along the way. The ball floats nicely on top, and it is not difficult to get out from the rough. The tee boxes were a joy as they were even and had carpet-like quality grass. As for the greens, it wasn’t as fast as touted. But all in all, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

There is hardly a blade of grass out of place on the fairways. The only thing messing up the perfect condition was an unexpected bird poop I spotted on our second day. It was indeed jarring to the overall greenery of the golf course. Even the wasteland features were immaculate.

The eye-sore bird poop on the fairway!

The only thing we did not enjoy was the annoying crows. They were very aggressive, following us throughout each game and coming in packs to hoover in our buggy, looking for food, which we did not have. I suspect they have honed their senses to zero in for grub. After all, the resort is four years old, and the crows have been around since its inception. I was glad for the sanitizer provided by the resort, and I used it on the buggy each time after shooing the crows away.

The golf course is as good, if not better, as some of the golf courses in Thailand without the price tag and long journeys that include flying and taxi rides. For us, it’s only a four-hour drive with allowance to detour for a meal and time to spare to settle down before the allotted afternoon tee-off slot on the first day.

We will make another trip down south again soon, very soon.

Dang! She’s Good, Part 2

18 Sep

I don’t recall English classes during the dinosaur years in high school was fun although I remember the teacher back then was nice and I liked her. Homework assignments were dull and boring. Ho hum.

English classes during college was certainly more fun and entertaining. But as far as I can remember, it was all about writing, creative writing and more writing.

Unlike M2’s recent English class assignment. It certainly was very different and a lot more fun because the class had to cook. English class, cooking? Go figure!

The teacher grouped the students and each group had to choose a country to research on culture, economy and food. How this related to the language was probably the written and oral, and definitely perked up the class to stay interested.

The students then had weekly show and tell sessions and the ultimate presentation was the food; each group had to cook something during class at the Home Science workshop to showcase the country’s food.

M2’s group chose Thailand. It was all very interesting (they made Pad Thai, Banana pancake and Thai Iced Tea) but what impressed me more was the cooking menu that M2 drew.

Such meticulous details and skill! Even I can’t draw like that I must admit. I think the girl has potential to pursue art, specifically illustration.

Happy Anniversary

1 Sep

What?! It’s that time of the year again for us to gush over the year that has gone by and add another notch to the marriage. Didn’t we just meet at a recent graduation party in Queens, New York? Or was that eons ago? Goodness, no wonder I feel more and more like a dinosaur.

Last year, being the 20th anniversary–a special milestone–we went off to Khao Yai, Thailand but this year, only a simple dinner which was a short drive away from home. Have we mellowed and lost our sense of wanderlust? Why not another faraway trip like before? Could it be a 21st anniversary is not as big a deal as a 21st birthday? 

Truth is, we did talked about going somewhere but we couldn’t decide – golf trip versus a beach getaway. So nothing came out of this indecision. I guess we are fine to stay put in the end. So yesterday, a simple early dinner sufficed to mark the occasion and we even included M2.

It was cozy, quiet and nice until the crowd came in. Well, another year, another milestone, another strand or two of white hair on the crown…

Happy anniversary hubby!


Yes, We Are Going Away

24 Feb

I wouldn’t say this was impromptu nor was it planned months before; we just decided we needed to go away. Enough festive eating and celebration, a time away to realign ourselves to ourselves.

We are off to Phuket this time, a first for us as it has always been Bangkok for us whenever Thailand comes to mind.

There will be golf, of course and food. I guess the eating cannot be avoided but with golf thrown in, I think there is lesser guilt.

Looking forward to this first getaway of the year!

The Second Game

31 Aug

It was a lazy day yesterday after returning from Toscana Valley. A dip in the pool we did (Brr… The water was cold!), a snooze to recuperate and basically we just relaxed. Dinner was simple, pastas and a creme brûlée accompanied by Singha beer. Today we will play our second game at Kirimaya Golf Club.

I’ve been to Kirimaya once with the big group I mentioned earlier and really enjoyed the course. So it’s befitting to revisit and enjoy it again with hubby. I opted for an afternoon tee off for us so it’s an unhurried morning with a long heavy breakfast before we make our way there.

It should be a good game, the sun is not out and the surrounding cool. Being a Monday, I hope it won’t be crowded. We can probably finish quite fast. Yesterday, we clocked exactly four hours for our game. The front nine was very fast but when we crossed over, there was a flight in front of us. Every other hole, we had to wait which affected the momentum slightly. Even then with this hiccup, we completed in four hours, which was very good. 

Let’s see how we fare later.

Not Typically Thai

29 Aug

Our first night in Khao Yai and where did we go for dinner? Khao Yai Cowboy Steak House! Hahahaha…

We picked all three choices from the recommended list. Although not the most authentic in Thai flavors save for the fish and Singha, dinner was actually good.

The accompanying chili was explosive. A little dip in it with the pork knuckle was enough to put the mouth on fire!

Glen Campbell was belting out the ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ over the speakers then Dolly and Kenny came on before the band members came on stage to prepare for their live performance. Hard to believe we are in Khao Yai.

We are calling in the night early. Tomorrow, let the golf begin!


Yes, Thailand Again

29 Aug

I didn’t want to bore with the usual humdrums of the trip. Yes, we are in Thailand again but not in Bangkok city itself but at Khao Yai. I thought for a change, it would be nice to be away at a different destination that offered the same things we enjoy but a different surrounding.

This is my second time in Khao Yai, a first for hubby. The last I came here, I was with a big group of golfers and thoroughly enjoyed the several golf courses. I decided hubby should enjoy the area as well, hence the choice.

Unlike Bangkok, Khao Yai is less crowded but with equally excellent golf courses. My last two days at work was rather busy to the point I was semi-stressed while hubby is always stressed. So the timing of this trip is good for the soul and for us to destress.

There was a half hour delay in departure resulting in us arriving an hour late. But we cleared immigration and got our bags rather fast. The two plus hour journey from the airport to the hotel was rather smooth. Although the day started early, I am not that tired, I just can’t wait to tee off!

The hotel, Botanica Khao Yai is a five star resort. Lovely, intimate and totally indulgent, our room comes with a private plunge pool. A bit different from our usual golf trips, well, once in a while, we should reward ourselves. I live by the philosophy ‘work hard, play harder’.

We go for an early dinner tonight.


Where Shall We Go?

25 May

The mid-term school holidays are coming up and this will be the first time, if we decide to go somewhere, it is just the three of us.

The last time the family traveled together, prior to M1’s leaving for university, was to Bangkok, Thailand. It is weird to plan now. Where shall we go?

Bangkok? Again? We were just there. Bali? Nah… Been there. Hong Kong? Too hot. London? Certainly not. Singapore? Hmm…

For every destination that comes to mind, M2 would have a comment and we feel incomplete without M1 around. Maybe we should just stay put and enjoy the comforts of home.

It’s Different

2 May

We have gone off for many golfing trips with Thailand topping the list as the preferred destination. This time it is a first to Tawau, Sabah. It is only Day 2 and I can feel the difference. Somehow one just cannot compare but just experience the moment in time.

Car rides are shorter within Tawau. Maybe because everything is closer and it is not like we are going from one far end to another like in Thailand. As for the golf course, well, every club is sculpted differently by different architects and nature, so the challenges cannot be compared. While some can be easy, some can be challenging; sometimes it is not just the course but the company as well. As for food, it is also very different.

Today we will play at Shan Shui Golf & Country Club and after that, eat at a different venue.