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7 May

Going away was good and bad. Good because of the company, golf and food. Bad because wifi connection was quite a hassle, therefore communicating with both M1 and M2 was sparse, what more playing my virtual games online. We had to log in daily and each time only one device was allowed. Phone or iPad? Hassle indeed.

The week before the trip to Tawau, I made much progress for my virtual games but was stalled at Level 908 for Candy Crush and at Level 737 for Farm Heroes. And for Candy Crush Soda, issues cropped up while in Tawau.

I made it to Level 345 on the iPad but not on my iPhone. As wifi was such a hassle, I couldn’t move on and my devices were not in sync. When I finally managed to solve this, taking turns to log in my devices, I was appalled to find that the app was not updated! Either way, I was stuck and it was most frustrating.

Now that I am back, I am at my games with a vengeance. Candy Crush is now at Level 914, Candy Crush Soda at Level 351 but Farm Heroes is still at Level 737. Bummer.