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What Are the Girls Up To

26 Jun

The school holidays have ended and M2 is back in school. During the two weeks, we didn’t do much except for that two day-trip excursions. And although on break, M2 would still go to school for cheer practice when we went to the office. It became a routine albeit a short one and not too cumbersome.

As for M1, she has finished her Junior year at University and is now having her Summer holidays. She has opted not to come home though but to work for her Professor at the Lab on campus instead. It will be a good experience. Come Fall, M1 will start her Senior year and M2 will be in the final stages of preparation for the year-end big exam.

Dang… they grow up so fast.

The School Holidays are Here

19 Mar

The week long school holidays are here and M2 is getting no rest. She will be busy with activities and having replacement classes in school on top of doing her revision at home. As such, we are staying put. It’s okay though because there’s so much to do with so much wood available.

We may indulge her with an occasional dinner outside instead of the usual home-cooked meals or we may even catch a movie, just to give her a little break from all that studying.

Bored to Tears

1 Dec

The year-end school holidays has just started and M2 is bored to tears staying at home. She claims that there’s nothing to do. So for that, I insisted that she should continue to do her revision daily because next year is an important exam year for her. Make use of the time at home rather than idle away doing nothing.

I don’t remember facing the same predicament when I was 16 because I had my tree to climb, the garden to play in and lovely weather to be outdoors during the dinosaur years. Unfortunately in this era, the tree in the garden is not worthy to be climbed, the garden is soggy and it’s been raining constantly. I guess I cannot fault her for complaining.

Well, thank goodness today is yet another public holiday so she’s getting a break. We are taking a short day trip to discover a new town using the new elevated highway that was officially opened just two days ago. And of course, road trips that we take usually include food and discovery of more food! Hopefully this will quell the boredom.

Oh my waistline is all I can say…

After the School Break

27 Mar

Last week it was the first school break of the year for M2. Daughter dearest was in a bind. Although the thought of going away with us sounded very tempting, she was fretting she needed to prepare for the upcoming exams, scheduled on the Monday (today) when she goes back to school. A sign of the young one having grown up and being responsible? It used to be given a break over the books, the break was chosen.

We were also in a bind. While we were tempted to go away, bringing her along, this would result in her not having any time to study. How does one enjoy whilst on holiday? It doesn’t work this way.

So in the end we stayed put. And I must say we were impressed with her dedication to prepare for the upcoming exams throughout the whole week. Let’s hope the results would yield with the efforts put in.

Times Have Changed, Part 3

18 Nov

It’s situations like these that remind me of my dinosaur status and how times have changed. Sigh… these days school-going teenagers are purposely skipping school especially after exams. Not so much to go out but to stay home instead. Yes, M2. When her big exam was over, according to her, there is no reason to go to school anymore! What?! I don’t even remember M1 doing this when she was still here.

When I was a school-going teenager, skipping school was not even an option. No ifs, ands or buts about it as there was no negotiation with Mom and Dad whether I could give school a miss. And I don’t recall being sick qualified an absence. Also during the dinosaur era, there were no distractions like these days – the internet and smart phones, to want to skip school.

Going to school was fun especially after the exams because I could be with all my friends to pass the time. We could talk or play all we want, do fun things or nothing, and not worry about studying or homework. We could even be silly and brave in front of even the most fierce teacher because we knew we would be forgiven when the school holidays kicked in. Aaahh… Those were the days. Innocent and carefree dinosaur days.

These days? Going to school after the exams are no fun for M2 because according to her, none of her friends would go and she would be bored to death. She pointed out that there’s nothing to do, the friendliest teachers are always busy and there’s no one to talk to. Geez… making it sound as if she has been banished to no man’s land and is the only lonely surviving soul! 

So being at home is better because in this comfort zone, she and her friends are able to do Skype sessions with each other, hang out virtually to listen to music, watch a movie together or just talk the whole day! Unbelievable. Why can’t they just interact in person at school? I cannot understand them.

With six weeks of holidays ahead, today being the last day of school and us busy with work, it looks like this pattern of activity will continue… unless we go away again for a family road trip or escapade… Hmm.

Times Have Changed

9 Jun

I look at M2 now having her school holidays and can’t help but reminisce what I did during my school holidays when I was 15 dinosaur years ago. 

Frankly, I don’t recall doing what she is doing now – sleeping in every morning (Mom would have my hide!), having late brunches, staying indoors as much as possible and surrounded by all the Apple devices: the iPhone to talk to friends on WhatsApp, the iPad for some playtime in between the studying at the dining table in the afternoon, the iPod and MacBook Air for goodness knows what else.

I do remember watching a fair bit of TV, playing with my dog in the garden, climbing my favorite tree, whacking a few tennis balls against the wall of the car porch, talking to imaginary friends and occasionally talking to a real friend on the house telephone. Half the time I was outdoors and never once I sat at the dining table to study!

Yep, times have changed. Gone are the days when one simply enjoys the outdoors, breathe in the fresh air and not worry about keeping up. It was always a happy-go-lucky situation. Nowadays, it’s a constant worry to keep up, staying connected and being indoors!

Where Shall We Go?

25 May

The mid-term school holidays are coming up and this will be the first time, if we decide to go somewhere, it is just the three of us.

The last time the family traveled together, prior to M1’s leaving for university, was to Bangkok, Thailand. It is weird to plan now. Where shall we go?

Bangkok? Again? We were just there. Bali? Nah… Been there. Hong Kong? Too hot. London? Certainly not. Singapore? Hmm…

For every destination that comes to mind, M2 would have a comment and we feel incomplete without M1 around. Maybe we should just stay put and enjoy the comforts of home.

Eh, Dude!

17 Jun

During the recent two-week school holidays, the girls have been talking funny. They’d go, “Eh, Dude!” while addressing each other. Could it be that M2 is now a teenager too and this is teen talk? I don’t recall my teenage years addressing my only sibling like this even though he was a guy and here, my children are going like this – both being girls, mind you.

I overheard their conversation and was appalled at how they were addressing each other. “My goodness! How can you call each other ‘Dude!'” I reprimanded them, “You’re girls and sisters! Be nicer.”

The next thing I knew, “Yo bro!”

I give up.

Things to Do During the School Holidays

18 Nov

School holidays are always tough to manage when we have to work and the girls don’t have school. The year-end school holidays has started and hopefully, both M1 and M2 will find things to occupy their minds until school resumes in January. After all, they are now older and technology is at their disposal. But it will be a different story if we go on a holiday.

When they were 6 and 10 years old, we used to send them over to grandma’s daily when we did not have a lived-in maid (then) to care for them while we went to the office.

Being girls and hanging out with their cousin sisters, they did this to M2…


M2 subjected to the new hairdo!

And got carried away and ended up with this!


Another angle…

I don’t think they will resort to this these days though…

Can You Wake Us Up?

19 Aug

Whenever there is a school holiday break and we don’t go away, the girls would tend to sleep in because it is, well, the school holidays. But sometimes it irks me because they would sleep in until it is almost lunchtime. I would have to remind them constantly not to practice such lazy habits. So they tell me, “Wake us up then, ok?” “Sure,” I said.

The next morning, I would open their room door with much fanfare and go, “Rise and shine! Wakey… Wakey, Rise and shine!” in the most boring and irritating monotonous drone, there would be groans and resentment towards this wake up call.

“C’mon girls, wakey! Wakey! It’s nine already and I am going to the office soon!”

“Mummy, you’re so noisy!” M1 accused. “Must you do the ‘Rise and Shine’ line?”

Well, excuse me….

But as the school holidays are over and it’s back to school today, thank goodness they managed to wake up this morning despite sleeping late last night out of their usual habit over the last two weeks or possibly, out of excitement they will be seeing their friends again.