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Customer Service at Its Best

6 Jan

After I posted my Blundstone boots issue on their Facebook page in December, guess what? There was a response. They replied to my post by providing an email and request that I email to their Customer Service and a rep will be contacting me to assist with my inquiry directly.

With this positive lead, yesterday I emailed to their Customer Service to highlight my plight. Honestly, all I wanted to know is how or where I can get original soles to replace the damaged ones to salvage the boots because throwing away (the boots) was not an option.

But they provided more than a solution! They replied to my email within a few hours, explained a little bit on Hydrolysis (which was what happened to my boots) and asked me for my shoe size, confirming again the shoe style (model) and requested for a mailing address so that they can send me a spanking new pair of replacement boots! No questions asked, no investigation, no query. Super wowzer! How about that? I was ecstatic!!!

This is definitely customer service at its best for I never expected such an outcome. Hats off to you, Blundstone!!!

I received notification this morning that the parcel is being despatched today and it should arrive in two to three days’ time. I await for the arrival of my new Blundstone Style 550 eagerly. Be still my beating heart!