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Should I Be Worried?

15 Jan

It’s been a week already and the Blundstone parcel has yet to arrive. Should I be worried? Should I write back to Customer Service to inquire? Will I sound too anxious or silly if I did so?

Maybe it’s not their fault. It could be the courier service or even the customs holding back the box for inspection. To be fair to Blundstone, they have already done a great job to make a customer (me) happy by sending a replacement pair of boots without questions. To give the situation the benefit of the doubt, maybe I should just drop them an email to just ask nicely for the tracking number of the parcel.

I realized I shouldn’t be too impatient and should first trace back the email before doing anything rash. That was when I saw my mistake.

Oops. My bad.

This is so embarrassing. In my excitement, I read that the parcel will arrive in two to three days’ time when in fact it was to take this length of time to prepare the shipment to send out; the parcel will actually take two to three weeks to arrive. It is indeed silly me, worrying for nothing! Haish…