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The Joy of Driving, Part 1

19 Jan

Towards the end of last year, M1 started driving lessons. Soon she will be able to drive and take us out for a spin. She was telling us, over dinner one night, her experience on the road. In short, she thought it was scary.

And this reminded me of my time when I first drove in town after returning from college. Unlike her situation on a crowded road, mine was in a parking lot in a very crowded area. It may have been dinosaur years ago but I still remember vividly, I was parked on a roadside downward slope and had to reverse out from the parking spot. In short, I thought this was scary.

I couldn’t coordinate the clutch and the accelerator well and was revving up a storm. MY little manual car died several times. Embarrassing! And when it didn’t die, it hardly moved and beads of sweat were building up on my forehead!

Thank goodness, that moment was short-lived (but felt like forever) and I survived to tell the tale. Well, I hope M1 would overcome her scary moments and enjoy driving well into the future. She sits for her driving exam today after clocking in enough hours in lessons.