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Treasures Found

9 Jan

With M2 and her cousin in my office, I was kept busy. During their first two weeks, I shared with them some basic graphic design knowledge just so they understand what we really do. Hubby, for his part, taught them office administrative duties. Then the next two weeks, both girls worked on emptying my store room that has accumulated twenty years’ of printed work! Along the way, they found some treasures: photos from the pre-digital era!

Oh. My. God. Such classics – our wedding photo, M1 when she was a toddler, bad hair days captured in time, the twins when they were young, my Dad. The two girls certainly had a good laugh over these antiques while I was pleasantly surprised they found them.

It made me realize we should make a stronger effort to take better care of printed photographs. Not only that, we should have some favorite pictures framed and put on display to remind us of the treasured moments. Otherwise it will be forgotten.

As we are now in the digital age, a lot of moments are captured but never printed. They are then stored in a mobile device, hard drive, computer or iCloud and hardly looked at again. It is always put off for when we ‘have time’ to do so.

Think about it, how often do you find yourself scrolling or searching your device looking for that one particular treasured moment? Sometimes you cannot even find it from the thousands of photos stored! How would someone else know what treasures you store in the photo album of your device? Nobody knows except you. This whole scenario makes me rethink my life in all the photos captured digitally.

It was a good decision then to have them clean out the store room for we may have totally lost these forgotten classic photos.