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Insomniac Maniac

16 Jan

Lately I have been having sleepless nights. Hubby accuses me of my obsession with my games more than anything else. Day and night, I am at it on the iPad or the laptop. But of course, the stubborn me begs to differ and refuses listen to him, therefore the sleepless nights persist.

The fact that I cannot pass Level 130 of Candy Crush Soda for so long is eating my nerves like crazy! Nights when I resist the iPad, I end up reading and it’s two books at one go: an old Nora Roberts title and a new Jennifer Probst’s. The voracious reader in me just can’t read one title, it has to be two. The things I do to myself!

Finally, I managed to cross Level 130. And it was in the office during lunch time. But the success came with a price: I had to use my gold bars, twice, because I was so close yet so far, I couldn’t just waste the sudden breakthrough. I am now at Level 143.

Hopefully, no more being an insomniac maniac from here on.